• DanTDM 8 months ago

    CAN WE HIT 100,000 LIKES AGAIN GUYS?!?! You da best <3

  • The Emerald Scientist 8 months ago

    i subbed

  • The Gaming pineapple 8 months ago

    Spot the difference

  • kaisepticpie 8 months ago

    Dan you just lost a subscriber

  • Simona Coppin 8 months ago

    falling pig will be missed.

  • Summer Bancroft 8 months ago


  • Feisal Mwirigi 8 months ago

    How do you make healing potions

  • Samson Coshia Jones 8 months ago

    i hope u get 733839848383488484848383727494940284837478439837484838373624848387374849371639594927374848484737374894948483838374859595883838374839294858859483737484837273747598473737595959947363748599594837278395959383758598284949377374959584737959748394848487737282874747473747373737737373737373737737737374773737373737377374848484848848484848487474747384747747373737374773747373737737373748499594950837374737478483884837483884838384747838373748287374737847474737747474884747483847378385838838473662638584837747383674748483873737373773737474847487364748483827737474748488584838277374758477337747747484948828278584949484838888584837838485847377474838384874838383838848488384775849400493929737372647287374737377472838372737733794049383747383838373737373737377373737373773737737373762747378392748382738483883828484848947373838387373773737738494837737277384748383984848384838383883949 💵💵💵💳💵💳💳💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💶⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💴💎💎💴💵💳💵💳💸💰💵💵💴💶💷💷💶💴💵💳💳💸💸💳

  • josh smg 8 months ago

    u can use Wood as fuel in a furnace in minecraft

  • FANTDM dimondpumpkin 8 months ago


  • Alldred Zabat 8 months ago

    DanTDM You Can Turn A Zombie Villager Into A Villager By Following These Step.
    Step #1:Cage a Zombie Villager.
    Step #2:Make a Splash Potion Of Weakness And Throw It On The Zombie Villager.
    Step #3:Make A Normal Golden Apple And Feed It To The Zombie Villager.
    Step #4:Wait For It To Turn Into A Villager.
    Step #5:It Became A Villager.

  • EpicGMR 2000 8 months ago

    Dan u can put your map in the little slot in your inventory that is next to your armor place u can also put arrows there too your welcome

  • Matthias George 8 months ago

    Dan tdm

  • Ho Bee Hoe 8 months ago

    you get mob heads by killing it with a charged creeper command is /summon creeper ~ ~ ~ {powered:1,custom name:[random name]}

  • Oskar Diamondboy 8 months ago

    I love you DanTDM



  • Camouflage 360 8 months ago

    Can you put a map in your free hand

  • CatMine 8 months ago

    I think to get a mob head you need to get a charged creeper to blow up the mob

  • Gaming Cow 8 months ago

    guys DAN use DXtory to rec on his PC

  • Lolsoda - Gaming Person 8 months ago

    dan, is this Rueben? xD

  • Harry McCann 8 months ago

    Hi Dan you should do Spiderman VR on the PS4 🙂


    I know who take your pig it ENTITY 404!!!!

  • Mateusz Friends 8 months ago

    pig rip c;

  • darwin laniog 8 months ago

    hey dan it is not a potion

  • anthony masias 8 months ago

    R.I.P falling pig

  • Zhavie Papoy 8 months ago


  • Crazy Misty 8 months ago

    It’s a potion of weakness and a golden apple
    1.splash a potion of weakness on a zombie villager
    2.give it a golden apple (right click)
    P.s give it a little bit of time to cure and give it a roof cause it will burn in the daylight while it’s curing

  • Julius Calub 8 months ago

    Poor pig 🙁 risk his for one achievement 🙁

  • Ramsteine Lian Evasco 8 months ago

    i remembered rueben…😭😭

  • lol_mr_dolphin , 8 months ago

    weakness potion and then not a god Apple glod Apple

  • bernadette mccafferty 8 months ago

    sit on a horse dan to get saddle up

  • Creeper Builder 8 months ago

    I know how to cure a zombie villager! Use a splash potion of weakness on it, then use a normal golden apple on it.

  • Penguin - Roblox & FNAF And More! 8 months ago

    it should be Reuben Not Falling Pig because Reuben Saved You and That pig Gave you an Achievement and reuben take fall damage 😀

  • Doctor Skywalker 8 months ago

    you re supposed to use a golden apple to heal a zombie villiager

  • Doctor Skywalker 8 months ago

    you drop a gold apple on the zombie villager

  • SuperMinerGamer SuperMinerGamer 8 months ago

    we can lead iron golem!

  • skeeG Assemble 8 months ago

    You should’ve trapped the golem. Remember your Minecraft PE Timothy the golem?

  • HLJ Games 8 months ago

    Dan do more minecraft switch

  • Eren Öğücü 8 months ago

    You throw a weakness potion then you left click with a non enchanted golden apple it will start to make a sound after a near minecraft day it will turn to villager

  • Tipja Ganton 8 months ago

    you can throw a weekness potion and then throw an golden apple at the zombie villger.

  • Nadeen Dhamad 8 months ago

    Dan plz do reading ur comments again plz

  • p v p latha 8 months ago

    yo dan make a tnt cannon that you made in xbox 360 aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd good luck

  • Daniels sports Channel 8 months ago

    Find the different emoji😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Daniels sports Channel 8 months ago


  • Mignonne Van Der Walt 8 months ago


  • Eyal Hart 8 months ago

    dan you can do the daimond for you with a zombie

  • Travis Buhay 8 months ago


  • The gaming penguin 8 months ago

    rip falling [pig

  • AO crazy 8 months ago

    dan look for a iliger

  • CallOfDutyGamer06 8 months ago

    😭😢😭😢 rest in peace falling pig 🙁 🐷🐷 your died well 😪

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