How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Just Gafffa 5 months ago

    Now I was thinking, what happened to Lachlan? Cause he said, I’ll build around you and I’ll have this platform in the water and I’ll build behind the waterfall, well I was just thinking that

  • Eliminqted PvP 5 months ago

    Laake has a infinity villager ask him for infinity

  • EpicKunalPlayz :D 5 months ago

    Vikk run and it will mend

  • Olly r3tr0 5 months ago

    Mending is really good for mining and then defeating the end dragon. Just make sure you hold it other wise it wont repair

  • JB Tekkerz 5 months ago

    Vik got mending on my sword and pic and fishing rod fishing rods are for fishing❤️❤️

  • Ahmed Alnoor 5 months ago

    Start a new crazy craft series.

  • Nicholas Kurniasurja 5 months ago

    SPILL BLOOD NEXT EPISODE …like so vikk can see

  • Sparkk 5 months ago

    18:02 Magikarp evolved!

  • Cody Wincen 5 months ago

    Use your name tag to name king Moolian 😂🔥

  • ShiFTy 5 months ago

    Vikk make a golden fountain in the middle for the rich castle sorta vibes and take the villagers out and then build a casino under the fountain

  • Alfie Wilson 5 months ago


  • TateBoiiis 5 months ago

    11:30 top left hand corner:
    Alien invasion!

  • TateBoiiis 5 months ago

    The memes

  • Vraj Chokshi 5 months ago

    Vikk ask Dorian or rafesser for admin for a day

  • Adam Rodi 5 months ago

    Vikk my brain hurts when you try to find a way to solve durability. Please just buy /fix

  • Sceptichrome 5 months ago

    ask behz to stream more frequently if can love watching noobs play mc

  • Ashwin Suresh 5 months ago

    You should make a tunnel from the lake to under your house and the put water so you can sail your villagers into an underground dungeon in your castle 😂

  • Harelרון Lahavנסי כ ייגיגןכחג 5 months ago


  • Raymond Stewart 5 months ago


  • Cringe Man 5 months ago


  • Jelly Beans 5 months ago

    Vik you should get poison arrows with infinity bow the best

  • ESTIsLaced 5 months ago

    Dude speedy and side is the reason I subscribed to you lol I’m their older audience I only see Minecraft because they’re fucking hilarious. I dig your videos too🤙🤙

  • Henry Yau 5 months ago

    Vik, you have to either wear or hold in either hand for mending to work

  • Breadsenior 7 5 months ago

    Wth!?!?!?make longer vids

  • Breadsenior 7 5 months ago

    This wat happen if u nvr uplod daily

  • Anujpreet Singh 5 months ago

    vikk u could do /home home if u dont want the inventory to open up

  • Celine Huang 5 months ago

    Don’t forget the casino! For once be earlier than Pete.

  • CRUZILLA BAKER 5 months ago

    you should of let side keep the fishing rod

  • CRUZILLA BAKER 5 months ago


  • Matthew Renton 5 months ago

    Moolian evolved to see through walls quicker than JJ did to see his raps were terrible

  • Timi Olatunde 5 months ago

    Can we have more uhc please

  • Carter Olson 5 months ago

    You passed a white tulip on the way to radar boy dungeon comment 304

  • ruth Jewkes 5 months ago

    Legend has it that there still chatting today, tomorrow and forever

  • m8edofallm8eds 5 months ago

    What an amazing episode, soo chill ❤ gotta love Side

  • Jason Espinoza 5 months ago

    Vikk can you please go to the war zone. I would really like to see the builds that the bad mins did in there plus you can make a lot of money!

  • Macole Beckham 5 months ago

    Start doing ark survival evolved again

  • Lettie Rocks 26 5 months ago

    Please do hopper troll on ethan that would be amazing

  • Jaiden Stowers 5 months ago

    Ep 17 is not working

  • Kaitlyn Reeves 5 months ago

    NOT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Fisher 5 months ago


  • qodreach 5 months ago

    i hate you

  • Taylor Yee 5 months ago

    This was on me bday

  • Paul Michael Clarke 5 months ago

    totally solo

    hundred percent

  • CommenceComments 5 months ago

    Everything that fortune is useful for is able to be crafted into blocks, you’re still better off putting fortune on the pickaxe bruhhhh

  • Jenson Williams 5 months ago

    Vikk (british) unwillingly steals people on boats…. uno XD

  • Ashton Decker 5 months ago


  • MrBubbles022 5 months ago


  • Jammy Scoot 5 months ago

    Hi, I am try img to get to 50 subs. I will sub to you if you sub to me and reply to this comment

  • Gulox 5 months ago

    liking the earthquake effect 34:03

  • Jessie Grieve 5 months ago

    im your Number 1 fan

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