• Ayden Lewis 6 days ago

    I wold by a home from you

  • Alex Petrovic 6 days ago

    you should get fire aspect for your sword

  • Alex Petrovic 6 days ago

    it gets everything cooked once you kill it

  • Herb Young 6 days ago

    Tha a good video TG

  • Laura Sanchez 6 days ago

    Tg do you ever use the bathroom

  • iman zakary 6 days ago

    Go back to the base

  • Lil Bnann 6 days ago

    where is the hours

  • Kerryann Poyser 6 days ago

    wile your going up the ladder there is iron

  • JAYHAWK 6 days ago

    name him groot

  • Jayden Fernandez 6 days ago

    It’s acaDIA

  • Kerryann Poyser 6 days ago


  • Adrian Garcia 6 days ago

    Yes we will purchase a home from yall

  • Caelashk 6 days ago


  • Diego Lastra 6 days ago


  • Thessa Munisar 6 days ago

    If anyone knows about roblox please tell tg to play it

  • Rishie Ramgoolam 6 days ago

    King Kong

  • 2nd 2k grind 6 days ago

    plz do it more often
    like if u agree

  • Gunner Adams 6 days ago

    Iorn is beyter

  • Damian Flores 6 days ago

    The rock

  • Rudy The gamer 6 days ago

    What’s up typical gamer I just wanted to say have an awesome day and keep the good work up I have been watching your channel for one year you are an awesome guy you really try hard for us I really appreciate it don’t forget to say hi to samara from me I don’t expect you to read or to reply to my comment

  • dont watch me trying to delete youtube accont 6 days ago

    Rip hourse

  • Arian DJ 6 days ago

    Is it for iPads

  • Arian DJ 6 days ago

    Is it for iPads the game

  • Nathan Gerald 6 days ago

    rock of ages 2 play

  • Children Williams 6 days ago

    Love your vids keep it up bro respect 🙂

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    Tame an ocelot

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    I hope you guys in the future have mods

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    Mod showcase

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    When snow golem acsidentaly hit the iron golem the iron golem will kill the snow golem

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    You can tame an enderman it is tall as an iron golem you tame in a small space so it cannot attack you wait unteal 5min and then it will follow you but it will not attack

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    Oya if you look at endermans eyes it will be mad unless its tame so ya

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    One more tip ocelots scare creepers but it is hard to tame an ocelot

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    Tame a skeleton horse and zombie horse

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    If an enderman tare up your house your doom and it will grief your house big mouth just tame it it will be on your side thats a good prank for samra but iron golem will attack your enderman so thats going to be a problem ita your choice to tame it and its creepy its your to be stalk i mean to be followed by an enderman it mite jumpscare you and you cant because its still a monster you cant make it sit it will follow you forevor

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    Dont tring to trap it will teleport to tame you need find a tree go under the tree and stay at 10min

  • Juan Miguel Ebron 6 days ago

    I forgot theres alot of things you can tame like creeper it will not see you in the glass samara will go up to a creeper it will chase her and trap the creeper in the you typical go next to the creeper and then samara will logout then its typical gamer’s creeper

  • Riyaz Shaikh 6 days ago


  • Call of duty For life 6 days ago

    Play bo2 zombies pleas. 💩💩🙂🙂

  • Nhi n sang Phan 6 days ago

    Tg I like your video

  • Jacobi Talley 6 days ago

    MX xnxmxmx
    Elsa the other how old are you 1738 hey hey hey hey hey Mom Dad butter history sis vs. Bro hit the boom sis vs. Bro it wasn’t full

  • Camren Gregory 6 days ago

    make sure you upgrade your base like you did in ark

  • A crazy DRRR fan 6 days ago

    Lenny the iron golem…or Squidward.

  • Prince Farhan Ala 6 days ago

    How to tame a horse ride a horse and open your inventory

  • jayson buthead 6 days ago

    We all play mineshaft

  • Andrea Figueroa 6 days ago


  • ITSJX YT 6 days ago

    Iron armor are better than gold armor…..

  • Andrea Figueroa 6 days ago


  • Zakeey 6 days ago

    Download mod, it will make life soooooo much easier

  • Jardel Z 6 days ago


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