We got turtles, fishies, underwater caves, and all that good


  • TheDeadMeme27 3 weeks ago

    actually those “air” bubbles from the underwater ravine are dangerous gasses that will kill you if you breath them

  • Zombiekiller5841 3 weeks ago

    If this update is released to PS4 I just might revisit this dead game

  • Gareth Jason 3 weeks ago

    Its like a mod that was put into the full game. Amazing.

  • TET randomness 3 weeks ago

    turtles hatch at night

  • Scathing Lemon 3 weeks ago

    acclimate, posthumous, indicative…

    bich, dfuk u be sayn boi?

  • Damian JPres 3 weeks ago

    So… now you can make an aquarium… YAY!!!

  • Charlie Symons 3 weeks ago

    Magma blocks make water streams that move you down whereas soul sand make water streams that move you up.

  • Adnad_ 3 weeks ago

    Haven’t watched you since 2011 man, you were my childhood youtuber so glad to see you’re entertaining different generations of kids

  • PackRat 3 weeks ago

    where are the shipwreaks

  • connor 3 weeks ago

    Monecraft rah died like 2-3 years ago

  • legoshowtv 3 weeks ago

    do it at night lol

  • TheGoldenTank TGT 3 weeks ago

    turtles eggs only hatch during night lol

  • Euellb1 3 weeks ago

    The pufferfish looks like a messed up laughing emoji

  • TheGoldenTank TGT 3 weeks ago

    aqua affinity pickaxe?

  • Perry Sanders 3 weeks ago

    How is fishing affected by this update though?

  • Indigo 132 3 weeks ago

    I hope this update comes to the console version some day!

  • Arwen Fails 3 weeks ago

    They only hatch at night

  • XHallowedReaper 3 weeks ago

    Is this update in the switch version?

  • Fayin Kayz 3 weeks ago

    The magma block will pull you in while soul sand will push you up actually

  • Craig Plummer 3 weeks ago

    Fish should not be that easy to find

  • Azorok_KL 3 weeks ago

    I hope the next update would make it so that more mobs interact with each other

  • KurtPlays Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    I wish they can add that in pocket edition

  • LittleJ Gaming 3 weeks ago

    how do pufferfish half drown?

  • Slayer Death 3 weeks ago

    Fuck you and your puns there was a mod that was exactly like this so fuck you cunt

  • Gabriel Keefe 3 weeks ago

    I just got rid of it. Why

  • joziah sosa 3 weeks ago

    Is it on Xbox too?

  • HairyPottery 3 weeks ago

    Would be nice if mojang decide to make the fish to swim away from the player. similar to creeper running away when it sees a ocelot

  • Slamtheblackcat 3 weeks ago

    This felt like a mod review about turtles

  • crumbie79 3 weeks ago

    when’s the update

  • Logan Krecic 3 weeks ago

    they hatch at night

  • Logan Krecic 3 weeks ago

    undead mobs and untamed wolves hate turtles and eggs

  • Logan Krecic 3 weeks ago

    potion of the turtle master may be a hint for a new mob or boss

  • Sam R 3 weeks ago

    I can see clearly now that everything is rain….. and I’ve been in it for a while…..

  • Revitalizer 3 weeks ago

    Which came first? The Turtle or the Egg?

  • danwithaplan 3 weeks ago

    For years whenever I played with friends I would say “we need some kind of underwater biome in this game” . YAAASSSSSS

  • Chip Chichi 3 weeks ago

    I hope the update will come out

  • DomHyrule 3 weeks ago

    Structure should be sunken ship

  • Creide 3 weeks ago

    Still bothers me so much that says combo wombo instead of wombo combo

  • DemoScottGaming Lounge 3 weeks ago

    This game is dead still to me hate to say but I used to be into Minecraft when it used to be cool but now meh you’ll have to add something that allows me to have a pet dragon to really get my attention back into Minecraft

  • Speclist The gamer 3 weeks ago

    I’m half drowning I’m half not sparkles I think u mean sub merged fish don’t drown

  • ZinTyPhoon 3 weeks ago

    We wont add sharks, because we don’t want you to kill endangered animals, but here, have these turtle eggs to stomp on!
    … What?

  • Speclist The gamer 3 weeks ago

    U killed 3 nvm u killed 3unborn turtles captain spaklez u monster 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cjthegamer27 3 weeks ago


  • Maplebar101 3 weeks ago

    Or sparkles you can get respiration on the shell helmet

  • Jayden Varghese 3 weeks ago

    I like the Reddit stuff, but please go back to more minecraft and games in general! After all, it’s what I subbed for.

  • Gavin Ramstead 3 weeks ago

    i cant wate i am playing minecraft so i can see the update

  • ReZiGamingZz 3 weeks ago

    Isn’t there supposed to be sunken ships and dolphins? Or the snapshot for that hasn’t came out yet? And is there gonna be sharks?

  • Jovian Arsenic 3 weeks ago


  • James R. 3 weeks ago

    This looks pretty cool. Would love if they added some of the aspects from Better than wolves mod. Windmills, water mills, technological ages etc. That mod really added a sense of progression and gave reasons to build so many different structures. If they went in that direction now it would really reinvigorate the gameplay.

  • Kinazura 3 weeks ago

    cambrian explosion

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