• Billy Abriham 1 month ago

    If they ever do the Mod pack EPIC Craft for feed the beast. They would probably have a hard time with maintaining water, body temperature, and their sanity.

  • Ben Mitchell 1 month ago

    22:25 lol

  • Jacob Corbin 1 month ago

    its 16 above bedrock

  • DatSpecialSome 1 1 month ago

    Make a sword Trevor!!!

  • PointOut TheObvious 1 month ago

    with all the gamemode c really bot sure if they “grinded off camera”

  • delano88888 1 month ago

    Level 12 is the only actual correct answer. Diamonds spawn the most here (or lower, but at the same rate) and it’s 1 level above lava source blocks, so you won’t ever dig into a lava wall (sideways).

  • ccjjww999 1 month ago

    Diamond most commonly spawns 12 blocks above bedrock.

  • Julia Favilla 1 month ago

    House suggestion for Michael and Lindsey: glass wall facing the ocean. Wood is boring and your house looks like a prison from the 1800s. I mean that in the best way possible

  • phoenixjustice 1 month ago

    Jack, level 12-13 is the sweet spot for diamond hunting usually. 🙂

  • Tony invents artificial vibranium in Iron Man 2

  • UntrainableWizard 1 month ago

    Lindsey singing Dan Bull…

  • Bryan Cooke 1 month ago

    The left side and right side don’t match, and that drives me crazy

  • Feces Whisperer 2 1 month ago

    4 blocks above bed rock

  • chris sanchez 1 month ago

    you don’t need a priest you just need these ingredients 1. the bible 2. the correct prayers 3. salt 4. sage 5 the internet

  • Violet Harlow 1 month ago

    Glad Jack Finally brought up the similarities between Matt and Gilfoyle.

  • theDelteGamer 1 month ago

    Mine at a height of 12 blocks, because diamonds are more common 16 and below, so you’ll hit the sweet spot of diamonds and most lava lakes spawn at 12, so less mining into lava rather than over it.

  • Rhys Pasternack 1 month ago

    “Nipples aren’t better with pixels” Ryan 2018

  • Richard Conway 1 month ago

    Scar killed Mufasa!?! I always thought Simba did! Man, I might need to finish that movie now…

  • BlackPuma 1 month ago

    So Jeremy has to have a step by step reference guide for that logo, right? Because if he’s doing that free form, that’s pretty darn impressive.

  • Bennett Pylkas 1 month ago

    How come in this series we have yet to see Ryan’s house?? I want to know what it looks like!!!

  • Boom Boom Boom Boom 1 month ago

    Literally everything Lindsay does Michael complains or bitches about it. 🙁

  • Mr. Wicked 1 month ago


  • Vicious Zero 1 month ago

    14:00 He’s also you’re *only* fan Jack.


  • Tmack Mackerson 1 month ago

    That Greg Miller fell flat so hard

  • Catbug454 1 month ago

    When they’re talking about Chick Fil A while you’re eating Chick Fil A

  • theAnarch 1 month ago

    Just an fyi diamond spawns more frequently around level 16, so people will mine around 10-12 levels above bedrock (which is about 4) then skip a level and mine from 14-16 ect. and the key is to mine is straight lines about 4 blocks apart.

  • Brett Spangler 1 month ago

    Thank God we have PornHub.

  • Ryvaken 1 month ago

    I can’t wait for Achieveland Monopoly

  • Adam Laughlin 1 month ago

    30:25 “Some priest you are!”
    …you just performed 15 abortions!

  • Brett Spangler 1 month ago

    Ryan: I’m precious.
    God disagrees.

  • sebastian bunting 1 month ago

    I was so happy for Ryan and Jeremy for completing the logo with all wool they gotten then I realized when they were almost complete with it they switch to creative mode and used fake wool

  • TheNinjew46 1 month ago

    The element that Tony Stark made in Iron Man 2 was called Vibranium when the movie was released. When Captain America: The First Avenger cake out, it was retconned saying that Vibranium already existed in this universe. In the comics, Stark chose the name “Badassium” for his element but could not get it officialized due to legal issues.

  • Patrick Not-Star 1 month ago

    17:29 so basically Eve

  • onlineBuddha 1 month ago

    Greg Miller has cancer?

  • Xenphenik 1 month ago

    jack is so fat lol

  • Knox Ober 1 month ago

    you missed diamonds at 38:23 jack

  • Emo Priest 1 month ago

    God i enjoy michael asking what playing
    Doing the intro more please its fun when michael does it

  • Noah Foster 1 month ago

    Woolooloo woolooloo. Woolooloowoolooloolooloooo

  • Zithrandmir 1 month ago

    Chicago moment 37:26

  • lightsplease 1 month ago

    Noticed it a while ago and I’m others have too but Michael really does treat Lindsay like shit sometimes

  • RTR Games 1 month ago

    want food porn watch food wars

  • Steven Anderson 1 month ago

    Can someone please tell me what song Jeremy is referencing at the end of the video, a few seconds before it ends? They’ve referred to it before but I have no idea what song it is. Thank you in advance

  • jkmcollins93 1 month ago

    0:50 now begins the sending of sheep hentai photos. lol

  • Alsend Drake 1 month ago

    Protip: Don’t throw a diamond pickaxe into lava… Like a certain SOMEONE in a lets play awhile ago…

  • Blaise Pugliese 1 month ago

    huh, trevor is in this one…. ok stopped 2 min in… now leaving.

  • charl X 1 month ago

    is Birdemic back just because of like joke reviews and jontron? Because birdemic is so bad its just bad, its no the room or sharknado

  • Marscarff 1 month ago

    Whenever The other people on YouTube I watch are being absolute trash, I always end up watching you guys and find entertainment…in Micheal

  • Rod Weiler 1 month ago

    My suggestion: mine at roughly the y:13 coordinate – that’s in the diamond spawning zone while also being above lava pools.

  • anthony ramcharan 1 month ago

    next mod should be furniture, to decorate your houses properly

  • Dr4gonkiller96 - Console & Handheld Gaming - 1 month ago

    A Quiet Place… a Great movie and i am not into horror.

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