• Kramer Kraft 1 week ago

    Ha aswd is so funny unspeakable make more fun vids

  • natalie phan 1 week ago


  • DG122307 1 week ago

    Yes 2nd episode

  • kid gamer 1 week ago

    Part 2 like if u agree

  • you said the f word

  • ENDERplayz2572 1 week ago

    Try to translate this
    8′ 43-@@6 ;-5 -!: /5i!(&6 #ASWDFZXCiscyclone

  • Happystage 1 week ago

    ASWD may just be me cos I can do that too xD

  • Galaxy plays 1 week ago

    Oh no oh no omg

  • Kenn Zesky 1 week ago

    he said a bad word

  • Elise Langolf 1 week ago

    Please make a second

  • Super Pumpkin Head 1 week ago

    Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The citronic Boss 1 week ago

    This is soooo funny you have to make a part 2

  • Wei Erman 1 week ago

    Can you go mine the diamonds after you got an iron pickax?

  • Kaden Benore 1 week ago

    ASWDFZXC 😂 😂😂😂lol

  • The emerald train 1 week ago

    Please make a part 2

  • joseph spence 1 week ago

    Can you make a part two pls and can you try sonic the hedgehog pls

  • King Savege 77 Savege 1 week ago

    It was moose playing

  • erlin bittie 1 week ago

    Part 2!!!! Plzzzz like the vid!!

  • Frog Box1.8 1 week ago

    Why does the sun so weird I tunes

  • Awisa Carrot 1 week ago

    Fish are friends not food (Nemo)

  • Knight Rider gaming 1 week ago

    You said the f word

  • Patty Arroyo 1 week ago

    This vidoe is boring

  • Noah Lin 1 week ago

    He has gamemod 1 to get the things and his cyclone

  • Phuc Nguyen 1 week ago


  • Michael van Beek 1 week ago

    Unspeakable is the best

  • Katherine Irizarry 1 week ago

    As whatever he is a NOOD

  • Dominga Omolon 1 week ago


  • Miu Iruma 1 week ago

    I like all ur Vids pls do a shout out shout me and I sub all ur channels also can u sub me too click me

  • Miu Iruma 1 week ago

  • Netso Lai 1 week ago

    i iove your vids

  • Shaun Wakefield. im DanTDM Brother 1 week ago


  • Sanae Davis 1 week ago

    Part2 plz nathen

  • Netso Lai 1 week ago

    make a part 2 in minecraft and in today

  • Netso Lai 1 week ago

    hey unspeakable i like you

  • Legend Pyro 1 week ago

    4:07 what the **** did you get behind me?!

  • Greyson Miles 1 week ago

    He is a fish!!!

  • freddy nigait Alahuakbar 1 week ago

    Turili lol

  • freddy nigait Alahuakbar 1 week ago

    I’m relly YOUTBER

  • Taj&Tian 007 1 week ago

    how to join your servers

  • Epic Owen 1 week ago


  • pratik kakade 1 week ago

    where the eyes gone sticked to the microphone bruh do you ate them

  • kamiran ahmed 1 week ago

    Plz make part 2

  • Yousif Yousif 1 week ago

    OMFG NOOOB hahhahahhahahhahahahahhahah

  • Chanda Mandal 1 week ago

    make part 2

  • FurFactor 1 week ago

    Who else though he meant they keys ASWDFZXC? ;-;

  • krisu pelailee 1 week ago

    Play sky block with aswdfzxc more

  • Toxic Light 1 week ago

    33k less fish for aswd then

  • Amelia Haynes 1 week ago

    Plz does anyone know what the maps called?

  • Talking Fox 1 week ago

    Nathan Sweared!! 4:05

  • xXEnemyXx 1 week ago


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