• Yammy 4 weeks ago

    Who do you think won today’s Build VS?

  • Cutie_ Girl 3 weeks ago

    Dirt wins for me! Just because dirt is the heart of Minecraft the theme of Minecraft dirt is Minecraft!

  • Clyde N Natasha Tittle 3 weeks ago

    We share a birthday
    June 22nd, I was born in 2000

  • Zariah Collamat 3 weeks ago

    Lol every won voted yamy


    sory koil but yammy the building queen won but koils the building joker

    not the king

  • coolestrainbow kitty 3 weeks ago

    Yammy! won! for! my! vote!

  • Purple Girl 3 weeks ago

    Yammy to the top!

  • rowena Matthews 3 weeks ago

    I pick yammy

  • Ghadan Goos 3 weeks ago

    Kyle no offense but Yammy won 🤣

  • Chelsea Cassidy 3 weeks ago

    dirt is really good to have every day!!! IT IS SO HEALTHY!!!! but stone has to win because
    where would you do your Buisness?? outside?? (no offence Koil)

  • Aneliz Chupin 3 weeks ago


  • _ hannahjane 3 weeks ago

    Yammy wins

  • Wolf Demon 345 3 weeks ago

    Yammy won sorry kyle

  • Stella Stevens 3 weeks ago

    Yammy won

  • Amadea Queenhouse 3 weeks ago

    Yammy’s stone house

  • Sweet Cakes 3 weeks ago

    yammy won

  • Love Fabellon 3 weeks ago

    What kind of version is that

  • Fiona Alia Auld 3 weeks ago

    I think yammy won

  • Pansoo Sin 3 weeks ago


  • Miss_Riley mew •w• 3 weeks ago

    Yammy won
    1. She had bathroom, kitchen, living room and a bedroom.
    2. She had a window.
    3. Her house had a good shape.
    4. The decorations are beautiful and creative.

    Kyle lose.

    1.He had no bathroom.
    2. Not as many decoration as I thought it was gonna be.
    3.His roof are funky.
    4. Where are the windows?
    5. Small house. (sorry because of the judgements)

  • Cassie & Amy 3 weeks ago

    Yammy yammy

  • Scarlett Pepper 3 weeks ago


  • Via Gamer Girl 3 weeks ago

    Yammy won

  • paula miller 3 weeks ago


  • Emma Crossman 3 weeks ago


  • Zyanele Z. 3 weeks ago

    Do lizzie

  • Megan Larissa 3 weeks ago

    Koil doesn’t have a bathroom and it’s dark so I say Yammy

  • Zoe Rogers 3 weeks ago


  • Try Kosasi 3 weeks ago

    The stone house is the winner

  • Anak Agung Ngurah Rai 3 weeks ago

    Please next episode you do with Lizzie

  • beliah peaceful 3 weeks ago

    I think yammy won

  • Siew Tin Yap 3 weeks ago

    I’M Kimi and yammy won

  • Lilliarna Wellings 3 weeks ago

    Yammy wins

  • kawaii kitten 3 weeks ago


  • kitty4life lover 3 weeks ago


  • Ava star 3 weeks ago

    MORE WITH OLIE!!! YAMMY HES REALLY FUNNY like if you think so to!!

  • Antonieta De Asis 3 weeks ago

    Dirt won

  • Vanessa Berkenmeyer 3 weeks ago

    Stone sorry koil

  • Karen Hurley Murphy 3 weeks ago

    How do you get the lights and fruitbowl

  • Eva Carroll 3 weeks ago

    I think yummy won by one advantage yammy’s was stone

  • Eva Carroll 3 weeks ago

    I meant yammy not yummy

  • ice spikes gamemig1 3 weeks ago


  • Mustafa Arıcan 3 weeks ago

    yammy wonnn

  • Aliya Nurdianaputri 3 weeks ago

    Yammy’s house is cool of course yammy won

  • Trish Barlas in Social Life 3 weeks ago

    Can someone tell me what minecraft yammy uses?!

  • RainbowUnicorn YT 3 weeks ago

    i love your NEW HAIRSTYLE!!! LOVE IT!

  • Tala Khleifat 3 weeks ago


  • Tala Khleifat 3 weeks ago

    Tammy is the winner

  • Aliya Nurdianaputri 3 weeks ago

    Diamond house vs Emerald house challenge pleaseeee..

  • Cole Stapleton 3 weeks ago

    The adult that but the other the door

  • Rowena Echavez 3 weeks ago

    yammy you win / won

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