Minecraft evolution or evo is back! an smp through beta minecraft and


  • Kendra Wieda 3 weeks ago

    You imitated the watchers to prank Taurtis and now they want something

  • Jade Connell 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been waiting for a new episode! Good job Grian! 😀

  • Brady Otwell 2 weeks ago

    it men’s if you deny the prank you get a presment

  • Crazy Loonotic 2 weeks ago

    Do pigman drop gold in that version and if so make a gold farm

  • Synthetic America 2 weeks ago

    timelapse pls! but if Q&A happens What is your favorite block?

  • Crazy Loonotic 2 weeks ago

    Nooo i never got to join the server Q&A what happened to the server

  • Lucian DeMelo 2 weeks ago

    Tomohawk but the egg there

  • Milk Famliy 2 weeks ago

    Nah…. Not a stream, I reckon a timelapse thanks!

  • CoasterKing 17 2 weeks ago

    It was BigB4statz he recently posted a video of him doing it

  • CryingPuppet Puppet 2 weeks ago

    Time lapse please

  • Awesomeness916 2 weeks ago

    Q&A: Is your real name Grian?

  • ArrowTyrant.17 2 weeks ago

    a live stream or a time lapse, I’ll watch it either way

  • darkstar gaming 2 weeks ago


  • millgiass 2 weeks ago

    Do it as a time lapse with a Q&A over it.

  • Andrew Poma 2 weeks ago

    Do a live Q and A. You’ll only accept answers if in the love chat!! I would love to see my favorite you tuber do a live stream!!!

  • Andrew Poma 2 weeks ago

    What is the update you really want? How is is playing the old Minecraft?

  • Justin Peña 2 weeks ago

    QnA: What is the the purpose of the watchers and how much they annoyed you?

  • Mr.Vore_ 2 weeks ago

    conquer other bases

  • Computer_Dude 2 weeks ago

    Q&A: Did you finish building your comments series?

  • Emerald 44 2 weeks ago

    The only way you know it’s the watchers it’s the bedrock crest

  • Brodie Daily play 2 weeks ago

    It was tomohawk

  • Micah Williams18 2 weeks ago


  • Colton J. Allen 2 weeks ago

    Q&A: Can you explain how Minecraft Evo works for those of us that are new to MC Evo. In terms of how the watchers work or the need for a police station. Like, why is there a mayor?

  • smilejos67 2 weeks ago

    SalemsLady is also ten characters (excluding the space).

  • razif rashdan 2 weeks ago

    i think its a prank and their trying to make you do something bad so then the watchers will get angry with you (Grian)

  • Rume Olivier 2 weeks ago

    “Punishments will in the way of the one’s who deny” That Means you will get punished if you deny.

  • Mr. Charlie Danger 2 weeks ago

    LIVE STREAM WITH Q&A! Question : how many hours do you think you’ve put into the EVO server?
    (like so Grian can see this)

  • awesomeshark190 Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Happy easter everyone!!

  • Blue Hoodie8 2 weeks ago

    4:08 if it was made by the watchers the dirt wouldn’t be there!

  • TheRedstoneEnderman 2 weeks ago

    Fun Fact: When Grian is online the Evolution server, it becomes Evilution

  • Holly Hudson Barton 2 weeks ago

    People put a iron prank in tomahawks base… episode 36, still there. People put snowmen, squid graves, Easter egg rappers, anything you can imagine, in Grian’s base… looks at it for one second… gone.

  • UnLightDarkLight Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I thought Grian was gonna kill the dogss

  • Rueben Ngeru 2 weeks ago

    what type of house are u going for. for the spawn house

  • Jayfeather X stick 2 weeks ago

    I think it’s someone want’s revenge om Nettyplays for something…

  • TheMysticalC Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Rip grians SMP base

  • petain's adventures 2 weeks ago

    Probably someone else. Try quizzing the players

  • poppy passmore 2 weeks ago

    Q&A:Out of all of them, which prank has been your favourite?

  • Wolf Boy 2 weeks ago

    They say kill the tree that lives for a devil to die easy mate

  • legit nerd 2 weeks ago

    Time lap

  • ZELDAmasterLink 2 weeks ago

    Streaming is better because there is a couple hours of evo.

  • FREDDY10W CHANNEL 2 weeks ago

    Pranked by taurtis

  • CHK MOBILE 2 weeks ago

    Grain! I know that you are a great builder. So there is a seed in Minecraft! The seed is 12345678910. In that seed there’s a lot of caves and in on of the caves there is 53 or more diamonds! So enjoy that seed and tell me what do you think!

  • Callum Derbyshire 2 weeks ago

    Time lapse plssss

  • Callum Derbyshire 2 weeks ago

    This is for the Q&A. What is your faviorite style of building? Modern, Victorian, Countryside builds e.g villages, farms and Medieval?

  • Ninja185 2 weeks ago

    Do you want to do a swap episode with mumbo so u can play on hermitcraft and mumbo play on the evo server for a day?

  • Arvid Klungland 2 weeks ago

    Timelapse. Q&A. How old are you?

  • Lily Walker 2 weeks ago

    Q and A- What part of England do you live in?

  • WhenPigsFly 2 weeks ago

    would you consider doing a team-up with mumbo for hermitcraft season 6, so mumbo does the redstone, and you do the nice building (record a few episodes together etc like martyn and solidarity)?

  • KrapeeDoodles 2 weeks ago


    Grian: You know what..
    Me: *sees sword*
    Grian: *puts glass box around them*

  • Pin Valentine 2 weeks ago

    A terriformimg video would be nice.

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