• RedDragon Gamer 4 months ago

    Cool Video Grape i always smash the like buttton on your every video not i that i dont like the video i love it!!!!!!

  • Not A Real Monster 3 months ago


  • Joshua Delgado 3 months ago

    1 year

  • DragonDeo 3 months ago


  • Elijah Rogers 3 months ago

    Grape if you’d play more skywars with your skills you could be a top player

  • CoolPanda2183 3 months ago

    I actually was in the video I was NoOneWanted and me and the fake grape were in a party we made fun of you guyses names XD

  • AC3KILL3R! OF MINECRAFT 3 months ago

    Awesaome vid we want more of big daddy drock

  • TC Gangster 3 months ago

    I hate it when I play bigdaddydrock

  • Rank50 3 months ago

    There i am at 8:58 lol

  • Luther 101 3 months ago

    Grape play some bedwars with him

  • Gaming Mayhem 3 months ago

    Play with a0e he is 4th for most wins on the leaderboards

  • Timyus aka timbo 3 months ago

    SouledIn was in the first game, that’s ToxicJolt’s egirl.

  • araya city 3 months ago

    H ch t

  • Duckylicious - CS:GO and others 3 months ago

    holy crap grape’s face is so ugly

  • Harleen Quinnzelle YT 3 months ago

    My friend is grapeapplesauce

  • HYHCOOLguy Hiew 3 months ago

    Ohhhh MLG Fam

  • Rocko 3 months ago

    Ahhh, Original Ace’s son, getting carried because of UDOOB RENK

  • Ryanator 3 months ago

    Who saw this on bigdaddydrocks channel first

  • Sondre 3 months ago

    No h8 but ur video isent longer that usually, the video is 15 mins lomg so…

  • Clash Of The Kermit 3 months ago


  • Dino Vidovic 3 months ago

    Play bed wars with him plssss😁😁😁😁👊👊👊💪💪💪👌👌👍👍.

  • GeorgioXPVP 3 months ago


  • pro gamers 3 months ago

    play with giannuba22

  • pro gamers 3 months ago

    i have 7453 wins solo

  • Ben Kaczmar 3 months ago

    Party a bunch of sw tryhards like drock (u know it’s true) and make a compilation of funny moments and mlg things

  • Bianca Anderson 3 months ago

    The dream team!!!

  • Shannon Nolan Hooper 3 months ago

    Grapeapplesause I call you graplesause because it is shorter

  • Just airsofting 3 months ago

    How much fps do you get

  • Issac Ngo 3 months ago

    I’m level 65 for hypixel lol

  • iSpckz 3 months ago

    heyyyyy… my friend Shamahh is on SkyLegion…

  • TheSeaMaster 3 months ago

    Do the only egg challenge like if you agree

  • * OfficialSeagull 3 months ago

    play with n2ny

  • Cute Kawaii Macroon Macroon 3 months ago

    I’m really loving the intro!!! Its sooo awesome! 🎉

  • Epicman21 - 3 months ago

    I thought that he was deadpool too

  • Kunchie Henderry 3 months ago


  • Legit_Peanut I like peanuts Original Peanut 3 months ago

    1000 degree knife vs Grape’s Eyebrows

  • The Pug 3 months ago

    I have 10,000 wins and more

  • Marie Louise Kjærgaard-Jensen 3 months ago

    I Got fake banned om hypixel for killaura

    Like if Got fake banned too

  • TheUmarinus53 3 months ago

    oommmgggg is zoooo pROOOOO

  • Jonne Grön 3 months ago

    What texture pack you are using please link it

  • Hog Rider 3 months ago

    OMG I know Grapeapplesgirl and dont_wdr_me!

  • WWEShortVideos 3 months ago

    I also saw grapeqapplrsauce in skywars game

  • EnderGunner 3 months ago

    Dude, ur bad

  • LolItzAndy 3 months ago

    Ur the best YouTuber on yt

  • Nite Tryton 3 months ago

    I know about the ender pearl glitch because I did in my world

  • Morgan Nealon 3 months ago

    You two are literally perfect with each other. You guys are so funny and makes me smile so pls record more with him

  • RazerCrush 3 months ago


  • nixisawesome 3 months ago

    Skywars was created like in 2015 xd


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