• ProGamer 117 4 months ago


  • Davids Kingdom 4 months ago

    1st =D omg =D

  • Regdestructor 4 months ago

    Second tried to be first

  • Stienox 4 months ago


  • MineSlayer30 4 months ago

    My two favorite things!!!! Stranger things and MineCraft!!!!

  • Gamer labs20 4 months ago


  • MalGamerYT 4 months ago

    If alien covenant comes in Minecraft then plz dont make the xenomorphs come out of peoples body🤢<-This emoji is my reaction to alien covenant

  • SylVan YouTube 4 months ago


  • Olika120 4 months ago


  • Alexis DragonTamer 4 months ago


  • Gineng Gamers 4 months ago

    like 30

  • Optimus_ Crepper 4 months ago


  • Mister X 4 months ago


  • CRAZY STUFF 4 months ago

    I love it

  • Adventure gamer 55 Andres the adventurer 4 months ago

    I will change my name so won’t be that long Chad also thanks for noticing me on your livestream

  • RØÇKÄÑDRØLLÅ 98 4 months ago


  • All I do Is minecraft 4 months ago

    Stranger things rocks

  • TheGTA5Freak 4 months ago

    Mystery just like you lol

  • TNT Gamer 4 months ago


  • TNT Gamer 4 months ago

    How are you i love you

  • GunFrost 4 months ago


  • Ben Whybrow 4 months ago

    Not many views or comments. I think YouTube is messed up! Anyways good video. Tbh never actually watched Stranger Things. What’s it about. I haven’t watched it mainly because I don’t have Netflix 🙁

  • Amaze Bubble 4 months ago

    70th like

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  • zelda gamer277 4 months ago


  • Stranger things 😍😍😍!!

  • Unknown Mania 4 months ago


  • Joshua Myrick Whittaker 4 months ago

    how to make a animal Breeding and butcher machine at kill one at a time with no commands 😀

  • Karen D Smith 4 months ago


  • iyadh ghiloufi 4 months ago

    it s very nice but … come on chad we need minecraft real minecraft

  • Moishe Tiudic 4 months ago

    Is ThAt PurPLe ShEP¿?

  • SCREAMeditonz Gaming 4 months ago

    you are about to get trolled

    *Read more*

  • Emeric_Playz 4 months ago

    Good video! Could you check tayber channel and look at the chat there isn’t a dark box? How to do like him?

  • Parody Parody Movies 4 months ago

    I’ve seen all the episodes of season 2

  • Donut Pig 4 months ago

    Its also on Xbox 360 just saying Just bought it to! 🙂

  • 04Shadow Gamer 4 months ago

    What the flock he made a video on how to change your skin.

  • Ryan Zhu 4 months ago

    This is a minecraft product that costs real money for crap so I auto hate this

  • KittyKatMermaid 4 months ago

    I got stranger things ad before thi

  • AtzletrGaming 4 months ago

    This channel is dying… You can see Chad is not as happy as usual.

  • Elijah Ott 4 months ago

    You do know that a lot of your subscribers are kids who probably aren’t aloud to watch this, right?

  • MINE TUBER 4 months ago

    Please make afk fish farm for mcpe please

  • Vidnatic 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who watched this right after watching the show?

  • BaoPlays Gaming And Updates 4 months ago


  • Kostas_GreekTube 4 months ago

    how we can create minecraft skin with money ?????

  • BroUghT CS:GO 4 months ago

    I’m getting miners fateg for no reason in my creative world when I switch to survival. What does this mean Chad?

  • The Lego Fan 4 months ago

    for once a netflix show doesnt suck

  • Christian davies 4 months ago

    Stranger things? The hell is that never watch two see that

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