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    This is supose to be episode 5

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    What is your real name

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    Hi LK and Sharky

  • Samie21 3 months ago

    did it annoy anyone else when she was breaking the obsidian and she got to the end and looked away?

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    Hey kimber!y we have the same name

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    my real name is Courtney

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    It’s the flowers that why you can’t put the cow or pigs down

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    I love your house

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    I love you litte kelly we are the family mangundayao.

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    Sharky you said you are i vegtarean shark

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    <3 I LOVE U SO MUCH <3

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    I love you too kelly and sharky

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    Hi I lovu your vidyos

  • Mia Simpkins 3 months ago

    Kelly if u break the block next to where the cobblestone generates and stand in the hole it makes it a lot easier to mine

  • Naima Miah 3 months ago

    Can you get back the Romona series I love that series and ever since you stoped that series I stoped watching you and unsubscribed because I hate love island and stuf…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy CADDICK 3 months ago

    What happened to Sharkey being vegan ??

  • Lets play with Lily 3 months ago

    How to you spawn people 🙁 Like how do you spawn people who live in kingdom

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I really wannaa know ;-; ;-; ;-;

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    Pls accept my friend request on roblox pls

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    I am slimecreator1233

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    are u married yet

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    little kelly i love your videos plz do more skyeblock ones and roblox

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    i wanted a garaf

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    I love You lettle cally

  • Ionut Vio 3 months ago

    My boy

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    I love it

  • Aliyonna Petty 3 months ago

    you know what I need one like it

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    Little Kelly use a area and make a garden with loads of flowers of all kinds and add a pond

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    I love you little Kelly!!!!!!

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    I’m IP_hacker LOL

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    The one that says vecht tegen elkaar that means fight

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    #littleclubadventures and #littlediamondhead

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    How can i play with you guys

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    my name is joshua do you play minecraft playstation 3 edtion if so join my servor plz and i like you as a friend and do you play roblox if so tell me your roblox user name plz

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    I love your videos Little Kelly!!!😍

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    So a great fan .love you

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    I love little kelly

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    It’s good .😍😍😍❤️❤️

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    kelly you are so cool

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    Good vid

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    Kelly I love this video much more please make more videos in mcfox craft

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