• Ky Preston 6 months ago

    Hope she gets better

  • Caroline Maul 6 months ago

    Thea I’m on your side with parkore… I’m worse at parkore than you.. and I’m not just sayin it.

    And hope you recover soon. And nice hair color.

  • Shelby Smith 6 months ago

    Compared to my skills Thea is a pro at this. No joke I’m REALLY bad 😂

  • Pew Pew 6 months ago


    o wait

  • Victor Parvu 6 months ago

    Doctor MR.Thea is there

  • JayPlayz Littlerango 6 months ago

    She sounds so sick. Hope Thea Gets Better Soon!!!

  • Victor Parvu 6 months ago

    Eja boxo ca doas benadkam

  • William Wolf 6 months ago

    Hey Thea and Crainer.. I have a request if you and Thea could make a parkor map and have each other play on the map! I think that would be funny!👍

  • Hailie St. John 6 months ago

    Thea hope you feel better soon 🐈😋😘😘😘

  • levy friv 6 months ago

    thea to angry need to calm

  • Jadynn Smith 6 months ago

    Is Thea still sick

  • lidiane8680 6 months ago

    Hope Thea gets better🤗

  • Charlie Goodsall 6 months ago

    Click that little beeeeeeeeell

  • Charlie Goodsall 6 months ago

    I like Thea’s laugh it’s cute

  • ILuvkittenz Lol 6 months ago

    I know how you should prank Thea!!! Wait till she’s sleeping then put a ladder beside her bed and wake her up and you hide

  • Johnny Rascal 6 months ago

    i hope thea gets better soon ! im 7 🙂

  • Ash Wat 6 months ago

    Savage Thea!!!

  • Jayden Linacre 6 months ago

    Hi I’m a big fan of ssundee and you and thea I’ve got a YouTube channel called Jayden Linacre plz sub I subbed to you

  • Datcool kid 6 months ago

    Also Thea is hot

  • Loki Gamer345 6 months ago

    Whoever also noticed Thea pierce

  • genocide Sans 6 months ago


  • Silver 21 6 months ago

    To be honest Thea cant parkour

  • Starlord Gamer 6 months ago

    Thea is so funny and cute

  • BlueFlameArmy Adventures 6 months ago

    Parkour is easy I don’t know why Thea is going to so crazy about it

  • BlueFlameArmy Adventures 6 months ago

    But that’s just my opinion

  • Maryori Membreno 6 months ago

    I like your outfit crainer can u give me a free shirt plz

  • Maryori Membreno 6 months ago

    Ohhhhhhhhh!! THEA I feel bad for u and I hope thea gets better

  • Alejandro Chong 6 months ago

    Im sick to

  • Miroslav Demjan 6 months ago

    Thea is a noob and crainer

  • Evan Pan 6 months ago


  • Shomari Trotman 6 months ago

    Thea’s Stupid And A Noob

  • pokewax yt 6 months ago

    thea you are so pretty and crainer you are my favorite youtuber ever. Crainer and Thea your are the cutes couple ever. I love u so mutch!!!

  • jin_ bob27 6 months ago

    You think the a hitting u in minecraft is savage? I almost drond my sister idk how to spell the word

  • Danny Kamiski 6 months ago

    <3 hey crainer

  • Cellgaming 123 6 months ago

    When i watch crainer’s vid i skip the first minute because of the intro

  • Jake DeCamp 6 months ago

    Thea hope u feel better

  • Dennis Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Thea is always like its stupid just stupid

  • Betty Zhang 6 months ago

    Tell Preston to teach. He is parkour god

  • MbTNTgaming 6 months ago

    If Crainer dresses up as a professor and Thea dresses up as Jason it would be PB & J Professer Benjamin PB & Jason

  • Chris San Lorenzo 6 months ago

    Mr crainer my birthday is on 22

  • thegamingfamily with billy 6 months ago

    Sorry thea when you talk sonds like your wineing sorry I’m not laughing

  • Andrew Liu - Williams Parkway Sr PS (1424) 6 months ago

    Thea is kinda getting anoying and triggering my OCD

  • Army Window 6 months ago

    Thea shouldn’t wear a nose ring in vids 🙁

  • RikoB0ii Gaming 6 months ago

    You guys are terrible at parkour the head hitters just shift to the end let go of shift and jump to it

  • waz kill 6 months ago

    Ssundee can do that with no problem

  • culebra1000 6 months ago

    Hope that Thea feels better.

  • Mirna Yusuf 6 months ago

    thea fell better🤡

  • ping sing 6 months ago

    This channel sopposed to be mr. thea

  • GOD _YT 6 months ago

    Let me teach her? I thought a lot of mY friends how to parkour

  • SabYT 6 months ago

    last comment?

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