• Austin Bowles 9 months ago

    1st comment💪🏽

  • Dixon308 9 months ago

    2nd comment

  • gottaGO FAST 9 months ago

    is it just me or does it start at 3??

  • thecookieman456 9 months ago

    Why does the video start 3 minute in?

  • SaltyKills 9 months ago

    The video starts late

  • Mobile Madness 9 months ago

    6th comment

  • Ryan Ramos 9 months ago

    7th comment hehe

  • Doggers For Life 9 months ago

    Kenny you killed two people in the mine go Kenny 👍🎉😜

  • Shiv Patel 9 months ago

    Hey Kenny Love you

  • Madison Monberger 9 months ago

    KSI subbed

  • GAaron710 9 months ago


  • Dusty Aiello 9 months ago

    Kenny should have doni skin and doni auto tune voice act like him and troll

  • Allison Price 9 months ago

    Do a prank with the books. Give everyone like 40 books and say it’s from the ladmins

  • Paladin Lamison 9 months ago

    you are so annoying. now i see why kurt cobain killed himself

  • MattoCrafterYT 9 months ago

    Kenny the book thing I actually thought of that before XD

  • Mistoken 9 months ago

    pls tell me he is high??

  • AsphaltCowboy39 9 months ago

    Doni’s song has to be an animation video

  • Wendy Martinez 9 months ago

    It’s the best when you play with Doni!

  • Darwin Muhamad 9 months ago

    Sky wors

  • Jonathan Huang 9 months ago

    not kenny can make 3 more beacons

  • Alec Ovan 9 months ago

    Make a super op godset with the books and 1v1 quiff for a troll or just give the super op godset to doni so he can 1v1 quiff

  • Vansh Patel 9 months ago

    Kenny is honestly the best YouTuber

  • Zaeem A 9 months ago

    Give some of the books to Justin or Doni and get rid of the rest

  • Edward Veenstra 9 months ago


  • Mark Riske 9 months ago

    Now we all know how Quiff got all those OP enchants. Off camera controversy.

  • Hunter Tate 9 months ago

    Make episode 100 a 4 hour or so stream

  • Vic Martinez 9 months ago

    Didnt you skip an episode so basically tomorrow isnt EP 100
    Didnt mean to ruin it if thats the case

  • Suoh 95 9 months ago


  • Jason TV 9 months ago

    Have the admins make quiff take a week off or something hes on from 3:30-5:30 Every day

  • RequixZ Z 9 months ago

    Build the ultimate god set with the gear and 1v1 everybody in the server. And make sure u and the other person put money on the battle so u can make money while pranking them then delete the gear and use the money to build another god set lol.

  • Brandon Shute 9 months ago

    Dude seriously gear goes into inventory doesn’t break or is it supposed to fucking pvp and get your shit back if you lose anything. Why ruin a series because you don’t wanna “complain”

  • ChaosWarfareX 9 months ago

    When you got school tomorrow and this is 2hrs and it’s 9 pm

  • kswitch360 9 months ago

    You and doni need to make more vids together because it is YouTube gold! Best h4m vid out of all others!

  • Luca Smith 9 months ago

    30,000 view

  • Thomas Savage 9 months ago

    Texture pack?

  • Alonzo Watches Vids 9 months ago

    Ep 100 is gonna be Great. Doni nd Kenny is the best combo on the server, then Side N Speedy

  • Dani Playz 9 months ago

    suscribe: One day you will win the lottery ticket and have a good life.
    like: people will respect you
    scroll down: God will see you as a out sider and never forgive you

  • XxShadowFighterxX [MineCrafter] 9 months ago

    Kenny use the books and make a godset with it and kill everyone….idea for troll XD

  • Arjun Lakshman 9 months ago


  • David Ridlespriger 9 months ago

    dude your toasted.
    and how’d you know you was get’n that black fist for xmas???

  • CAC Gaming 9 months ago

    how do i sponser

  • Epic Brine 9 months ago

    2 hour

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