Today we continue our Modded Minecraft Dinos Adventure!


  • T_money 2 weeks ago

    Fortnite is not on mobile there is a game kind of like it called rules of survival

  • Paddy Smullen 2 weeks ago

    Do Ankylosaurus next please!

  • jason jack 2 weeks ago


  • Logan Hubbard 2 weeks ago

    Happy bday jerome!!

  • Harrison Adams 2 weeks ago

    Steve: are penguins birds?
    Me: (face palm)

  • Torn Angel 2 weeks ago

    38:11 Alex why??!! XD

  • Jack Beetham 2 weeks ago

    The egg!!!

  • killersniper 726 2 weeks ago

    The hover

  • Leanzo Cohen 2 weeks ago

    Happy brithday

  • Mr Ty 2 weeks ago


  • Retroplays 2 weeks ago

    Jerome plz make more fear the crafting dead

  • KingKawa 29 Vlogs 2 weeks ago


  • Ace King 2 weeks ago

    Chewbacca is coming to sma.

    Me: what was he going to say!! Alex could have said anything ~_~

  • choas knight 2 weeks ago

    Spino strong

  • will woods 2 weeks ago

    So, what would the mod list be? Kinda curious as I do think it could be fun :3

  • KaueTheComic 1 week ago

    You should add snow to the ice age Dino’s to make it look nice
    Who Agee’s

  • KaueTheComic 1 week ago

    Happy birthday

  • Jeremy Coolkid 1 week ago

    Sub for sub

  • Shane Robb 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday Jerome

  • Colin McVoy 1 week ago

    “Chewbacca’s coming to sma—”
    -Dondo 2018

  • Josiah Booker 1 week ago


  • Zachary Mayo 1 week ago

    Smellyodon = frizzlenpop

  • Titan MasterJ 1 week ago

    Jerome, what happened to fear the crafting dead? You did a 40 min episode and than you haven’t made a video ever since

  • Tariq Ansar 1 week ago

    Best comment: Terror Birds can’t fly ya ding ding-Alex

  • nathan reid 1 week ago

    I really like these videos, but minecraft is getting old. I’m not judging, but a man in the 20’s or older idk is sitting at home and playing minecraft all day. I don’t think he’s being a good influence for younger people though

  • pro2gamer 2003 1 week ago

    when next stream

  • Logan Goodfellow 1 week ago


  • Jarruler 90 1 week ago

    Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎊🎈

  • Raijan Manuel 1 week ago

    build a wall austin!

  • David Johnson 1 week ago

    Why isn’t a Dodo one of the terror birds? 😂😂

  • Loochie 1 week ago

    jerome get a spino pls
    they can face off againt rexs and alo’s

  • halo master 1 week ago

    Hey if bee die or go extince the earth dies and we die everything sies if bees die

  • kyle kuklaw 1 week ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think Austin “secretly” cheated the Kelanken in.

  • izek sample 1 week ago

    the sapling has emc!!!!!!

  • Augustus Williams 1 week ago

    You can put meat and bread in one feeder just to make it easier

  • Ibra YT 1 week ago


  • EnderWalker Kyle 1 week ago

    You should get a leash it much easier to make the cow fallow you

  • Lulu Viala 1 week ago

    I hop they eventually nicen up the park.

  • Wade SWAG 1 week ago


  • Mark Rotolo 1 week ago

    It’s dondo dna

  • Luka jancer 1 week ago

    jerome u can use the whim to eventualy tame the sabertooth tiger

  • Luka jancer 1 week ago


  • Dino 144 1 week ago

    Luv u papa baca

  • ShadowPlayz 1 week ago

    The strongest dinosaur is the stegosaurus

  • BlueChemical 41 1 week ago

    Terror birds are cool

  • Anthony Carvalha 1 week ago

    Certain dinos are rideable if u get a whip and they have to be older

  • Michael Zane 1 week ago

    No I am zane

  • Robinator 1103 1 week ago

    Jerome the saber tooth is a girl.

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