Its SONIC in MINECRAFT! Sonic The Hedgehog was NEEDED and back! This


  • FuturisticHub 2 weeks ago

    Here it is! *HIT LIKE NOW FOR MORE SONIC* You’ve requested it, I delivered. More to come! Thanks for the support and turn those notifications on so you don’t miss another video! GRANNY 2 IS NEXT!

  • JasonTW 2 weeks ago

    me: sonic your 2 slow
    sonic: no im not
    me: yes you are look this video
    sonic: :'(

  • Cookie Datboogy 2 weeks ago

    Cream works you mean dream works

  • Me3ple Rblx Plazma And More 2 weeks ago

    0:56 look at sonic.

  • Edward 2 weeks ago

    Make thanos in Minecraft

  • Waddle Dee Renegade 2 weeks ago

    Do kirby in Minecraft

  • Mason Youngerman 2 weeks ago

    Not a chance

  • Enzo Escandell 2 weeks ago

    sonic says like this vid to continue the series and make this better

  • Mike Seymour 2 weeks ago

    It was funny but it’s finally over

  • Mahdi Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    Thank you finally some great content

  • Mahdi Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    Plz more sonic animation

  • Sophie Beaty 2 weeks ago

    The end?

  • Divine Wix3029 2 weeks ago

    Pretty good you should make more of these videos.

  • Yesenia Camacho 2 weeks ago

    Moreee! Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SlushyWolf 2 weeks ago

    ur awesome

  • Crazygamer 2000 2 weeks ago

    Plz do season 2

  • Mr.Barry OnSteam 2 weeks ago

    U know if this stuff takes time how bout you don’t make it so cringe 😐

  • Red The Hedgehog 2 weeks ago

    he will be missed

  • Sonic Game 2 weeks ago

    1:06 Sonic: o fuck

  • Thomas Gamer 2 weeks ago

    But is angry mincraft stop?

  • Tracy Carroll 2 weeks ago

    Sonic is the best

  • Venezuela Ball Loquendero Tricolor 2 weeks ago

    1/10 not enough foots

  • cmquaco 2 weeks ago

    Make a granny in Minecraft series with more episodes

  • Gaming Pro 2 weeks ago

    What a good way to end this Sonic series.

  • Aidan Rye Lacanlale 2 weeks ago

    You should do sonic.exe in minecraft

  • karl emmanuel 2 weeks ago

    you havent seen the last of me oh get that hedgehog!!!!!!!! 3:07

  • littleChorizontal 2 weeks ago

    i like how he uses GREEN HILL ZONE for an epic chase you uncultured swine

  • kimberly CAselberry 2 weeks ago

    Hey futuristichub can you make Sonic talk about Minecraft I even though he went back to the Sonic Green Hill Zone and then he tell all her friends that he was back and then he miss Minecraft so much.

  • Logan Bowen 2 weeks ago

    00:57 😅😂

  • unknown 8383892 2 weeks ago

    Super bad graphics

  • edrickstuf 2 weeks ago

    1:12 is sonic JESUS?!

  • Fnaf JL 04 2 weeks ago

    LOL 😂

  • Logan Bowen 2 weeks ago

    Sonic was giving in the finger😂

  • Derlbs2441 Or Ramses derlbs 2 weeks ago


  • Rayman SNl 2 weeks ago

    Do you know rayman

  • super sonic the human 2 weeks ago

    Hey this was insane

  • BP Gaming 2 weeks ago

    The animation is bad but its really funny

  • Carlos Molina 2 weeks ago


  • Carlos Molina 2 weeks ago

    Where there be a sonic in Minecraft 11 because of eggman still in Minecraft

  • Grace Solomon 2 weeks ago

    I like all your vids and I subscribed your channel


    futuristichub sonic hero’
    Dr eggman

  • Grace Solomon 2 weeks ago

    Sonic said the ” F ” word but uncensored

  • Shadow The Edgelord 2 weeks ago

    Nicely done 10/10

  • Sanskar Gurung 2 weeks ago

    Make a sonic series please but not in minecraft

  • NIGHT TERROR YT 2 weeks ago

    ;-; he’s gone

  • Sonic 34786 Mario 96734 2 weeks ago

    Oh fuck no I’m dead

  • Sonic 34786 Mario 96734 2 weeks ago

    Fuck you egghead 0:57

  • Snowflake sizzle 2 weeks ago

    Can we have more spongbob in minecraft

  • Mr. mustache Freak 2 weeks ago

    circles in minecraft

  • Kevin TKB 2 weeks ago

    I wanna see day2 of granny. PLEASE😣

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