• emma Schafer 7 months ago

    25 pise

  • QuirkyQ32 7 months ago


  • Drs Flip 7 months ago

    Hey dan to put a map In your offhand you need to open your inventory and there is a little slot opposite to your amour slots and you put the map in there Ps you can also put arrrows in there.

  • MaximusStars 7 months ago

    DAN, I have something very important… please dont play ROBLOX… it makes more child and make more ODing… so child dont know what ODing is… please Dan… too many dirty mind kids now… stop it… please… this is my warning…

  • Kelly Warne 7 months ago

    your cool

  • Beth Meachem 7 months ago

    DAN to put your map in your offhand, go into your inventory. to the right of where you put on armour, there is a space. put the map there. done!

  • John Michael Perez 7 months ago

    666 DISLIKES!?!?!?

  • Tahira Syed-Baig 7 months ago

    Well done for finding a strong hold

  • Bint Ksa 7 months ago

    if u want to win the achievement must have 9 fully maps and put all in 3 items frames sticking together

  • CYBER PIGEON 7 months ago

    you do some fishing until you find an enchanting book and enchant it with an anvil

  • CYBER PIGEON 7 months ago

    DAN!in your inventory under the 2 by 2 crafting grid is a square. thats were you put the map

  • Ethan Chidester 7 months ago

    You can set in the bott will the pig is in it.

  • Claire Wilkinson 7 months ago

    you kiild a cow

  • Airry'sStuff 7 months ago

    Dan! You cant craft a enchanted golden apple! You can only trade for one and find one!

  • Kvindoja Productions 7 months ago


  • Diamond Terror 7 months ago

    dan hatch a dragon egg its possible
    reply if you want to know how

  • Ainin Naufal 7 months ago

    U need to put 9 fully explored map in item frame 3×3 block

  • Roy Allen 7 months ago

    Dan I found a fake dantdm account 😱😱😱😱.

  • Diamond Terror 7 months ago

    oh and you ned all the maps to do the achevent

  • Connie Deshotel 7 months ago


  • Viktor Velizarov 7 months ago

    play splatoon 2 Dan!

  • Allison Abitbol 7 months ago

    Hello Everyone Who Reads This Comment Well I Only Have 5 Subs And I Am Nicely Asking You To Sub To Me I Totally Get It If You Can’t But Anyone Who Does Tell Me And I Will Give You A Shout Out In My Next Video.

  • Austin Howard 7 months ago

    roses are red vilots are blue dan is the best and we all love you

  • KING CAT 7 months ago

    Hi Dan TDM! Today is my birthday 😀 My Mum got tickets for me and my brothers to see your live show in Melbourne in September 🎉 but she couldn’t get any meet and greet tickets 😰Is there any way for us to get some? Please sell more and do another meet and greet. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee 😬❤️# YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheChandrastar 7 months ago

    Sorry. You are a noooob, but a fantastic one 🙂
    You can ride with the pig in the boat.
    You can use enchantment “strength” to strike harder with sword and waterbreeding for diving. 🤣😂🤣 👍

  • BARBARA BALDWIN 7 months ago

    play geometry dash plz

  • Pokecenter11 7 months ago

    dan you need all the maps fully done and that is why its called map room [Dan if you want can you give me a shout out or watch a vid of mine my channel is pokecenter11 and is pokemon brick bronze comeing back to the channel.] if you are when is going to be the next pokemon trinity coming.

  • Emmanuel Lesmana 7 months ago

    use a gold sword then the diamond sword

  • Noob 2 7 months ago

    I have found a pretty neither but I don’t know how to get to the fortress

  • Noob 2 7 months ago

    Pls help me

  • Noob 2 7 months ago

    I play 100% survival so I can’t cheats

  • Noob 2 7 months ago

    Ghast are massive !

  • MadhuMeeta Prasad 7 months ago

    Dan TDM which seed is that

  • Kmm Weemers 7 months ago

    do u know that there are 3 strongholds per world

  • wild fire 7 months ago

    your a noob

  • Snippet Cakes155 7 months ago

    Where is Manuel Samuel

  • AnomaliFusion 7 months ago

    Dan should play the joy of creation story mode!!!

  • Lyla Kinivan 7 months ago

    Dan grab the gold sword put it in take it out then put in the diamond sword it will go to 30

  • Lyla Kinivan 7 months ago

    The reason I said this is because gold has higher enchantment probability and it locks it

  • TNT PROSKY 7 months ago

    Hi people pls sub me and i will try to sub you maybe?

  • Lyla Kinivan 7 months ago

    Dan go to sand temple in the tower there are four gold in each tower

  • MCPE MASTER 3210 7 months ago

    you need to throw a diamond to a zombie to get diamond to you achivement

  • DonTDG 7 months ago

    Dan if u didnt know u can expand the map with 8 paper

  • Shadowboy YT 7 months ago

    Dan do more Minecraft Nintendo switch if you dont do it well im bored

  • Dino Walrus 7 months ago


  • MercifulFiber 87 7 months ago

    Question to everyone that is subed to Dan how long have you been here

  • Hesley Herman 7 months ago

    dan went you gona play zelda

  • Glueg Hi 7 months ago

    Dan notice your brother bijuu mijuu bike. bijuu Mike

  • Sir Wilstar 7 months ago

    Dan make another switch minecraft video

  • Jongamer105 7 months ago

    dan,that easy just make 9 map and put it together (craft item flame too)

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