Today we play Murder Mystery!


  • HockeyHead14 7 months ago

    Please play risk

  • ColinMac42 7 months ago

    Jerome when it comes out in November you should totally play star wars BattleFront 2

  • Swesome

  • Yonatan Sela 7 months ago

    6 kills s sextagon kill

  • 198505270 7 months ago

    I missed you fluffy! My Wifi Was Off again so yeah! I’m back!

  • anthony yu 7 months ago

    #steve killed steve 1 round

  • Jessica Pixie Fox 7 months ago

    try stelsh attacks

  • Mckays1632 7 months ago

    I’ve actually had a game of town of Salem last for almost 4 hours lel

  • Máté Benke 7 months ago

    Instead of someone save, someone shave me. (Im speaking bout the title)

  • Jacob and Lucas 7 months ago

    Do town of Salem soon

  • cheese loving bacca 7 months ago

    U shot each other’s face

  • BMAquarius YT 7 months ago

    @JeromeASF i am from HK <3 you

  • The mlg Baconraymark17 7 months ago

    He says it’s not town of Salem just a coverup. Guilty

  • the_pug_nation 7 months ago

    hello random people scrolling down the comments

  • Jared pipkin 7 months ago

    I’m dirty dan

  • EyeofOnyx Ya'll 7 months ago

    Play murder mystery on the party zone server it’s way better then the hypixel server murder just try it plz

  • Joseph Gonzaludo 7 months ago

    Everybody what’s beans favorite pokemon move nasty plot

  • Scarce Sameeh 7 months ago

    Jerome is my favorite streamer

  • XxdiamondguitarplayerxX 7 months ago

    It has been 11 hours now can you upload another video Jerome please

  • EmeraldDonuts 7 months ago

    Jerome in the beging u we’re so high up because no one was there and ytber have a higher chance to be murder and detective for videos

  • Jayden Phung 7 months ago

    I was on a rode trip to Naomi

  • Dylan Heang 7 months ago

    Plz more roblox murder mystery

  • hellowews hello 7 months ago
  • yellow cat98 7 months ago

    I had a awsome weekend I had my birthday Saturday and I got my own yamahah sorry I can spell that right but it a type of four-wheeler 😁👍👍👍

  • [_*TypicalMidgit*_] 7 months ago

    Bring back board game Sunday!!!

  • Rick Gastly 7 months ago

    “Steve it’s him! Steve it’s him!”
    Are you telling Steve that it’s the Steve skin…
    OR are you saying the name of the skin…?

  • Hussien Beydoun 7 months ago

    Dosnt anyone else think Jerome needs a lot more subs

  • TheCraftyManiac 7 months ago

    Hey Jerome! I love your videos! Just wanted to say that 😀 please do more monster industries!

  • the diamond lightning friend 7 months ago


  • RidgeK 7 months ago

    “Steve, I don’t want to scare you, but you’re about to die.” YEAH NOT SCARY AT ALL

  • Offside Moss 7 months ago

    He should do this with Preston

  • Supreme TvHD 7 months ago

    When he said back to school a tear drop was on my face

  • grace gonzalez 7 months ago

    I used to like dantdm a lot. now i havent watched him in months. Jerome is such a good youtuber!

  • Nate Headon 7 months ago

    Leave a like on these comment if u won’t more risk and Mount your friends

  • Gabryel DWMA512 7 months ago

    Jerome if you more viewers then expand to xbox and ps4

  • Vhiskars ! 7 months ago

    Jerome doesn’t realise that he didn’t kill the murderer someone else pulled the lever first

  • sans the trainer 7 months ago

    Jerome the killer

  • River Brook 7 months ago

    Could you troll the other members of Nice Posture by using compares and not being in f1, in this game?

  • dante Rila- Smith 7 months ago

    Jerome the plural of “octopus” is “octopedes.”

  • WysWolf 68 7 months ago

    Umbreon not umbreun

  • Kyle Williams 7 months ago

    I dont know if u guys relize this but if the percenage to get murder or detective is if u have over 20% then your that role

  • Sam Hopkins 7 months ago

    there’s a minecraft server dedicated to murder. mcmurder (I don’t remember entire IP)

  • Cooper Trooper 7 months ago

    good vid jerome

  • K Teo 7 months ago

    4:25 Does that mean Jerome went to hell?BLADE HELL?!?!😂😒

  • Orion2442 Gaming & More 7 months ago

    did steve try a RvB joke?

  • Random Gamer 7 months ago

    Jerome u should hide in the armor in the trap door map.

  • Mili Tyler 7 months ago

    My favorite part is Steve I don’t want to scare you but you’re about to die

  • Thomas 789 7 months ago

    I am also colour blind and it is so hard when you love drawing and colouring the most or playing video games

  • Chanelcritic 7 months ago

    We need to make a town of Salem in minecraft

  • Yasser Martinez 7 months ago


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