• Random Blade 3 weeks ago

    New subs here. Also, can you play Minecraft Adventure/Custom maps like once a week. It could add some little “spice” to your channel.

  • Timmyz and Alex 3 weeks ago

    A modern mansion

  • william ahonen 3 weeks ago

    perhaps think about expansive vacant yards that lead up to your builds, so we get a good look at things, instead of you running around in crowded designs – you don’t have to build big – just spread things out…. bigger paths, meaning wider. It’s just a thought. Love the series

  • Streamer X1 3 weeks ago

    What about the home at flora valley

  • Mostafa Jaghori 3 weeks ago

    hey python to afk at the iron farm between eps

  • HowToCreatTheBESTCerial 3 weeks ago

    Make a tree house!

  • Medieval Knight 3 weeks ago


  • YaniGaming2345 3 weeks ago

    Make a huge tree and live in it please

  • FierceSushi 98 3 weeks ago

    Thank Python for making this let’s play series I just watch it when I’m bored, sad ,and mad it just somehow calms me down.

  • Brady4802 3 weeks ago

    You are my favorite youtuber.

  • GTA 5 movies 3 weeks ago

    green or red

  • Mason Dunn 3 weeks ago

    White carpets every day

  • Mason Dunn 3 weeks ago

    Python why don’t you make a gold farm it will fit in well with the industrial district

  • Rick Liu 3 weeks ago

    Stone slabs

  • clairexalexander 3 weeks ago

    Love your videos so much! My grandma died on Thursday, but this video let me smile for a short while so thank you for that

  • elliot ainsworth 3 weeks ago

    Dye your shield

  • Phantom - Haͥckeͣrͫ 3 weeks ago

    I was thinking of turning the dip/hole into a big aquarium. Some light would need to be at the bottom so the fish can be seen at night but I think just having a lot of different fish in there would be a really nice idea. Also Python, I love your vids, keep up the great work and the amazing builds <3 ;D

  • Mackenzie Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Do a combination of flower valley and industrial district

  • Andy Boozysheep 3 weeks ago

    A mage tower would look cool

  • JezWorld 3 weeks ago

    Great vid! Really cool idea the base!
    When will you build the spider spawner farm, for which you already found the spiderspawners?😉👍

  • John Sanborn 3 weeks ago

    Make the hole into a farm or entrance. Keep up the nice work! 👍

  • Non-conspicuous Kremlin Guard 3 weeks ago

    Will you be building a castle?

  • Peaches Jonhson 3 weeks ago

    I think you should probably put everything in each settlement or at least most of the things.

  • Peaches Jonhson 3 weeks ago

    I think you should put green color we carpets on the bars because it ‘s built in nature.

  • Damien Helms 3 weeks ago

    Modernized glass dome in the middle which can be a greenhouse

  • xavier games and music 3 weeks ago

    you need to keep it up

  • Tom Loft 3 weeks ago


  • Rod Randall 3 weeks ago


  • Barry EAL 3 weeks ago

    Hi Python! I watch your videos when I’m feeling down, to always get me back up. Can you make an underwater base? And also, can you do more redstone builds? Can’t wait for the next episode. Peace

  • Steven Workman 3 weeks ago

    I would love to see like a modernized wind mill base!!

  • Hannah Leckie 3 weeks ago

    Hi python, I love your vids and i think the color of the carpet shod be gray

  • sahib singh 3 weeks ago

    python you should add a huge modern town around your base and make a lot of districts #dailydoseofpython

  • Tyler Yenca 3 weeks ago

    Python have you ever thought of making a banner then putting it on your shield

  • JigBie 3 weeks ago

    i think you should do a medieval type of build so like wood cobbleston brick things like that would be sick

  • if u defeat the wither boss will u still do the epsiodes

  • Hur Nur 3 weeks ago

    I think you should find an igloo and eventually make a snow caste settlement.

  • Itz 12KSREP 3 weeks ago

    Can you also make a storage room? It’s seems kind of tricky to find items without sorting out the stuff.

  • Nuke Dude NukeDudeGaming-MCPE 3 weeks ago

    my birthday is on monday and all i want is Python to keep making great vids and making me happy 🙂 #PythonsWorldTillTheEnd

  • Soggybuiscuit7156 Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Hey python can you put this world on minecraft pe ad ons please you are awseome 😁

  • Derby Murray 3 weeks ago

    Make a castle and use red carpet to make it royal

  • Americanbadashh 3 weeks ago

    I notice you insult yourself sometimes in these videos and while doing it rarely for comedic effect is alright, studies have shown negative self talk like that effects mental health, which can in turn lead to burn out. Even if you have 200 people tell you “you’re awesome” daily.

  • BlubberCoyote31 3 weeks ago

    As I’m writing this comment, I just got past the dirt insta-mining session you had. But I want to say that I agree with your idea of different colored chest depending on the wood you use, I myself have thought of this since about 1.8 I believe, but they have just barely added the different colored trapped doors and other stuff, so I would give Mojang a little bit of time before the different colored chest come out

  • Tap TapTheChampion 3 weeks ago

    Try to solve this: Jane father has 5 kids monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday and who?????

  • Dev Srivastava 3 weeks ago

    don’t worry mobs don’t jump off the edge

  • Abled's Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Man please give us download I cant wait

  • ali alomari 3 weeks ago

    blak carpet

  • Allison Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    I haven’t been inspired from videos on Minecraft in a while. When I started watching this series, it made me wanna build a world. I play on console, not computer so it’s harder and different, sadly. But I LOVE your work. Keep up the good work. I really love your videos,

  • Darkfoxa 3 weeks ago

    Spendt most of friday and yesterday to watch this series and now I have finally caught up!

  • Harj k 3 weeks ago

    why dont you build a nether orend settlement

  • Aditya Joshi 3 weeks ago

    Next video!!!!!

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