• Judilyn Bautista 7 months ago

    F those bad wisards

  • anima king 7 months ago

    Nooo not the armour

  • Darth Curse 7 months ago

    Get your revenge

  • Really Hot Ice 7 months ago

    Wait!!! I knew it!!! Aurora had a child! (Her name should be “Boreas”, the Greek God of cold and bringer of winter

  • Techno Gamer 7 months ago

    get mev he is one of the strongest but i dont think he knows about the sneak attack invisibilty thing also maybe mario can help with the damage since his damage is pretty high too

  • gblack770 7 months ago

    It’s so sad that they killed Aroura

  • Brandee Reinsberg 7 months ago

    she died

  • Impervious Monk 7 months ago

    Psi armor looks like Tek armor from ark.

  • Lukas Grigaliunas 7 months ago

    Name baby aroura blizzard

  • Jennifer McClung 7 months ago

    iiiiiii love your vieds

  • Quincy the prince 7 months ago

    awwww she had a baby and they killed the mom that’s mean come on like gods

  • 1234Jibby 7 months ago

    This is my type of episodes “sneaky” like if u agree

  • TheDragonGaming Parallag 7 months ago

    yay aroura has a son and or a daughter

  • HannahBug1 7 months ago

    May Aurora rest in piece…

  • junkpark40 7 months ago

    You should name your red dragon ignius

  • FigiD 7 months ago

    rip aura

  • Quincy the prince 7 months ago

    name the baby frost

  • dwarve king 7 months ago

    in part of the vid mario was useing his yugioh gx skin

  • Raul Sas 7 months ago

    xylo is dnd ever coming back
    ive had the best session because of your series

  • Ninboltz Ninja 7 months ago

    MUHAHAHHAHAHA oh wait a bit to evil sorry

  • Wan Ahmad Hussaini Abdul Rahim 7 months ago

    Aurora is going to be mad at you xylo

  • Awesome Gaming 7 months ago

    hey what if arora had a egg?

  • oday farid 7 months ago

    is this roleplay scripted?

  • Grandd TheMistake 7 months ago

    I am the 667 th like

  • Vohn Sacueza 7 months ago

    Name your fire dragon IGNEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hanaa alahmadi 7 months ago

    l an frest o

  • tasuku and brian 7 months ago

    Make Auroura a Grave To Honor Her

  • Johana Rivas 7 months ago

    If it’s an ice dragon name it Jack Frost

  • Crazy Monkey 7 months ago

    name aoura baby snowflake or frost

  • straitlizzard 1 7 months ago

    R.I.P AROURA shall you forever live on in our hearts and we will avenge you we promise

  • lalo lal 7 months ago


  • Death Knight 7 months ago

    Dont use full enderium armor youll literally be unkillable aka a true god

  • Dylan Pirade Ponglabba 7 months ago

    Aurora egg is the child of provecy or the dragon will destroy all the evil wizard

  • Aoifen Graham 7 months ago

    Xylo DO NOT KILL CRYSTAL (aka Mitch’s dragon) I WILL BE SO MAD AND I HAVEN’T CHOSEN A SIDE YET SO I KINDA FAVER Mitch SO …….. IT COULD GIVE HIM ANOTHER SPY!!!!! (this is just the truth and a warning Mitch is crazy protect of crystal because she is like his child he is a lot more powerful then is led on ………………. this is your only hint I will give of the so called ‘evil wizards’ I might leave more hints but I will give both sides hint so be careful what u say 😉

  • Hunter Johnson 7 months ago

    Mitch has done nothing to you but you have done many things him. YOU THE EVIL ONE!

  • Jim Voo 7 months ago

    Hey xylo

  • J-MONEY GAMING 7 months ago

    U should name baby aura destiny

  • Dragonclaw*1 7 months ago

    You should call the baby aurora fractile or cornetto

  • rudi henderson 7 months ago

    kill them !!!!!!!!!!!

  • rudi henderson 7 months ago

    lern psi

  • Death Jester 7 months ago


  • Koti Bear 7 months ago

    name the new ice dragon dragon borealis. so Arora’s child would Arora Borealis

  • Radu Pricopie 7 months ago

    *in the comments*
    “The dragon gods will Help you avenge one of our kind”

  • Ethan Nunley 7 months ago

    Hey do the dragon tri force ice wisdom fire strength and earth is courage

  • Ethan Owens 7 months ago

    Xylo my a spell called aurora’s Wraith

  • Meken Bachet 7 months ago

    draconic armor is so cool it like you are a dragon

  • Lourdes Corona 7 months ago

    Make a spell to resurrect aurora

  • Bray Playz 7 months ago

    How about u make a Dragon ball z role play?

  • Vashundra Hester 7 months ago

    Make a deedpool episode plzzzz 😢😢😢

  • maris dalumpines 7 months ago

    WAR HAS BEGUN!!!WAR HAS BEGUN!!!WAR HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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