• Daniel gaming 6 months ago

    Jack this was a awesome vid and jack I can say enough about how good your vids are and how you do it you make a laugh every time and I laugh my butt in your vids and you were my first youtuber I watch and I would cry if I got to meat you

  • kewl Lazaro 6 months ago

    Jimbo is just a head lol

  • Eli Reyes 6 months ago

    Squidward would never turn nice

  • Ethan Czubkowski 6 months ago

    do a video where you and spongebob are in kelp city or swirl paridise

  • ItzMono 6 months ago

    Damn you are awsome been her from the start plz make like a mc acc giveaway

  • Ethan Czubkowski 6 months ago


  • Yo Boy Jaden 6 months ago

    Hey Jack it’s me again and I want to let you know that I really like your videos #bestyoutuberever

  • h20 brad 6 months ago

    I liked

  • Birchwoodpython 2001 6 months ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jack is that same girl gonna be on a later episode with Plankton??? If, so that is gonna be super weird cause she is a human and he is like a spec. Plus could u like change some of the characters a little. I mean Ik u vowed to keep the characters the same as the show, but it wouldnt hurt to change the characters a little bit.

  • PCT TUBE 6 months ago

    Jack, I Wished Squidward Would Be Nice Too. Awesome Video! Stay Cool! Oh And I Have A Idea! Mr. Krabs Turns The Krusty Krab Into A Gift Shop!

  • Jeffy _1 6 months ago

    12:55-13:14 Did you screw up or was was that part of the script

  • Shadow Heat 6 months ago

    Jack when ever u comment me back it makes me happy and I would love to meet you but… Yeah:(

  • Jonny Boychuk 6 months ago

    do a hash slinging slashed video also love potion and time machine

  • Jack Crow 6 months ago

    Mr funny swirl can you make more walking dead please

  • Kobe Murphy 6 months ago

    Congrats Jack! This is your 30th ep on Minecraft Spongebob Keep It Up for more subs

  • Isaac Norb 6 months ago

    Hey Jack Nice video

  • GrapeJam 6 months ago

    Jack your amazing I have been a fan for years!

  • SKYLANDERGUY 1738 6 months ago

    Awesome jack you never stop making awesome spongebob mincraft videos keep it up

  • PrimalJibanyan 原始ジバニャン 6 months ago

    AWWW He’s mean again

  • DfieldMark 6 months ago

    Loved this vid! Can’t wait to see the next episode 😀

  • Liz Holifield 6 months ago

    Jack I know that it’s been a long time but PLZ MAKE MORE VIDEOS

  • andrew mullin 6 months ago

    Why should we have a bunch of videos now and you had one quote for Christmas and 2016 and it is now 2017 what the hell Jack is annoying or what comes up is the exact same episode for like 15 months

  • Lego videos And more 6 months ago

    Funny swirl is the best it’s good to have you back jack!

  • Max Hesson 6 months ago

    Great vid

  • Christopher Gutierrez 6 months ago

    your the best jack

  • Christopher Gutierrez 6 months ago

    i subscribed last year your my favorite youtuber 🙂

  • Catgotslap ! 6 months ago


  • Warcom 2 6 months ago

    Hey jack remember me I just wanna ask if you could do a sponge out of water episode so one more thing I love your vids ♥️ make more sponegebob roleplays and I will keep liking and commenting. P.S. Already subscribed.

  • BLACKHOLE Mitchell 6 months ago

    Idk when you going make the next walking dead video plz

  • Vee Vee 6 months ago

    Can you please make that you dream that SpongeBob died. If you do I will like all your videos. I already subbed so pls make it please or I will jump off a cliff. Like this comment pls.

  • Luke Gaughan 6 months ago

    funnyswirl what is your real name

  • Reina Deguzman 6 months ago

    I love these videos

  • Maria Anguiano 6 months ago


  • Sparkle the Floogal 6 months ago

    Nice jack star

  • Bananas Crazy 6 months ago

    Awesome great video

  • Nar Busbate 6 months ago

    You’re best youtuber #bestyoutubers

  • Jerome Lightner 6 months ago

    I Like your video

  • Shayleekitty Brown 6 months ago


  • Dean Ambrose 6 months ago

    Dear Funnyswirl

    do u have a Facebook or Instagram cause I wanna follow you. u have great videos and I hope you have a great Life

  • Nightmare Gaming 6 months ago

    You messed up at 12:49

  • DA AWESOME HOTSAUCE MAN 6 months ago

    11:41 Best part ever! 😄😄😄😄😂😂

  • Baby Lincoln Loud 6 months ago

    ths is the best

  • Cobble Stone 6 months ago

    mr jack how do you make walking dead versions

  • the stuff emoji 6 months ago

    Plankton steal lauren from squidward 😮

  • Kulisi Vea 6 months ago

    Do you need anything else that you can find out.

  • Tropical Ocean Survers 6 months ago

    Jack I have never said such a good youtuber like you.

  • Majin Buu 6 months ago

    Is it jack or Patrick because in the old eps sometimes they called u patrick

  • VideogameFreak#1 6 months ago

    jack ur sooooooo awesome

  • Jules Quinn 6 months ago

    you go oke alot

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