How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Jackstaba Gaming 1 month ago

    Dumb water on it

  • Hunter kellogg 1 month ago

    Lake has wither farm

  • Ashamary Johny 1 month ago

    pls steal cannon even lava and water

  • Master 2113 1 month ago

    Nooch broke the regen by doing the piston thing

  • Joe Toner 1 month ago

    Vik do another factions or craziercraft series they were really good.Like so Vik can see

  • Central4 Gaming 1 month ago

    Where’s Pete?

  • sexy moodafooka 1 month ago

    lololololoololololololol, Build The Wall + Build The Cannon 🙂

  • Devansh Agarwal 1 month ago


  • Lol gentlemen’s agreement broken by vikk feelsbad

  • ethan hinrichsen 1 month ago

    39:58 dat face tho

  • Tunez ADV 1 month ago

    Tell Pete post a vid

  • OGC DwArF 1 month ago

    Vikk hit Wither skeletons on the head for a better chance og getting wither skulls

  • Spencer Wilkinson 1 month ago

    sell emeralds from villagers!!

  • coo666- some tanki and other games 1 month ago
  • Albert-Anthony Gutierrez 1 month ago

    lol gg omh

  • Mahfuzur Rahman 1 month ago

    vikk.. You have a lot of villagers in your village.. they can have some nice trades.. check them out.. and you didn’t check the librarian what he unlocked after he refreshed

  • Wesley Ip 1 month ago


  • The Big Trixter 1 month ago

    Hey vikk you need to make more layers on your ig farm because its only bringing in around 40 k an episode if you had like 2 more layers that would be something like 150 k an episode ! You would be a legend on the server

  • Ryan Hammond 1 month ago

    Wont be salty if he blows ur house up now, all u had to do was blow his cannoup but you didnt, this is going to come back and bite u in the arse

  • pikachuboy 33 1 month ago

    1 like get everything you want $$$$$$$$$

  • Adam Jammal 1 month ago

    #nooch best restonier in htm

  • THE KING OF OOMS // THE OOM SMASH! 1 month ago

    plz continue minecraft ps3 lets play

  • Bongiwe Bongwe 1 month ago

    put da emeralds in the ender chest

  • Jammy Days 1 month ago

    why don’t you just truce with rob he just wants to make things fun

  • Trickster 831 1 month ago

    Wait choco finally joined ♡♡

  • Fokin' Qihao 1 month ago

    Vikk you COULD try making a torpedo that could punch through the regen wall (implying that you have enough materials for that) and attempt to break the circuitry inside when said torpedo detonates, a example would be the torpedo on Cubehamster’s channel

  • Daniel Caple 1 month ago

    nooch’s laugh is the best thing ever!xDDDDDD

  • Adam Gilchrist 1 month ago

    Conceal tnt in robs walls, hide them then wire them back to a lever in your house

  • Alpha Wolfie 1 month ago

    Kenny killed DJ skelex

  • TabraikGaming 1 month ago

    Wait can other people play on the server or just your friends because that looks like a really good server and I really wanna play on it

  • Mohammed Alkhraiji 1 month ago

    No stream today?

  • B Singh 1 month ago

    Vik made an iron curtain

  • David Munoz 1 month ago

    Who else can’t find the livestream of pubg

  • Zappery Zappery 1 month ago

    Rob is going to be so pissed for this wall lol 😂😂😂

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    i weigh like only 8kg on the moon.

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    omg! xD

  • GAMING YT 1 month ago


  • Fića Games 1 month ago

    burn rob’s house

    so it wont be cold war

  • ItBeLike 1 month ago


  • Random Beats 1 month ago

    Use a regen beacon to acro grind

  • Kalvin Cochran 1 month ago

    If you wanted a real Cold War you shoulda put a cannon above his house lol

  • Zach Conlon 1 month ago

    Dig under it and disarm it

  • Jay Patel 1 month ago

    Vik you should have a connect four tournament.

  • Kane Strevens 1 month ago

    vikk we told u there was water u lost a ok sword u could have sold and u didnt need the potion but i guess always be safe

  • Scoobroid 1 month ago

    I know it’s a game, I know they are friends and it’s just banter, but Rob is still a massive gaping twat.

  • JustGame 1 month ago

    For the slot machine if there are 15 different blocks then the probability of picking 3 correctly is about 0.03% no one will ever win

  • MyNameIsStyx 1 month ago

    Hey guys can you do me a favor and subscribe to my friend and I? My friend’s channel is called VN Global Studios and mine is…. Well that’s kinda obvious. Just tap my profile pic. It would mean so much to me. Also Vikk is my favorite youtuber.

  • Jade Zerafa 1 month ago

    anyone notice at 56:24 it is actually a connect 3 not 4

  • Ishak mesmoudi Golden Alpha male 1 month ago

    Who else got completely lost and confused when NOOCH explained the slot machine mechanics

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