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  • Ruby Grace 3 weeks ago

    Name the fennec girl Lila and the alpaca skye or Amber

  • Rupertblue Galaxy 3 weeks ago


  • collect inventory pets and try to make better armour and tools 🙂

  • Maddie Green 3 weeks ago

    Oli: a true hero
    Lizzie: (crashes)

  • Boo x 3 weeks ago

    You need to add rainbow paintings to your house!!!!!!

  • Ashley Derousseau 3 weeks ago

    yammys house is the best

  • Hannah Blackburnjones 3 weeks ago

    Yeah how do u??

  • hollie phinn 3 weeks ago

    Do another make your teterpack

  • *panicking! at the disco* 3 weeks ago

    tbh i think olis house is vv good

  • Rinzek Tañajura 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie if you want a house pet go in the clouds cause i watch on Joel’s video he found a house pet

  • Sania Zehra 3 weeks ago

    Can you please name a animal girl rain bow and make a nyancat house for her please with a cerry on top

  • Diana Gusarova 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie since u are looking for more animal girls I watched joel’s video and while he was flying around, he spotted something called a moth girl so I thought I’d let u know

  • Eithne Hagerty 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie you and the server should put keep inventory on

  • Leah Pospy 3 weeks ago

    I just watched Joel’s video and he flew up really high and saw these white glass clouds which has mob pets and few other things in the chests can you please do this next episode so you can collect loads and put it in your item frames check Joel’s recent funcraft episode (6) if you don’t understand what u I mean

  • Nasia C.A.L.M 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie you should make a grave pet so you can keep you inventory after you die💜

  • Robert Houston 3 weeks ago

    If you look on my subscription list you see your the first one I subscribed to 0_0

  • Sweet Lovely Me 3 weeks ago

    I know I’m late but while the video was playing I was thinking
    Me : (Everybody has a house that looks like a castle and Lizzie’s actually looks like a house) the I was like
    Me: but Lizzie is the queen

  • Little Jessi Quinn J 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie if you fly really high in the air there’s clouds with chests on them

  • Mikyla Visagie 3 weeks ago

    hi guys please tell me what is the games full name and where should I download it because I really want to play it love Michaela

  • Nislam6 3 weeks ago

    LIZZIE,there’s moth girl,but she lives in the sky.

  • skdk skdk 3 weeks ago

    More funcaft please 😆

  • KTshadow Girl 3 weeks ago

    You should make a stadium for you to put on a show everyone could watch 😉

  • Cookie Monster 3 weeks ago

    Hey Lizzie! Pretty please can you name a pet snugglepoop or poochypie!

  • KTshadow Girl 3 weeks ago

    Make a disco room with all of your favourite subscribers and put a dog in the disco sitting down and a sign saying the you tubers name

  • KTshadow Girl 3 weeks ago

    Like if u agree

  • Sugar Candyyy 3 weeks ago

    I like Joel’s house!

  • MR_DEXTERUS 3 weeks ago

    у меня плохо с англиским он я смотрю
    LDShadowLady по тому что она милая

  • Tokyo Pandan 3 weeks ago


  • Abbey Mayers 3 weeks ago

    *****PLEASE READ!!!!!*******Lizzie the best way to get inventory pets is to find one of the chests on a cloud in the sky! There is always an inventory pet in them!! But be carful! Make sure u go prepared with a sword bc when u open the chests blazes come out!! But there is always good stuff in them including diamonds emeralds gold food and an inventory pet!!!! ******PLEASE READ*******

  • Fria Sten 3 weeks ago

    Use some fairy lights for the pets house

  • LD ShadowLady 3 weeks ago

    Can you build a fairy house

  • Joe M 3 weeks ago

    Lizzy can you do the Sims

  • Meow Productions 3 weeks ago

    You should name your animal girls after flowers since raccoon girl is already named Lilac 🌸

  • Meow Productions 3 weeks ago

    You could make a little town near the decor heads shop and the animal girls work there 🙂

  • BoringVidsWithAlex CuzWynaut 3 weeks ago

    It’s turning into one life now with the shops and concrete path

  • fakhre ibrahim 3 weeks ago

    lizzie make more fun craft vid come on i am soo bored because i whant to see new vids of you

  • Marley Dees 3 weeks ago

    your a CUTEEEEE butterfly hero!

  • Emma Gray 3 weeks ago

    Hi LDShadowLady! Going back to something you said in a video, by any chance could you complete the whole overwatch painting set? They might spice up the house (more than it already is)

  • Adlin Sofea 3 weeks ago

    Play granny lizzie

  • ItsMichela 3 weeks ago


  • Kwamis Pollen Trixx Tikki Plag Dusuu Nuruu 3 weeks ago

    You sound like Yammy

  • TheaMLG 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie your house is so plain and simple compared to the other houses.

  • i loooooooovvvvvvveeeeee ur minecraft vids

  • STEFFI TONG 3 weeks ago

    U should make a farm for all the animal plants and never harvest then

  • PikachuAlex Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    You should have a Joel shrine

  • Andiee 3 weeks ago


  • TutuLivvy RBLX 3 weeks ago

    You should Collect flowers and make a rainbow garden

  • Deemoboy Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Lizzie said he made the market but in the green thing it said “princess wifi” who is she?

  • Unicorn Lover 3 weeks ago

    Can you post videos more often please I love your videos could you maybe do a face cam

  • PikachuAlex Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    ‘Now it’s not in water it will drown’ -Lizzie 2018

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