My book tour!

*The Deep End


  • Lina Gonzales 2 weeks ago

    1. Tiana From Disney
    2.Crush from finding nemo
    3.Koopa from super mario

  • Atty Thunder BOY ! 2 weeks ago

    they can be triplets Names

  • Sean Gin 2 weeks ago


  • Tyra Murphy 2 weeks ago

    Here are some names I think you should name your turtles pearl,Cora or coral,misshell, shelly and treasure

  • Shelby Davis557 2 weeks ago

    Can you name one of your turtles Trudence, Turtilla (as in tortilla) or Torence

  • LegeGetsAPen 2 weeks ago

    ..Stacy, the sheeps have done that for a while 😂 Its when you breed colors that dont mix like brown and blue when you get the parents colors.

  • i love cupcakes 2 weeks ago


  • Parcus 2 weeks ago

    Can you please name a turtle Rain? It’s simple, I know; you can’t spell terrapin without rain. It’s random but I hope you consider it.

  • first name last name 2 weeks ago

    Stacy that sheep thing with colorwheel had all ready been out.

  • ella hadges 2 weeks ago

    Name a turtle and seaweed

  • Rarity Space 2 weeks ago


  • Rae-Lynn Patterson 2 weeks ago

    Turtle names: tuck from the wonder pets
    squirt from finding Nemo
    yertle from doctor Seuss
    or Myrtle

  • Agne Kluisenkovaite 2 weeks ago


  • Saman Zaman 2 weeks ago

    name one please seaweed

  • Ursula Begg 2 weeks ago

    Turtle names Shellington or Shelly or sandy or Tamsin or Splash or Chush or Sam or Mr shell? By the way you look SUPER cute in your Duckie outfit!

  • MilqueMelon 2 weeks ago


  • Jamie Upshaw 2 weeks ago

    Seaheart, Shelley, puffersand, seashark, seabark for the turtles

  • Jamie Upshaw 2 weeks ago


  • Isabella and Casper 2 weeks ago

    Stacy was so happy when the turtle eggs where on her island! 😂
    I also suggest:
    1. Greenie
    3. Klepo

  • Jamie Upshaw 2 weeks ago


  • Jamie Upshaw 2 weeks ago


  • Jamie Upshaw 2 weeks ago


  • Georgia Phillips 2 weeks ago

    One of your turtles should be named plot, because it was a PLOT twist! 😉 You could also name one ☝️ Netty because that’s the name of my turtle that died two months ago. Please it would mean the world to me! You are such an amazing you Tuber! I love 💖 you!😻🐢

  • Kaleigh Burmaster 2 weeks ago

    Zepplin.. its a type of knot. Can be used on a ship? 😆 I think

  • Cupcake Sweets 2 weeks ago

    Stacy I love you and yo should name one turtle Toofy to re, eber my baby turtke who has passed away last year and amnotherone Taco like taco shell

  • Cupcake Sweets 2 weeks ago

    Lol sorry cant spell to exited if you see my comment 🙂

  • Cupcake Sweets 2 weeks ago

    Plus you should name the cat Squishy just because XD

  • Michalina Brudzynska 2 weeks ago

    You should call your turtle gilly and call your new cat from the live stream captain tuna

  • Anies Badriz 2 weeks ago

    All you had to do was place water so it would think it was in an ocean(unless it detects it’s location by biome)

  • kennedy bennett 2 weeks ago

    U should name one Shelly

  • FigitFun07 2 weeks ago

    Name the turtle Turtia

  • Wolfie LPS 2 weeks ago

    Names:. Shelly 🐢, Bella🐢, Nemo🐢, River🐢

  • Andrea Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    Stacy can you name one of the turtels Tito because I had a dog named Tito but I had to gife it away away and i tout you could name it after hem (pls🙁🙁)

  • Leafy Draws and More 2 weeks ago

    Turtle names

    Ping pong

  • Lovely magic 2 weeks ago

    Can you name one of the turtles Squirt from Finding Nemo?

  • FigitFun07 2 weeks ago

    name one Totle and one turtoe

  • Audrey Shepherd 2 weeks ago

    Name it coral.

  • Aspen Mavera 2 weeks ago

    Hey, a good name might be Storeen, it means little treasure in Irish

  • Spottedstar Nightfall 2 weeks ago

    Can you please name a turtle Leopard? After a turtle I adopted last September. It would mean a lot to me, thank you!

  • Jacob Crellin 2 weeks ago

    Turtle names:
    Please pick one of These it will mean a lot to me if u did

  • Mysty The Kitten 2 weeks ago

    Hi Stacy! Please name a turtle Seamone.
    P.s. I love your vids

  • Rlo Jhan 2 weeks ago

    Name the turtles:
    Tobias (in homage to Toby)
    Doss (in homage to Dot)
    Poof (for the tiny turtle egg)

    ILY Stacy 💕💕

  • Taina Marwah 2 weeks ago

    Name a turtle shelby

  • xXCat_Goes_MooXx 2 weeks ago

    It’s been a while since the last uhshe, I wonder when the next one will be?

  • Prue Archery 2 weeks ago

    Name a turtle shelly

  • Rosiek •-• 2 weeks ago


  • Fe Vale 2 weeks ago

    Stacy name one turtle Coraline (ko-ra-lin)

  • Ryekel Knight 2 weeks ago

    Name a turtle scuter

  • Tigwa thingy 2 weeks ago

    Stacy be careful of the vines, if they grow into the place where the baby turtles are they can get out.
    Turtle names: Squrtle, Orca, Awklet, Tsunami!

  • Thea Helt Miang 2016k 2 weeks ago


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