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  • Xtreme Beast 5 months ago

    Use 1.8 to pvp

  • Isaac Broncano 5 months ago

    Dan do a drawing your comments

  • Dab Rebel Leader 5 months ago

    well that was funny…

  • Piper Haslup 5 months ago

    The weird looking people are called…..DERPS!!

  • Arcticskyz aj 5 months ago

    you missed da eclipse dannnnn

  • i smell bad 5 months ago

    ur bad at pvp

  • Isaiah Murrah 5 months ago

    Stoooooooooooop dabbbbbbing!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradley Deakin 5 months ago

    play more gnat plz:-(

  • KingClasher66 5 months ago

    The angel of death if asriel from undertale

  • Kylie Gitmed 5 months ago

    the”weird looking people”there derps xD

  • Piggly Piggie 5 months ago

    More bed wars and this

  • Andrea Glass 5 months ago

    Sup dantdm I love your vids do more Minecraft Nintendo switch and Zelda p.s my name is Dayton love you. ☺☺☺☺

  • Ude Chijioke 5 months ago

    Dan!!!Those wired looking people from the start of the video where called deep faces if you did not know.

  • ItsToxic 5 months ago

    Dan… you had the knowckback stick the whole time

  • Baxter Breen-Howley 5 months ago

    dan my nanas dog died and i am sad

  • Heather Cannon 5 months ago

    Dan can you say hi to me I love your videos

  • Symon Buffoni 5 months ago

    please play runescape my uncle worked on it

  • Dj Edstyle 5 months ago

    wow cool game

  • Animation Team Rainbow_YT 5 months ago


  • TNTGTS TNTGTS 5 months ago

    I will dab you to death

  • Minecraft_Gamer 5 months ago

    More please!!!!!

  • I liked ur skin

  • OmegaDog810813 5 months ago

    he just watches the creeper explode i mean how much of a noob can he be

  • i hat the dabur

  • Monika Newcomb 5 months ago

    Make a diamond in minecraft

  • Adam Hjouj 5 months ago


  • Adam Hjouj 5 months ago

    I deleted Twitter before i knew about dantdm

  • Selvia 21 5 months ago

    Can you do more?

  • Mr Okay 5 months ago

    More speed bulid battle

  • roblox and stuff 5 months ago

    MAKE MIITOPIA A SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lim Jason 5 months ago

    I love ur vids

  • OLLK# Gaming 5 months ago

    I think this is the map were dan said something bad? But I don’t know if the rumour was true

  • shadow Freddy 5 months ago

    Proskillgaming agreed

  • telle tubby 5 months ago

    Chad wild clay fight you

  • Crouching kitten 5 months ago

    Do regular basis minecarft

  • ForsakenPineapple - Minecraft & More 5 months ago

    Who liked dan until he made me face palm with this video

  • Kier Alfane 5 months ago

    dantdm real name is DANIEL MIDDLETON

  • mitchell X hope 5 months ago


  • Jose Malazarte 5 months ago

    dan do you now ho is exploding tnt yes or no

  • Amanda Chang 5 months ago

    I love slime and I made slime before

  • Mermaid Yu 5 months ago

    Hi dan yesterday was book week and my friend Jacob dressed up as you

  • Team Svux 5 months ago

    4.37 there was diamond

  • Paul May 5 months ago

    Hey Dan! Do the try not to get scared challenge

  • Ahmed Abdullah 5 months ago

    i have joined the DAB POLICE

  • Elli Macpherson 5 months ago

    Play life is strange

  • Team Svux 5 months ago

    There was a diamond in 8.47

  • TaraRandomGaming 5 months ago

    I joined the dab police

  • barbara mcmullen 5 months ago

    play five nights at freddy’s 2 3 &4

  • dragon boy 5 months ago

    your a noob dantdm

  • Hannah SMITH 5 months ago

    I bet dantdm can hit 17 subscribers soon we’ll almost soon we’ll really it will be in forever but I do think he can hit 17 million

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