• Logdotzip 6 months ago

    I hope you all enjoyed Minecraft Story Mode. This season was really cool! Let me know what you thought of the game, and what choices you would have made!

  • zhumaling 5 months ago

    I can’t believe you left Romeo behind…

  • Eduardo Marra Marcondes Ribeiro 5 months ago

    33:40 “I do like balls”

  • dythbane girl 5 months ago

    Is it sad I cried at the end

  • ErickGaming012 5 months ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you couldve alll made it out of the terminal zone! that wouldve been the best ending to the game 🙁

  • God_Of_Pigs Channel 5 months ago

    you should’ve let him come with you, he saves everyones life in the end! Also this does not mean I resent you, i luv your vids and everything about them. Actually my real name is Kyler. I just would’ve made a different choice. I also understand why you made your choice, Romeo was a horrible person but everyone deserves a second chance. 😀

  • Tonio S 5 months ago

    Why were you mean to Petra

  • Q - Tek 5 months ago

    “Final ending” is kind of redundant, no?

  • Michael Renan Oclarit 5 months ago

    Poor Stella her city got blown up

  • Beast Mode Horse 5 months ago


  • Peashooter Winmo 5 months ago

    I brought the admin with me just because he created everything and he was Notch

  • Envelo Envelope 5 months ago

    When you are the porkchop you gave me depression for the next 3 minutes. 🙁

  • hamster playzz 5 months ago

    Nope nope nope big nope

  • Dinoman972 5 months ago

    23:53, oh, no, Logdotzip is evil too…

  • Banana 5 months ago

    admin in scene before you run off with petra : 1:24:57

  • Javier owo 5 months ago

    WHY did you leave romeo in the terminal space?!

    The true endingbwould have been unlocked if you took him with you.

    He’s so precious <3

  • Aldrin Antivola 5 months ago

    Logdotzip how to download the story mode in minecraft in your computer

  • The Diamond Gamer 5 months ago

    So gamemode 4 actually exists?

  • Ashby Torres 5 months ago

    Ummm u called my old brother

  • Golden Shinobi 5 months ago

    you are bad Tyler..you force Jesse to EAT Rueben friend!!!

  • Purple Peep 5 months ago

    Lol go to 1:01:01

  • Anthony khalaf 5 months ago

    This story is kind of emotional or episode so sad I love Michael story mode is actually amazing hopefully they make a season 3 and 4 ft don’t make a 4 then please at the makes a season 3 Minecraft story mode season 3 & 4 all of you subscribers and Tyler tell me how you felt I was sad my cousin cried cuz it’s kind of sad Like That season one came out I don’t know what happens what it was but Ruben died and I was so sad tell me how you guys felt like som people cried all like 13 14 15 years old

  • wowie wowie 5 months ago

    Get op and perm ban the admin

  • Ivysaur2 5 months ago

    listen LDZ!!!! I might stop watching you play this and go back to stampy playing this your so cruel and rude when you play this

  • Bianca Lantigua 5 months ago

    I saw dantdm put a position potato in the thing

  • Just Sayin' 5 months ago

    33:29 “i do like balls” logdotzip 2017

  • Kissa vlogs 5 months ago

    Its snow admin

  • Dave794 YT 5 months ago

    i saved Romeo

  • PANAGIOTIS TOURIS 5 months ago

    You. Maniac you killed Romeo he will redeem him self

  • Fortunate Gamer 5 months ago

    Like the last fight during the witherstorm the big giants always die by endermen

  • Evie Edgell 5 months ago

    have you been naughty?At least this merch is nice.

    I died

  • TheCrazys Productions 5 months ago

    Why are there so many commercials

  • Ɓɑɓƴɕưƥɋưɑƙɛ 5 months ago

    Admin has a robot accent.

  • Gajeel Gaming 5 months ago

    Guys if jesse using a iron sword againts the snowman in the bottom right corner it is a diamond sword

  • spongedog 001 5 months ago

    cant wait for season 3

  • JPGamer28 5 months ago

    Where is episode 4?

  • Ayoob Shabaneh 5 months ago

    How in the heck did you get Stella on her good side

  • Aryasatya Muhammad husain 5 months ago

    Wow ending with love

  • cody torio 5 months ago

    Logdopitz how could you leave romeo dislike😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • cody torio 5 months ago

    Romeo turned good if you could have saved him

  • destasoul gaming 5 months ago

    If there is coming an season three i might thinking that jesse and petra will then the main story because of reason jesse is going to meet ruben that will be for sure but he wil not be normale as he though and petra go’s back with jesse to her burth place and they founding out that the it were skeletons and the pigman’s taking them hostage and ruben is be king in the nether sitting on his trone watching in an globe he see luna ruben the king in the nether he orders to find out where romeo is and bring him to safety after then they are making an deal romeo promise he gives ruben his power in change ruben will give him an map where he might finding something that can help him but it is right at the place were petra home town or village and skeletons working togethere.

  • James David Martinez 5 months ago

    You don’t have mercy to romio you should save him next time

  • yohan belen 5 months ago

    U forgot Ruben?!?!?!?!/ y did u eat the porkchop?!?!?/

  • yohan belen 5 months ago

    lol 1:01:01

  • yohan belen 5 months ago

    whoa 1:14:00

  • Internetia Man 5 months ago

    You think you’re very clever, Don’t you?

  • Tomato sauce Sucks 5 months ago

    Please do another one

  • Gazmol Ali 5 months ago

    1:25:47 guilty content

  • Harun Khan 5 months ago

    I would have saved him and not have left your top mean logdotzip liberal and If you took him he would have gone beneath the bedrock to fix everything he done

  • YouThinkI'mNotCrazy ?? 5 months ago

    We’re all like stack 4 then 5 then 1!!

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