• キ尺乇刀ζんキ尺ノ乇丂 3 weeks ago

    lol beef that was lot of fun!!

  • Fuya Hanabi 3 weeks ago

    That was the best way to tour the server. Best event since the server started!! Beef finished doing a VintageBeef. What a classic.

  • itsboner 3 weeks ago

    That ending!!!! #nospoilers

  • 2guys1cam 3 weeks ago


  • sean ginger 3 weeks ago

    Beef ur favoring sparky he cheating too

  • spider vader spidergaming 3 weeks ago

    I slap my head when you was walking a way

  • Blayze 1997 3 weeks ago

    That ending 😂😂😂😂

  • spider vader spidergaming 3 weeks ago

    From the boat

  • L.J. Kommer 3 weeks ago

    Best ending ever, haha.

  • Kam m 3 weeks ago

    *face palm*

  • Lsales 22 3 weeks ago

    Hey I’m 23lucky

  • Tiltedwings42101 3 weeks ago

    Oh look, it’s the Rat Race that I entered & no one told me to join beforehand. THANKS GUYS! *sigh*

  • Ricky H 3 weeks ago

    That ending LUL

  • SP_Ridley 3 weeks ago

    Beef why didn’t you get into the character of Rowan Atkinson from the movie Rat Race?

  • Owl Boi 3 weeks ago

    8:30 says he won’t cheat, then zooms across the river…

  • Diffidentone 3 weeks ago

    Someone here have an alternate view on their channel or someone have a link to another vid on this?
    I can’t watch this one with that stupid music over everything.

  • Not Safe For Miranda 3 weeks ago

    The ending killed me. Rip in peace, Vintagebeef

  • Chokkan キーボー道 3 weeks ago

    Classic Beef.

  • Andrew Goodsell 3 weeks ago

    Fanassu uploaded a video. the boat was key

  • adachezero 3 weeks ago

    I know you have Patreons to reward, but please can we just have some building videos please?

  • jedimasterpickle3 3 weeks ago

    Description’s the same as last episode, Beef.

  • OhMagicalUnicornLord 3 weeks ago

    If you ever do something like this again, you should record the Dynmap on another monitor so we can see everyone else’s progress 😀

  • Luqman Hakim 3 weeks ago

    Really nice music race

  • Sir Bobert Ross 3 weeks ago

    That nostalgic music tho

  • Betina Herlein 3 weeks ago

    Quality content. Classic yet fresh VintageBeef. I’d love to see more RatRaces!

  • cavity1010 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know who I’m disappointed in more, Beef or the Raptors.

  • Renegade 9182 3 weeks ago

    Music at approx. 9:00 reminds me of the old days of rendogs minecraft

  • John Bondsoni 3 weeks ago

    the rendog music at 8:55

  • AnnaWest 3 weeks ago

    Oh god Beef. I want to say I can’t believe it.. But I can..

  • Fnassau 3 weeks ago

    Nice going slowpoke lol
    You saw some great builds on your way too I see. Apart from maybe winning the skulls, all the cool builds was the best part of the race! This was a great event and your “finish” was epic!

  • Toru Anien 3 weeks ago

    Can you play plants vs zombies gw 2 I will see you there

  • Shivam Thakur 3 weeks ago

    Wait a sec, is this soundtrack (bgm) in game or edited?
    This sounds really good.
    8:34 this one too.

    Edit: I think it’s probably edited in, nice music.

  • Jillian McKenna 3 weeks ago

    I was watching the Dynmap at work and listening to discord chat during the race and actually laughed out loud when i saw you die right at the finish! My coworker was like “what’s so funny?” I didn’t try to explain. Lol hope I can do the next race (on a weekend!!) Best server.

  • alous Joe Potter 3 weeks ago

    I wish I was watching this on the map it would’ve been soo coool

  • Jet Lag 3 weeks ago

    That was fun but hopefully next time you’ll have a plan and be more prepared 😛

    And not die at the end…

  • Dragodelchaos 3 weeks ago

    How can we not love this guy.

  • Andy8399 3 weeks ago

    9:00 Hey that’s my farm… Don’t worry about the crops Beef!

  • Gnosis 3 weeks ago

    Forgot the boat again [facepalm] 😀

  • An Okay Channel 3 weeks ago

    You could have the destination be on a map so that people don’t know the exact coordinates, or which axis to favour more.

  • Anno Niem 3 weeks ago

    Lolz more please

  • SILSKY 3 weeks ago

    Fun stuff. That ending was hilarious. LOL!

  • Mikayla Touchette 3 weeks ago

    what is the thing he is using to show the cornets i want to get it for my game but don’t know it is called and BEEFY KICK THIER BOOTIES

  • qbee1wi 3 weeks ago

    Enjoyed the race. Hope you can go and revisit some of the builds you passed. There are some pretty awesome builders on your server.

  • Keepertim19 3 weeks ago

    That was an awesome event!

  • Shiro Zidori 3 weeks ago

    Why does this sound like a final fantasy music track? Or maybe kingdom hearts?

  • techasian gaming 3 weeks ago

    Omg. You had Rendog’s theme music in the background partway through the video! 😀

  • Elio S-B 2 weeks ago

    That was a great race and a good way to tour the map, it also showcased just how janky the mechanics of minecraft currently are (although that ending was legitimately Beefs mistake, sorry).

  • Nc Games 2 weeks ago

    Hey beef I love your videos but my computer broke so I can not join the server:(

  • WraShadow 2 weeks ago

    So, apparantly, hojop is portuguese xD

  • DasVERMiT 2 weeks ago

    Next time you do this, stop real quick at the start and make like 10 boats. Then you can just leave em behind as you go.

    I definitely want to see more of these!

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