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  • Garrison Smith 3 weeks ago


  • Noob2_Tanker hall 3 weeks ago

    Dude unspeakable big nub u dropped most of that dirt when u were breaking the creeper

  • Sonya Bliss 3 weeks ago

    Eye balls??

  • Samantha & Lucas 3 weeks ago

    All the words Nathan said loudly is SOOOOO FUNNY 😄 😆 😁
    Like iff agree👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Samantha & Lucas 3 weeks ago


  • Jeremy Brand 3 weeks ago

    He should make a skyfactory series like if you agree

  • Tahir Qasim 3 weeks ago

    bring marget family and unsheepable

  • Julie Campos 3 weeks ago


  • Bri Bananas 3 weeks ago


  • joe bape 3 weeks ago

    Pls make this a series

  • Solomon Cull 3 weeks ago


  • John Lofton 3 weeks ago

    You noob maget pro you nub

  • Jayson Playz 3 weeks ago



    #marget #unsharkget

  • Alex Melendez 3 weeks ago

    Its funny cause I watched on both perspectives on my phone and chrome book


    Nathan make a fake Marget and kill the fake one and put the real one Some where else and show him where the real one is #marget #marget is back

  • Anthony Sage 3 weeks ago

    Make a nother one

  • Troll Gamma 3 weeks ago

    Marget i Miss you 😋😎 marget back 😁😂😉

  • best bonnie13 3 weeks ago

    O9sharkboy is the BIGGEST NOOB!!!!!!

  • Pola Amged 3 weeks ago

    Plz unspeakable play with one call Mustafa game over he speak Arabic but he understands some English

  • reagan fernandes 3 weeks ago


  • ScorpionGaming Aware 3 weeks ago

    unspeakable u know that water in margets home were the water fall is turn into a bath tub as well

  • Von andrei Alzate 3 weeks ago


  • Ami Farthing 3 weeks ago

    The waterfall in Marget’s Place will kill marget!!!! Please don’t let this happen!

  • iron fist gaming 3 weeks ago

    I miss unsheepable

  • James Abalos 3 weeks ago


  • ihascupcake 12 3 weeks ago


  • Kashinath P K 3 weeks ago

    make it a series

  • Hialaumaka Mayeda 3 weeks ago


  • WillTheWitherPotion 3 weeks ago

    Marget is back!

  • Ultra Gamer 3 weeks ago


  • mohamed naisham 3 weeks ago

    Plz make a episode 2

  • WillTheWitherPotion 3 weeks ago

    Build a giant snowman and make it snowman farm(name all snowmans marget)

  • Lucas Smailes 3 weeks ago


  • Aiden D. Jones 3 weeks ago

    Reserect marget

  • Giro Guevarra 3 weeks ago

    Hmmmmmmmm… 38k likes ITS NOW A SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!#MARGET

  • Aiden D. Jones 3 weeks ago


  • zombie killer 666 3 weeks ago

    # marget

  • mad7106 3 weeks ago


  • mad7106 3 weeks ago

    Please please please do an episode 2 and maybe even n episode 3

  • Zelda Lucis Caelum 3 weeks ago

    Unspeakable! When I’m on the thesquadmc server skyblock I have a present for you. My gametag is Zelda_LC

    In eastern time, I’ll be on that server at 4:00pm eastern time! It’s for you, shark, and moose! I hope you’ll come and claim your prize! I’m taking good care if it!

  • Princess Stephy 3 weeks ago


  • Victor Salvador 3 weeks ago


  • Foo Keong Cheong 3 weeks ago


  • yael Delos Reyes 3 weeks ago

    Pls search moose yael mcpe pls dont get mad because i copied moose

  • Amy Parker 3 weeks ago


  • spc creeper 3 weeks ago


  • Akash patel 3 weeks ago

    plz turn it in to a series

  • Eldon Jennings 3 weeks ago


  • Coocky Artcher 3 weeks ago


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