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  • Coolghostboy101 3 months ago

    I didn’t get notified 🙁

  • CJ Hill 3 months ago

    if u ask me, seeing as the patriots chested last time they are worse then the other teams so they needed to do what ever they could so they won

  • Ezra Smiff 3 months ago

    My glasses just broke

  • Zack Hoffart 3 months ago

    Make a EMC table

  • iron wang 3 months ago

    jerome make a op dagger because it will be easy to fight armored zombie and a op hammer for digging ore like gold and make a new long seris and make a powerful sword with obsidian to kill mob.

  • Boopy Doopy 3 months ago

    I’m rooting for the la lakers

  • 0909090909 lol 3 months ago

    ❤❤ I love your content jeromeasf

  • DVessel679 Desp 3 months ago

    Jerome do this everyday Please dad it’s my favorite one

  • Shawn Merritt 3 months ago

    Fly Eagles fly

  • kenny klett 3 months ago

    Eagles for life

  • Anime Lover 3 months ago

    You spin my head right round

  • Earth Destroyer 3 months ago

    Jerome, your videos with the Nice Posture Crew like this one are so fun to watch as each of you have a unique personality which contributes to making your videos all that much better. Keep up the good work Jerome as well as the Nice Posture Crew.

  • The daily snorlax 1 3 months ago

    Try Ben mod

  • Tommy Ecotec 3 months ago

    The Patriots win because they constantly cheat. They’ve been caught numerous times Ben.

  • varunn ps 3 months ago


  • Megagem 3 months ago

    Build the log smelter thing into the ground it is easier.

  • Diamond Gaming Team 1234 3 months ago


  • TheGoldenCreeper c 3 months ago


  • Gabi Barukcic 3 months ago

    play subnatica

  • Football Legend 3 months ago


  • Assaf KNOBEL 3 months ago


  • Joshua Vonder Haar 3 months ago

    2 +2 is 4-1 is 3 Quick Mafs

  • Frost Angel 3 months ago

    Charcoal is when you smelt wood in a furnece

  • CG Pikachu 3 months ago

    You guys forgot about EMC!! Use the EMC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

  • Andrew Rouse 3 months ago


  • Bud Dickson 3 months ago

    Get a emc table

  • Toch Molynet 3 months ago

    4 by 2 is 4 – 1=4

  • Isaiah Haire 3 months ago


  • Melissa Conner 3 months ago


  • Rebecca Santiago 3 months ago

    eagles win

  • Saw ! 3 months ago


  • Jordan White 3 months ago

    I want tom Brady to break his legs

  • Colin Nicholson 3 months ago

    No Ben they cheat

  • James Bell 3 months ago

    EMC table?

  • Jackson Agius 3 months ago


  • ITSAM 3 months ago

    I do funny, entertaining Gaming videos with a few friends, I’ve recently published a few montages on a few different games like Fortnite and Battlefield 1, i’ll be sure to sub back to anyone that subs to me, Let me know when you have!

  • Dylan Stevens 3 months ago

    Fly eagles fly on the road to victory

  • OresameBoy TSP 3 months ago


  • Critical Creeper 3 months ago

    Go Eagles!!!

  • Eli Danner 3 months ago

    grid power for the calculator need solar pannels

  • Chill Monkey 3 months ago

    Make episode 3

  • Alex Slawinski 3 months ago

    The slimes come from the sky island

  • Rey Banz 3 months ago

    Pls jarome take off the highlight can’t see

  • Shucklberry Vlogs and gaming 3 months ago


  • The Level Lord {ED} 3 months ago

    Eat your words ben

  • N Pugh 3 months ago

    What does super diamond ores y’all know that there’s a setting in the conflicts of veinminer that says to allow all things that can be mine by a specific tool likes a pickaxes to be mined with that tool

  • Anfoni Gonzalez 3 months ago

    When does hexxit come back

  • Heather Kelly 3 months ago

    The patriots lost

  • brotherhood of steel 3 months ago

    The British guy says he doesn’t like tea wow

  • X gaming 27o 3 months ago

    What mod were they doing?

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