Today we play Mad Pack and take down the Twilight forest!


  • Marie Wolfgang 9 months ago

    When he flys right by the maze and he’s no longer streaming… ugh!!

  • Vann Flowers 9 months ago

    Jerome you should try pixelmon with modpacks like madpack and crazycraft

  • Pugman86 9 months ago

    @JeromeASF you can change the radius of vein miner with /veinminer radius and the number you want to set the radius to

  • Cubone711 9 months ago

    Hey Jerome funny thing asf are my initials. Ironic right

  • Del Foxblue 9 months ago

    You could just make blade hold the naga trophy⏺⏺⏺

  • Pablo Allen 9 months ago

    hello Jerome

  • Big Bill 9 months ago

    Jerome you got maze bricks which cant be broken duplicate them and make ur house out of them

  • XenoShark 9 months ago

    Jerome in the future, take off the green heart canisters and reapply them when you die. because you arent getting extra health even though you have 5 of them on.

  • That One Guy 9 months ago

    do another episode of dinos

  • Alana.15 6 9 months ago

    YAY daily despacito 😂😂

  • Boopy Doopy 9 months ago

    Where’s dondo

  • Jorge Patrick 9 months ago

    Hey you don’t have to kill them all multiple times just passed around the drops and you should get all the achievements

  • William the beginer tuber that sucks 9 months ago

    guinepig lover that’s from wassabi production

  • TheIlikcat 9 months ago

    # fried musterd

  • Nolan S 9 months ago

    What was happening at 20:00

  • Julio Martins 9 months ago

    Jerome, why don’t you guys use tinker’s construct Rapiers? They are the best weapon in the game, because they ignore armor… They are great for killing mobs and bosses…

  • Joan Young 9 months ago

    hi jerome you are very good at what you do i love you you help me thru alot of thing thx

  • Nightshade _18 9 months ago

    Get the emc tablet.

  • Nabil Jedid 9 months ago

    The white castle better be update its been 1 year

  • Francisco Rodriguez 9 months ago

    You can put a redstone block under the armor stand so when you shift it takes off all the armor or puts on all of the armor

  • FreshFlamez167 9 months ago

    You should make a ball of moss for your hammers and long swords that way your tools will repair themselves. It saves a lot of time.

  • ultimate destroyer 9 months ago

    You should add pokeballs so you can catch what ever you want

  • Cguy101 9 months ago

    Jerome just give the trophys to the others for achivment

  • Em0 Unic0rnz 9 months ago

    All you have to do is give eachother each trophy and important items to eachother so you don’t have to kill each boss multiple times

  • Jacob Gonzales 9 months ago

    Is it ok to like bot this vid for Steve 😝

  • cool man 9 months ago

    My mom died

  • jamal mosley 9 months ago

    When will you slay the hydra

  • Payton Blair 9 months ago

    you are awsome

  • Garapham 9 months ago

    Make better swords, Ben’s tinker swords are awful

  • Sean Posner 9 months ago


  • Danielius Rimka 9 months ago

    Jerome if you need the hunter achievements give everybody a trophy cause trophy is the thing that gives a ahcievment

  • Death Shadow 9 months ago

    that biome causes hunger… you guys cannot do the dungeon there, it will kill you over and over. you’ll have to find a different one.

  • Lathan Brown 8 months ago

    Under gravel

  • 00dudes .0 8 months ago


  • dovahkiin skyrim 8 months ago

    Ben should burn for not seeing inception #stealyoursister

  • #benisalimpnoodle

  • Dingus Dongus 8 months ago

    can you tell me HOW TO GET MODS jeromeasf

  • Dingus Dongus 8 months ago

    REALLY BEN ur not cool if u dont like batman

  • Owen Jacobsen 8 months ago

    Do more dinosaurs

  • Aevry S H 8 months ago

    # fried mustard

  • XXSMASHER 74 8 months ago


  • zombiepigz 07 8 months ago

    Do a tron bike battle in gta

  • Shinx OP 8 months ago

    Tweet Ben Do you have nice posture ? Do you???

  • emerald shady 8 months ago

    If your reading this go watch and like jeromes pixelmon series. atleast give it a try bros! for the baccas!!!!!

  • King_Of_Games 905 8 months ago


  • Weird guy 101 Cool 8 months ago

    Should’ve got the charm of keeping

  • Isaiah Schmid 8 months ago

    you just need to pass the trophys around not all kill the bosses

  • Owen McCarthy 8 months ago


  • InsAniTyProductions 8 months ago

    When you can only see darkness for a fourth of the video :/

  • marlenemilroy 8 months ago

    despacito means slowly kisseing your gilrfreind

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