• savage beast39 1 week ago

    There talking about me I’m beautiful

  • Ty Baker 1 week ago


  • General_Chirpa 12 1 week ago

    Dasha offended jacksepticeye

  • Hunting J Gordon 1 week ago

    I’m here

  • gregory markowski 1 week ago

    When u say ur a diamond god and everyone says who do u think u r u just say I just said who I think I am a diamond god

  • Erlene Bratt 1 week ago

    Jerome the blue bacca

  • Michael Hamilton 1 week ago

    Bean bean bean bean bean bean bean bean

  • Asianshinigami15 1 week ago

    I like how jerome is like T-I-E pilot while im like NOOOO ITS TIE PILOT

  • Landon Pogreba 1 week ago

    “So I guess we are going sand trooper” “sandshrew trooper?”

    Plz I need fan art of sandrew as a storm trooper

  • James Carr 1 week ago

    Can you do Red clay soldier vs Green Clay soldiers Battledome for Christmas

  • Gaming with Will 1 week ago

    They pronounced it wrong pronounced Ty fighter not T I E

  • doge dman 1 week ago

    Jerome can u check the tower hour video pls I replied to it and I hope u see it

  • mystery wei 1 week ago

    jerome u missed diamond XD

  • #Lovely N9 Limits 1 week ago

    I’m Special…

  • Monguse Monguse 1 week ago

    Next time Steve should keep time and run it mitchtime style

  • Tmax1103 1 week ago

    The sand trooper and the tie pilot are both part of the dark side

  • Randomnezz 36 1 week ago


  • Crafting Jack 1 week ago

    If they were fighting to kill dumbledore. Obi-wan has a code he has to follow. and a lightsaber could probably not reflect magic. So avada-kadevra dumbledore wins

  • JetBlast 2119 1 week ago

    They cheated. the spawn was supposed to be BENATH their base. they set it at spawn.

  • Michael Welch 1 week ago

    Do a Star Wars modded servival series

  • Tobias Fangor 1 week ago

    Steve in chat; We’re all out. Team Smrt; We need to kill Blade.

  • Addison Bell 1 week ago


  • Bodey Horspool 1 week ago


  • John Willis 1 week ago


  • Clayton Becker 1 week ago

    Why are there no Jedi or Sith

  • Richard del Plain 1 week ago

    Neither there both dead

  • Koda Campbell 1 week ago

    The tie fighter is actually a X-wing

  • the doctor 1 week ago

    kill Ben plz tomorrow

  • Unigoat JJ 1 week ago

    Wait Dasha thought the person with a chewbacca skin hasn’t watched Star Wars

  • wolf boy795 1 week ago

    Ok I have a stream idea ok so they should do a stream we’re they have every nice poster roasting ben like if u agree

  • one punch man 1 week ago

    Get rid of the sasy girl

  • Kilorelv 1 week ago

    Dark vs light..? So its confirmed none of them know star wars at all lol

  • Josue Escobar 1 week ago

    Can you do a daily battle dome

  • TheExplodingAnvil 1 week ago

    1:18 LOL

  • canavjac 1 week ago

    You should play the 1.6.4 star wars mod because it has lightsabers and blaster. You can choose Sith hunter, droid, or clone. There are custom ores and other plants. Also there nothing broken. The mod has special abiltes like force jump, lightsaber throwing, and force lighting along with other of mobs like bosses. Please do, even thought it’s 1.6.4

  • Jack Phin 1 week ago


  • Astral 1 week ago

    Dasha: No don’t go green its like a terrible colour to dye your hair.
    Jacksepticeye: T R I G G E R E D

  • Ninja Death 1 week ago

    I ate two big carrots and now my stomach hurts

  • amanda Kritzer 1 week ago

    so i will say didnt they say in last battle dome they felt morning star was to cheatie i think thats where dashas head was at but the thing is they never stick to the same set of rules like the weapon damage, notch apples and and if something is to op. no complaint until one side uses something to get a good lead so meh there is no rules lol

  • Jessica Mann Xx 1 week ago


  • Jennifer womble 1 week ago

    WHat is up with Ben lately? He just seems to be getting more and more hostile and irritable with everyone, constantly throwing seemingly genuine insults at everyone while refusing to admit when he messed something up……..

  • piggy gamer 1975 1 week ago

    Darth bean
    jarjar bif
    mini yodadude
    bladey wan kenobi
    darth stevious

    like if you know who are all the starwars characters!

  • Vienna Tan 1 week ago

    get a lightsaber

  • Mahpud Djabir 1 week ago

    tie not T I E

  • Maegan Kate Co 1 week ago

    Obi wan kenobi vs Dumbledore who will win
    Obi wan kenobi uses a lightsaber Dumbledore uses expeliarmus avarakadavara

  • Panda Fire 1 week ago

    Jerome join the nasty side

  • nick thiel 1 week ago

    Jerome and the guys should have made some hoppers for the furnace, that way the ore would fill the furnace, and would empty out as well.

  • Zac TheKiwi 1 week ago


    When you know you’re a *baws*

  • Bob Jones 1 week ago

    Do more of this jromeasf

  • Rashaad Jackson 1 week ago


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