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  • UnspeakableGaming 1 month ago

    Leave a LIKE on this video if you guys want to see another episode 😀

  • Football is my LIFE 1 month ago


  • Football is my LIFE 1 month ago

    #rip marget

  • Football is my LIFE 1 month ago

    #rip margret

  • D Bossman 1 month ago

    Rlly shark I loved marget

  • lillipilli 1 month ago

    we want marget back

  • Kalimullah rizvi 1 month ago


  • Carson Hunter 1 month ago

    Can you at least TROY to keep the snowmen alive?

  • Jennifer Byrne 1 month ago


  • taco gasapy 1 month ago

    Unspeakable to solve your prob on mobs spawning on the roof then use slime blocks and place it as the roof because mobs don’t spawn on slime blocs no mader what time of day

  • Homi ProGamer 1 month ago

    RIP Marget 2017– 2017

  • Arya Adiyasa 1 month ago


  • Sarah Reeve 1 month ago


  • Supergamer 2.7 1 month ago

    Rip Margret 2017 -2017
    Was a good faithful snowman
    We all show our respect

  • Iron Fist Bro X /Moose 1 month ago


  • Dallas Smith 1 month ago


  • Queenlittleangel 1 month ago

    I wanna see another video but has Troy took Margets place#RIP Marget

  • Elijia Watkins 1 month ago


  • Auto Taxibedrijf De Beijer Randwijk 1 month ago

    Please stop with the Steve sighting stuf it Made me unsubscribe for a while

  • fozzsafc 1 month ago


  • XX MC GAMIN XX 1 month ago

    Rip Margret

  • Nurin Fathirah 1 month ago

    Rip marget 2017 -2017

  • Troy Hyland 1 month ago

    R.I.P Marget Troy is my name

  • Jasmine Brougham 1 month ago


  • Minecraft RME 1 month ago

    Dude you can get torches by making a furnace and make charcoal by smelting wood/log

  • lewis boulby 1 month ago

    RIP marget but i love troy

  • Leilany Chord 1 month ago

    09sharkboy the marget murderer!!!!!!! I unsubed from him after this.

  • Natasha Pinkerton 1 month ago

    LOL R.I.P Marget.

  • Mitchell PERRY 1 month ago


  • Dogcraft 27 1 month ago

    Troy’s not as good a margrit

  • cory craft 1 month ago

    You can burn wood and git charcoel

  • cory craft 1 month ago

    Nòooòooooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmaaaaaarrrrgggggeeeeetttt

  • Sebastyan Kristoff 1 month ago

    you can never replace marget with troy
    use the power of the minecraft gods and bring her back

  • En Qi Lee 1 month ago

    I am sure that shark will kill trou next episode anyways

  • Carla Olivier 1 month ago

    RIP margret

  • Carla Olivier 1 month ago

    Do another one pleeeeeeeeeeees

  • Auzzie Playz Roblox 1 month ago


  • REX 234 1 month ago

    wa wa why [;
    to bad.so bad0;

  • Morgan Mosley 1 month ago

    R.I.P Marget and #Troy

  • Crimson Blaze 1 month ago

    R.I.P MARGET and hello troy

  • Tine Therkildsen 1 month ago


  • JimarasGr Gaming 1 month ago


  • Harley Clarke 1 month ago

    Noooooo marget down for Troy👎

  • GttMone M 1 month ago

    I want Marget!
    No Troy!

  • girlygamer mdavies9 1 month ago

    Name it marget to remember marget

  • Jendoubi0008 1 month ago

    to get iron coal diamonds gold lapis redstone do stuff to get them so like kill 10 mobs get
    2 stacks of wood chain armor make up the rest your self!

  • Jendoubi0008 1 month ago

    sorry forgot to tell you go in gamemode 1 to get the stuff

  • SeanRafael Pineda 1 month ago


  • Jendoubi0008 1 month ago

    are you playing with mods

  • Ali 25219 1 month ago


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