• Leo Santiago 6 months ago

    Do a lot more king of the ladder! Please please please!

  • Rainbowmint09 Galaxy 6 months ago

    I think Dan I the best

  • Easy Done 6 months ago

    /dad is the flame war over. No there only getting stronger son

  • Maxwell Petralia 6 months ago

    You posted this on my sister’s wedding.

  • AntonGaming - Minecraft 6 months ago


  • Neil Hancock 6 months ago

    Jaj!!!!!!!!!!!! Preston won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-)

  • Cleveland Brown 6 months ago

    1.Dantdm 2.PouplarMMOS 3.PrestonPlayz,honestly those would be the rankings

  • Oliver Phillips 6 months ago

    #unsub from shots

  • Futuristic Boss 6 months ago

    no your not CaptainSparkelz is lol

  • CobblestoneGamer 6 months ago


  • ENDERTNT 259 6 months ago

    Best video EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Zezima 6 months ago

    Join Boobie Bungaloo! https://discord.gg/y8gRn4F

  • xXDeadRiotXx 6 months ago

    New number one favorite video ^^^^^

  • Isaiah white 6 months ago

    sub to shot

  • Jhester John Calma 6 months ago

    DanTDM is the king of MC

  • TonyRod 6 months ago

    ssunde is better ;D

  • Mine Blox 6 months ago

    GUYS!!!!! LOOK AT HIS INVINTORY!!!!! 4 and then 20 😂😂😂

  • BruhItzz_Brayden 6 months ago

    What about SSundee

  • Typeuser 136 6 months ago

    You wish Preston

  • Jake Van horn 6 months ago

    Oh my gosh Trent fossiti is that you!

  • Sam Roberts 6 months ago

    No, your just the best at this specific mini game not at Minecraft in general

  • Cyphlexical 6 months ago

    at 7:50 i think preston cursed on video and didn’t realize it.

  • CayCay Garvey 6 months ago

    Aww this was taken on my birthday 🎉 ❤️:)

  • OriTDC Leon 6 months ago


  • DeathPancakeGaming 6 months ago

    but what is this on trending?

  • Lifetaker 6 months ago

    uhhh… if your reading this preston then please make at least 1 or more roblox videos because theirs to many fans of roblox and it minecraft haters so if you play roblox time to time u will get more subs when u think about itthx for reading

  • Never do a thumnail like that ever

  • Talkilla YT 6 months ago

    Prestonn u said the f word 😂

  • Alex Rowley 6 months ago

    You should meet danTDM he is the best YouTuber ever

  • Kuku's Minecraft Video's 6 months ago

    Preston also dantdm an popularmmos do have more subs then u aaannnd they have gotten there daimond play button already so ya

  • Juan Molina 6 months ago

    lol I subscrbed

  • Jack Plays 6 months ago

    Sub to jack plays lazer x with friend

  • I do Minecraft 6 months ago


  • Dominik Kokta-Gagnon 6 months ago

    Nice video

  • TheKatGaming 6 months ago

    The last time john was in a video YOU WOULD EXPECT HE WOULD GET A SKIN BY NOW!

  • Wolf Blaze 6 months ago

    Did you play on a kids game

  • ËXČÆŁÏBÙR 6 months ago

    1: DanTheDiamondMinecart
    2: PopularMMos
    3: PrestonPlayz

  • Ashleigh Barnes 6 months ago

    Preston I am sad because I had a friend who 92 or 93 and she died on the 15th pls like and reply

  • RevineYT 6 months ago


  • Kendra Tolbert Vlogs 6 months ago

    Love your posts

  • TheGoldenStorm 6 months ago

    Where is the pack?

  • Jeff Simpson 6 months ago


  • Fake YT 6 months ago

    Hi today is my birthday can i get a like for lying?

  • Judson Shawn 6 months ago

    best minecraft youtuber you dreamed

  • HunterGaming 6 months ago

    I used to sub to you….

    but you and your friend drop a diss track agaisn’t the crew

  • Aldrei Kyle 6 months ago

    Dantdm has more subs

  • Pink Octoling 6 months ago

    R A G E ! ! !

  • DemonPlayz YT 6 months ago

    sub to me plz

  • Clebical Gaming 6 months ago

    Did Preston dab

  • DontJudgeMeh Best 6 months ago

    DanTDM is the best minecraft Youtuber U Tryna Make a disstrack bout the crew just because 5 000 000 subscribers so that many people Will listen and ur going to the wrong way to the hell

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