• Rhandall Rhys Marticio 3 weeks ago

    Atlantic craft booooooooooooooooo your so lame your making a girl die you don’t need to make a girl die you can’t hert a girl

  • indian tride 3 weeks ago

    Do more

  • Chad Browne 3 weeks ago


  • Josh Ellis 3 weeks ago


  • Przemek Bachorowski 3 weeks ago


  • Cyndi Nelson 3 weeks ago

    The flash series on Netflix is like this

  • Jaiden Veal 3 weeks ago

    The kraken kids from the song unstopable

  • Arina Taffen 3 weeks ago


  • Gamer superbelle Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    It’s so sad

  • Reinout Bosgraaf 3 weeks ago

    GREAT animation!

  • Sophie The Autobot 3 weeks ago

    That was one of the most amazing endings ever

  • Gamer boss Nightwell 3 weeks ago


  • Foxy153NT Fazbear 3 weeks ago

    cody when are you going to do a other rome series

  • oscar Bautista Jr 3 weeks ago

    Best animation yet cody

  • Wiets Lourens 3 weeks ago

    Cody please part 4

  • Carter Marin 3 weeks ago

    😎 awesome

  • Unbreakable Elixir 3 weeks ago

    Don’t worry they will respawn

  • Thitikorn Vanicha 3 weeks ago


  • Matthew Graham 3 weeks ago

    that was awesome I enjoyed it so much thank you cody

  • Margarita Flore 3 weeks ago


  • kehaan chaning 3 weeks ago

    Bring joebuz a

  • ZPM gamer 3 weeks ago

    Dead enders rule

  • Jonathan Hartfield 3 weeks ago

    Do the ice bucket challenge.

  • William Bach 3 weeks ago

    The Animation is cool, but the fps is sort of crappy and ruins it

  • Findlay Kane 3 weeks ago

    Cody can you do the crazy craft series again please

  • umut yusuf akın 3 weeks ago

    The flash

  • Andrew Qin 3 weeks ago

    Whatis notch doing? /gamemode 1 ez done

  • Fatema Begum 3 weeks ago

    Make another part I won’t to see what happens when the noob talks to kraken and…..

    Please answer me

  • Matt McIntire 3 weeks ago

    Hay Cody I live in MN and I went on a vacation to Colorado and I have no WiFi and this is the only thing that I can watch u on so I will not always be there:)

  • Static 333 3 weeks ago

    He’s a speedster!!!!!!!!

  • Aurora Gibson-Schulz 3 weeks ago

    Cody I was watching some old vids and I watched the get slapped challenge and found out krakens your BROTHER!

  • Anne Ramsey 3 weeks ago

    Loved it

  • Hayden we are excited Bell 3 weeks ago

    Where are the new series

  • Hayden we are excited Bell 3 weeks ago

    Where are Jurassic craft

  • xXSniperPr0Xx 3 weeks ago

    Enderman ♥

  • G Force 3 weeks ago

    crazy craft 4.0 plz

  • James Moore 3 weeks ago

    Ummm niuce

  • Creeper Knight 3 weeks ago

    I think we now know kraken won the match against herobrine killing him all tho if kraken killed hero then how was hero portecting minecraft

  • Under Sans 3 weeks ago

    How did notch die?!?!

  • Fire Bolt 3 weeks ago

    No that can’t be it

  • Caden McClung 3 weeks ago

    make more i love the vids

  • Maricar Espenilla 3 weeks ago


  • Seth Famanila 3 weeks ago

    He meets kraken kid?

  • this speed hacker should be banned

  • XD

  • Aeric Fontenello 3 weeks ago

    I loved this it was almost heart breaking to watch the end of it

  • Superginger Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Good job 4m subs

  • AtlanticDragon T 3 weeks ago

    Awesome animation! Great job! And what an ending! Love it!😄😍❤

  • Jonathan Starkes 2 weeks ago

    No no no no 21 more

  • zeuseth 2 weeks ago

    coooooooòooooooòool fight

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