Today we begin our adventure into modded Minecraft Troll Pack!


  • Braden Cosier 4 weeks ago

    The end of this episode, what is going on? Lmao

  • James Custodio 4 weeks ago

    Did anybody see a cross in 22:57?

  • عهد مراد 4 weeks ago

    I am so so so so sotywffdiii£@¥/

  • The Tater 4 weeks ago

    Jerome, just get a pickaxe with silk touch and then mine up all the chance cubes under your house.

  • PRAHBZ SX 4 weeks ago


  • yellow cat98 4 weeks ago

    😂😂😂 the end of this was soo funny LoL

  • Devin Butcher 4 weeks ago


  • RF Arrow 4 weeks ago

    5:55 “I cant breathe! help!” -austin

  • Night Owl365 4 weeks ago

    Jerome spawn Herobrine

  • Dio Gould 4 weeks ago

    “Can i brake one NO!!” XD

  • um

  • Lars Wansleeben 4 weeks ago

    I think it was fair and square what Ben did to Austin after all those chance cubes…

    Pun intended

  • dave deva 4 weeks ago

    What is wrong with his voice

  • Marko Mets 4 weeks ago

    That voice xd

  • Blue lightning 4 weeks ago

    Add Pete plz

  • NightbaneWolf 4 weeks ago

    Near end of this episode I’d say i’m about 10/10 dead lol XD

  • Kiele Tyner 4 weeks ago

    ben is poop

  • this guy 4 weeks ago

    You’re milking this game more than people milk 9/11. It’s quite pathetic

  • Eric Lee 4 weeks ago

    Someone, on stream, really needs to tell Jerome to make a Silk Touch Pendent, from the Chance Cubes Mod, so he can break the Chance Cubes in his base without them generating anything.

  • William Green 4 weeks ago


  • burpulee Asphalt8&more 4 weeks ago

    My super chat from a stream took so long to load it just finished loading XD LOL I did it last night and it JUST loaded. Jerome check your PayPal I sent 1.99$

  • Brendan Riojas 4 weeks ago

    U should have a all super hero series

  • It’s Gible Gunning Rogato 4 weeks ago

    Do this more often!

  • VlogBelt Attendant 4 weeks ago

    Add a lot of stairs to the ground to your house

  • AyeItsAndrew 4 weeks ago


  • Genaro Villegas 4 weeks ago

    Me like , t hey are fun to listen to

  • Jeninne Lilley 4 weeks ago

    WTH happen to his voice @ the end!?!?!?!?!?

  • supergamigmonkey 4 weeks ago

    Thera a thing that lets u pick up Chance cubes

  • Jonathan Gillooly 4 weeks ago

    There is something callled a silk touch chance pendant if u want to pick up the cubes

  • Jonathan Gillooly 4 weeks ago

    Oh boy, thaumcraft taint biome.

  • Jonathan Gillooly 4 weeks ago

    You’ll want to start in thaumcraft to stop that taint soon

  • snow snow 4 weeks ago

    Can you add the mod fire and ice it spawns in a lot of mythical creatures such as dragons,pixies,gorgons,and cyclopes

  • Kurt Sarreal 4 weeks ago

    Jerome got hit by the puberty truck!

  • Colby Thomas 4 weeks ago


  • Sameer Sharma 4 weeks ago

    What I thought I locked it! You never closed it!

  • Generaltom123 4 weeks ago

    last one yea sub to my chanel!!

  • MysticGamer OnlinePlayer 4 weeks ago

    The ending is so GLITCHED UP

  • Nathaniel! 4 weeks ago

    It’s a floating version of his first home from season1

  • Pixelizedplayz_RBLX A.K.A. Cr7godemode 4 weeks ago

    the house is a wood pecker lol

  • alex kuhn 4 weeks ago

    There needs to be a rule against putting chance cubes in people’s houses! Putting a chance cube in someone’s house is pretty much the same thing as destroying the house yourself!

  • Malik Taha 4 weeks ago

    I rewatched that 8 times and i still couldn’t keep my head straight i laughed so hard I couldn’t see straight i laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and I couldn’t even hear after the 9th time I could hear and see but I still had tears in my eyes

  • Malik Taha 4 weeks ago

    Funniest video ever if I could give it 5k likes I would

  • BUDDER BADGER 4 weeks ago

    dose his voice get deeper

  • Nick and Friends 4 weeks ago


  • Legend Matter 4 weeks ago

    Jerome’s house looks like a cloud doggo

  • Jesi t 4 weeks ago


  • incrediblysour 4 weeks ago

    If only googley butt and bob Ross were still here

  • incrediblysour 4 weeks ago

    What voice?

  • GornroX 0514 4 weeks ago

    37:21 for the start of joke

  • Christie Wilson 4 weeks ago


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