• niall corcoran 1 month ago

    Zeelo, what happened to Time Wizard was not your fault and he wouldn’t want you to dwell on it, so please cheer up as things will get better.

  • Phoenixplayz 2555 1 month ago

    Zeelo the muffin hunter

  • bob ross 1 month ago

    anyone else want zeelo to meet bamboo?

  • Xylophoney 1 month ago

    Finally we can get out of School for a bit! Lets head to camp they said! No evil shadow spirits can get us there right? RIGHT?

  • issearuto 1 month ago

    You said you would chang your deck back to normal

  • Musa Ali 1 month ago


  • Musa Ali 1 month ago


  • Michael DeChiaro 1 month ago


  • LonerLil 1 month ago

    I’m hot as a tree

  • Death Overlord 1 month ago

    Bruh, This is just getting better and better. I love that he has a red eyes deck now. They are so much fun.

  • alexander bovard 1 month ago


  • Transformers GX 1 month ago

    Time wizard spirit is still alive

  • Anime and Games 1 month ago

    “Red eyes baby dragon, eat your vegetables.” Honesty best line in this whole episode

  • BenzThe10 1 month ago

    Zeelo is yuma

    Always winning with less than 1000 points

  • KingCactus - just being a boss 1 month ago

    Do more

  • Dylan Mumma 1 month ago

    And the plot thickens

  • TheThunderq 1 month ago

    well it looks like new evil is at play here

  • Saggy_ lion 1 month ago

    Y would he remember if he was being controlled

  • NeosRed Snorlax 1 month ago

    please use pendulums in a role play

  • Fly TDC 1 month ago

    You should make a digimon roleplay

  • Hunter Legacy 1 month ago

    dude i know I’ve heard that zealphoney’s accent before.

  • Latax Games 1 month ago

    I dont usually comment on alot of stuff but..ya boy became yami zeelo

  • Ice Ban 1 month ago

    I hope that these will come out sooner
    And that eventually you will change to a pure luck deck
    Or the Uris deck again

  • rojunior 1 month ago

    you need jizukiru, the star destroying kaiju

  • James Shepherd 1 month ago

    at first, I thought the tree was gonna use some sort of inpachi deck, being a tree and all. I wasn’t expecting sylvans at all. maybe naturia, but not sylvans.

  • Charley Hight 1 month ago

    Hey Xylo can you in minecraft go back to Canada after camp and show everyone your house

  • BPAGames 1 month ago

    Who saw at the end something moving

  • Jone Currir 1 month ago

    Can you cover the blackfeather arch type

  • Alana Mulkey 1 month ago

    I actually use two toothbrushes

  • Pink Anime Gengar 1 month ago

    who was the other guy?

  • Brandon Henderson 1 month ago

    What does the tree monster do snap your neck no it challenges you to children’s card game

  • Lyra Penn 1 month ago

    can we have deadpool or can you tell us why he dissipated after the start of the year please.

  • Mandy Daughtry 1 month ago


  • Zoe Brown 1 month ago

    Who else wants the new guy to get bitten by a werewolf? I feel like that would be an amazing plot twist.

  • Auto Sniper 1 month ago

    wow what a bad dream

  • Auto Sniper 1 month ago

    time wizard would never do that though

  • Nicholas Hill 1 month ago

    You should be the best at The adcamy like Jade in gx

  • Abram Miles 1 month ago

    Dan, its ancient

  • Ogi Longnose 1 month ago

    why is your red eyes deck so weak come on that tree had multiple chances to beat plus you lost to dan who you defeated before pls make your deck as strong as tygers and pls ad orio(uria) back

  • NikesWolf Hey 1 month ago

    I subscribe you 3 times xd

  • Nero1n CORE 1 month ago

    Your yo gi oh series is awesome keep up the good work

  • Wiebe Haksel 1 month ago

    that into was some sick horror stuff… right

  • Rebecca Begley 1 month ago

    Why is dark a tree

  • Wiebe Haksel 1 month ago

    Tree Guy!

  • Mr. L 1 month ago

    It’s following you! Be aware

  • Devain Fuego 1 month ago

    Zeelo, you’re now officially an anime character. You came back from 100 life points to win against a mystical opponent.

  • Miles the Duelist 1 month ago

    Love this series

  • Michael king 1 month ago

    Then again, you did have a duel spirit. Therefore it’s natural you attract other spirits.

  • oday farid 1 month ago


  • panther nation105 1 month ago

    red eyes should be your duel spirit

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