• pokemonpro's 5 days ago

    I love your vids!!

  • T3J4S P 5 days ago

    Is it just me or Preston’s voice was different in the beginning

  • llana 5 days ago

    Ur so adorable 😂 😍

  • Larsqu Gaming 5 days ago

    whos tbstewa

  • Cool Man 5 days ago

    If Hello was super effective against good bye and vice versa, that means it’s like dragon types?

  • Joe Mann 5 days ago


  • The Emrald Ho-oh 5 days ago

    Omg so hype! Preston I need your help getting rid of my 2fa account on cosmic prisons. Pls help me for the love of baby Jesus Christ help me. #Help #Hyped #Dabbed <3

  • Christian Edwards 5 days ago

    When are you doing a qna
    I love you by

  • Abigail Eng 5 days ago

    Preston you’ve already done more days than you did last year XD

  • Jack Moore 5 days ago


  • Dr McTurtle C 5 days ago

    Hey ur the best person you inspire me so much

  • Emilian Vatneødergård 5 days ago

    I am from Norwigian

  • Matilde Canete 5 days ago


  • OperationMewtwoMew 5 days ago

    Plz like:
    hello can be effective against goodbye

    Psychic is effective against psychic NO JOKES!

  • Minie Mincraft 5 days ago

    Preston this looks easy

  • Doge 5 days ago

    What’s up, ladies and gentlemen. If you are reading this then remember that you are BEAUTIFUL! Don’t EVER change! You were born for a reason and that reason is to be YOURSELF! Don’t forget THAT! <3
    -From a YouTuber with a dream!

  • Cj Dunn 5 days ago

    I ordered a black and colored pop and the fire cactus t shirt but they said they ran out.😡😥😰😢😭

  • Cj Dunn 5 days ago

    Plz get back to me

  • Charley H. 5 days ago

    Can you do more tnt wars plz present??????????

  • Xavier Butterfield 5 days ago


  • 123 Awesomeman 5 days ago

    Pokemon are not super effective against each other, the moves are super effective against each other.

  • winners golden 5 days ago

    No derpless😢

  • Al Martinez 5 days ago

    I was legit triggered by how many times Preston failed

  • mrsquiiid 5 days ago

    are you an eraser?

  • CthulhuKyle 5 days ago

    Preston and Woofles: Minecraft Drift

  • Abio Manning 5 days ago


  • Random_ 824 5 days ago


  • Ze Cheese 5 days ago

    On the first day of Christmas my true love have to me two Preston vids in one day

  • Dr_ A _Dre Gaming let's plays 5 days ago


  • eduard senal 5 days ago

    How is two videos be made at one day that is epic like prepicplayz #epic/preston

  • beernutsonline 4 days ago

    LOL! Hillarious! 😀

  • EXAHerobrine/FI#EXHIM Felix Li 4 days ago

    What’s your intro BGM? It sounds really good

  • ColeTOA Terminator Of All 4 days ago


  • Joshua lam 4 days ago


  • Jeremiah Bermudez 4 days ago

    GTA next level 😂

  • Kay Henry 4 days ago

    yo Preston you’re so good in racing in a boat on ice

  • Di ab 4 days ago

    #Prestonisbetterthanthepack #prestonisbetterthanlogdotzip

  • skisten12 4 days ago

    Preston is a good player

  • Alicia Bie 4 days ago


  • Roblox Man Gamer 4 days ago


  • CacheVargo 4 days ago

    Hahahah 5:05

  • CacheVargo 4 days ago

    Oooh he curseee!!! 9:50

  • EmoSavage 4 days ago

    The type moves are super effective not the pokemon themselves you pokemon noob

  • Michelle Tuttle 4 days ago

    When the boat hit the slime blocks Preston looked like a bird

  • Cassie Knowlton 4 days ago

    So… Pokemon made a Conversation type that is similar to Dragon because it is super effective against itself. Whaaat? I’m not a nerd, that’s ridiculous

  • TanyaMicali 4 days ago

    Pokemon got to catch them all

  • Kevin Fox 3 days ago


  • [C0R3] FEARLESS 3 days ago

    Aww you posted thus on my b-day

  • Rj Playz 3 days ago

    When they raced, just listen to eurobeat XD

  • Predator132 Gaming-Vlogs 3 days ago

    Woofless:Do you feel me?

    Preston:Um,NOPE!Bro it’s everyday bro

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