• PythonMC 2 weeks ago

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well and hope you enjoy the vid! I’m well aware that the latest snapshot 18w19a breaks all previous snapshot worlds but don’t be alarmed! There is a 18w19b snapshot to come that fixes it all. This series is not affected and even then, I back up this world after EVERY single episode so not to worry, all is well behind the scenes! 👍

  • Brett Carroll 2 weeks ago

    Rip his levels

  • wowzer girl 2 weeks ago

    Spider heads don’t exist🤔 do they

  • Nick Sykes 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python, in theoryyy couldn’t you use channeling to get skeleton horses? Because don’t horses turn into skeleton traps when struck by lightening? Could be wrong, but I think it’d be worth a try.

  • Blake Landry 2 weeks ago

    In 1.13 release undead mobs will not be able to swim up they will just go down in water meaning your skeleton form will be messed up

  • Sean Ho 2 weeks ago

    Python it is only possible to obtain one head from one creeper explosion. So even if you blew up 20 zombies with one creeper, you would only ever get one head

  • Rjcraft 101 2 weeks ago

    you missed a saddle in the second temple

  • Rjcraft 101 2 weeks ago

    Its not a chance but you get only one.

  • X_ MethodicRumble _X 2 weeks ago

    Question for the video: In the nature pit you should have a nether portal. And also you should make a nether hub for all of your portals. Great video by the way!

  • iCeMaN tHe BeSt 2 weeks ago

    Python for your next project, build a wither skeleton farm

  • Taylor Strole 2 weeks ago

    omg i love your account it’s amazing 😍🤩❤️

  • Psymon 2 weeks ago

    Can’t you get mending books from fishing?

  • Dianna Ellis 2 weeks ago

    Another good episode. keep up the good work.

  • Ronald Bertini 2 weeks ago

    Python I don’t think oh my word is a actual word

  • Andrew Hamilton 2 weeks ago

    You have a 100% chance of one mob head per explosion of a charged creeper. Doesn’t matter how many enemies die to the explosion, only one head will drop. (And that assumes that a head-dropping mob is among the deaths.)

  • LifeBeLike 14th 2 weeks ago

    Can you make a world download for Bedrock version???

  • Mario12267 2 weeks ago

    Awesome episode! Nice loot! Challenger is cool! I did not know about the single player thing though, very interesting. Good to know it happens to everyone and not just people with lower end PCs like me. You forgot the comment question unless I some how missed it. Keep up the good work! See you in the next one! Have a great day!

  • MC-PVP 2 weeks ago

    python you forgot the chest in the desert

  • Jose David Guerrero 2 weeks ago

    Python you should make a nether portal towards the villages you found and take the villagers to floral valley and have people roaming in there, by the way your vids are awesome you haved changed a lot your the best

  • Jemuel and Angel in PHILIPPINES Tubao 2 weeks ago

    You’re my favorite YouTuber

  • Arpan Joshi 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you build an AFK fishing farm for mending books? It will be very helpful paython.

  • Muhammed Baakir 2 weeks ago

    Loved it a lot. Can u do two episode one day cause i love to see it.😍😍😍😘💟💟💟

  • Fidel Jr. Catalan 2 weeks ago

    why are you mining bookshelf with Pickaxe?

  • Aditya Rane 2 weeks ago

    You need to repair your bow

  • TtoxicMC 2 weeks ago

    Would you rather find in a world, channeling silk touch or mending?

    (And there’s no such thing as a spider head)

  • Sly CH 2 weeks ago

    I was waiting for the sick intro “Haloooooo my name is phyton…” It hits me everytime why change the intro phyton!

  • Gonzo Duke 2 weeks ago

    Just wanted to say I really really enjoy your videos. I Only recently started playing Minecraft.

  • AIDAN ROBERTS 2 weeks ago

    python you didn’t read the common question of the day

  • Heavy Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Python, block lag is because of the new chunks/blocks are loaded in BTW Love your videos Good Job!

  • Bluey 2 weeks ago

    You should try to get a drowned head

  • Flash-Flire 2 weeks ago

    It would be hilarious if they implemented a pharaoh’s outfit into Minecraft so Python can get unlucky with desert temples in Minecraft as well as Terraria 😛

  • Meinte de vries 2 weeks ago

    Dude you can get infinity from the skeleton farm try that love your vids

  • Jack'O Creeper 2 weeks ago

    Why do you don’t make daily videos?

  • Jerome Bartholomew 2 weeks ago

    Death counter?

  • Sn1perxt1ger and Flannelfeet 2 weeks ago

    I think you should make a villager breeder and then make a villager trading system

  • Wayne Johnny 2 weeks ago

    heads : zombie, skeleton, creeper, wither skeleton +maybe your head

  • Shadowy Nightis 2 weeks ago

    Python, you should use your channeling trident to get a skeleton horse!!!! Dont know if its possible to tame it but I do know they occur when a horse is struck by lightning. Love your vids man keep up the awesome series.

  • JaguarBrickFilms 2 weeks ago

    Does Python realize that he has a shovel? 🙂

  • Kate kitty 2 weeks ago

    Great video and just found your channel it is already amazing

  • WhatAboutSarah 2 weeks ago

    For some reason I’m not getting notifications for your videos, even though I have the bell turned on to receive *ALL* notifications.

  • Emre Playz 2 weeks ago

    Python Can u please pin this comment and i LUV YOUR VIDEOS!!!!

  • Ashok Jagtap 2 weeks ago

    Keep gunpowder in the memory if your brothers

  • Sophie Bamber 2 weeks ago

    My mum thinks your voice is annoying but I dont

  • Sarah Helm 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python I’m not allowed to watch videos with bad words in them so if you could cut down on those that would be great! I love your videos!

  • iamHanifuddin 2 weeks ago

    Python please make a bedrock edition let’s play.

  • PsychoticPidgey 7 2 weeks ago

    Just found your channel and have been watching this series. Fantastic series, and I’m excited for more! Subscribed 🙂

  • Jayden Harr 2 weeks ago

    wait is channeling a new enchant ive never seen it

  • Mary Trujillo 2 weeks ago

    Python you should get a dog 🐕

  • Mohit Kumar 2 weeks ago

    In the latest snapshot, (18w19a) the worlds from older snapshots are not compatible. So are you going to start a new world or continue playing in 18w16a?

  • 한미선 2 weeks ago

    What about a spruce crafting table huh?

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