• giannis tsourakis 3 weeks ago

    Python,you should make an underwater base when 1.13 comes out!

  • The YO2 3 weeks ago

    You should turn the courtyard into a flour garden

  • Jennifer Wallace 3 weeks ago

    One of the connecting hallway rooms would make a great full wall tropical aquarium. It is the aquatic update after all!

  • Ian Smook 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python; I just want to say if you make a zombie spawner( the one you found in the last ep.) Add water were they’ll drop about 3 bloks so that their heads are covered with water and will transform in drowned and that way you would get tridents much faster with your looting 3 sword

  • The Numbie 3 weeks ago

    In the courtyard, you could use the new 1.13 water mechanics with slabs and stairs to make a simple, compact fountain. You could then detail the courtyard with plants, benches, and really whatever. Anyway, loving the build so far!

  • Gaming with aedan 3 weeks ago

    Hey python have you ever thought of doing a free build in creative mode and build random stuff

  • BradPlayGame 3 weeks ago

    my python friend i need to please create some hermitcraft video is been for while you never since create that smp

  • Ronald Bertini 3 weeks ago

    Ya I would like to see u moning

  • Mitchyoza14 3 weeks ago

    Instead of an uncut episode have you ever considered streaming for like 2 hours, maybe do it every 10 episodes or something then that way you could count that as the uncut episode while also interacting with all you’re fans. keep it up Python love this series so far

  • Alisha Fassler 3 weeks ago

    Poston it looks like a wooden maze and I made your name wrong sorry

  • Heda Lexa Forever 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python, i think you should make an armor room in your mansion. You can put there all your armor, armor stands, etx

  • Ado _255 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python! I just got a great idea!: you should build a giant dark/grey cloud above 0; 0 and a lightning strike from the cloud to the ground and at the bottom of the lightning you should capture a Charged Creeper! (Put him in glass)☺

  • Rasmus Nilsson 3 weeks ago

    Just use a minecart going back and forth activating both spawners? Just like an afk duo spawner

  • faustine kanashi 3 weeks ago

    build a train station

  • kuchipudi madhukarbabu 3 weeks ago

    Python my advice is to over write knockback 2 with fire aspect 🔥 2 because it will get irritating while killing mobs Because they gone far from you.I saw your ocean monument episode from the last series you had a hard time killing elder guardians ect…..#This is my opinion If you like it do it😎😎😎😎

  • nabila sayyour 3 weeks ago

    For the dragon egg fountain…u can build the fragons head and make it as if he is protecting his egg…it will look cool.

  • Mason Dunn 3 weeks ago

    Love this series you should make a basement

  • Tarek Amin 3 weeks ago

    ivoli he will hatch the egg

  • Lynette Shaw 3 weeks ago

    On the other hill python could you make another little village? And could you tame a wolf? And last but not least could you just keep up the good work

  • Rose Applegate 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python! I had an idea that in your courtyard area you could keep some animals or even some pets! Love the new mansion build and an idea for one of the rooms could be an armour room with armour stands. Also, you could challenge yourself to get as many blocks of the game as possible and make a block museum showcasing them! (Includes fences, signs, ores etc.) Keep up the good work!

  • Fun Facts! 3 weeks ago

    Hi python, are you going to stream this series because it would be a great way to make peogress on your mansion.

  • Fun Facts! 3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who plays minecraft over fortnite, because it seems to be taking over the world at this point…

  • Jewel Magbag 3 weeks ago

    What happened but my turtle I need helps me turtle?

  • MeWaffles YT 3 weeks ago

    Python, will you ever try to make a end Base???
    And also keep up excellent work dude keep it up! 😀

  • Sophie Dinsdale 3 weeks ago

    Weaponry room

  • Addison Mosness 3 weeks ago

    You should make a vacation home farther away Like if u agree

  • sans brown 3 weeks ago

    How can build such nice hauses?

  • Frank Murdaugh 3 weeks ago

    Python you should really make a uncut epic.

  • Leon GamingXD 3 weeks ago

    5:27 best reaction

  • Colby Quaye 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python, just wanted to comment this to see if you could feature because I’ve got a good question about the modern house you are making. What do you think about making a cave base? I mean obviously yours is amazing but i think a cave base would be cool too, you could connect it to flora valley and your base, and it could be by the spawners so you could just set up camp and build a bunker there. Thanks in advance(:

  • Abby F 3 weeks ago

    You could have an armoury room, either with armour you’ve made or armour collected from the mob drops 🙂

  • Turkey3000 3 weeks ago

    You should make a room on the top floor for looking at the nature and stuff

  • Willam Bellamy hezy 3 weeks ago

    Are you going to make a turtle shell helmet any time soon

  • Vonnie Varela 3 weeks ago

    When you build your main base are you gonna add a under ground tunnel system to flora valley.

  • Gt Gang 3 weeks ago

    I started episode 1 on Sunday (yesterday) and I’m here now 🙂 also includes school

  • bill nagy 3 weeks ago

    Love the video keep up the good work

  • bill nagy 3 weeks ago

    Can you come play with me on my world I am in crative mode so come play with my on my world or I can play on your world and that will steal be okay with me

  • Hanah K 3 weeks ago

    Ever think about doing a death memorial type thing? A graveyard somewhere in your world where you can remember your deaths, it’s still fairly early I only remember one of you deaths off the top of my head (The Dragon fight). Be an excuse for a decorative build later too.

  • The Gaming Starfish 3 weeks ago


  • Connor GamerTel 3 weeks ago

    To be honost I think you should make a potion farm

  • krankyanker1 3 weeks ago

    python what you could do is make a small minecart afk type circle that goes around activating both spawners as it gets into range then have a system carry the mobs away to a kill combined kill zone

  • Jayden Legault 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft is complete shit

  • ch chg oq 3 weeks ago


  • NerdyObama/minecraft SUB OR KILLED BY GRANNY 3 weeks ago

    I start my minecraft survival world on 2015 and today I still played my survival WORLD!

  • XxsecretxX 3 weeks ago

    Phyton build a statue of yourself with the ender egg on your hand on your courtyard..

  • Nathan Lee 3 weeks ago

    I started this serious on saturday and i caught up

  • Nathan Lee 3 weeks ago

    For the monument, you.should build a staue of yourself.

  • ItzLewis 3 weeks ago

    Hey Python, Just a thought could you use a piston to move the spawners closer together. P.s. Love the series

  • sans brown 3 weeks ago

    Python i love your village.I’mwating for you to make a new video

  • Francesco Mejia 3 weeks ago

    You should make a kitchen or a bathroom. Maybe even both. I love your vids Python!

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