• Brock Norton 2 weeks ago

    how do i get the title after i buy it

  • Smarty 2 weeks ago

    pay atention to chat re re

  • OhItsPepsi 2 weeks ago

    Ign : Way2Crispy On Witch / love your vids #Daily

  • Aakrit bhargava 2 weeks ago

    i dont have a minecraft account but i bought the head . Love your vids

  • GamerT 2 weeks ago

    Can I still buy a head and get the stuff on saico next monday?

  • XxItsYouxX 2 weeks ago

    Head frip

  • Zachary Burns 2 weeks ago

    IGN ZBurnsz witch realm plea

  • CreeperMeetsPixels 2 weeks ago

    dude i now how u fill i have a super sore throat

  • Isaiah Rahe 2 weeks ago

    Ryan will there be another way to get in the faction because I don’t have money to buy that head plush like if you want Ryan to see this

  • Skillz Kappa 2 weeks ago

    Gg on 4M

  • Bryce 55 2 weeks ago

    I love all your vids #NUGGETS Ign: TheShotzzer Server:Dont have one 🙁 so witch

  • ITSYABOI 2 weeks ago

    ryan i luv u and all, but plz, just plz, never say the word GUCCI again, we are all minecrafters.

  • xxUndercoverguestxx Add 2 weeks ago

    16:36 the face the guy gave ryan when his helmet popped

  • TKnight 20 2 weeks ago

    Hi Ryan. I don’t know if you’ll reply but what percentage will you think the sale for Christmas will be? My parents might buy me a rank depending on the price.

  • CraftyPros 001 2 weeks ago


  • Sins IMO 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ryan
    been watching your vids for a while now so I guess that makes me a fan but you have been let down in your last few episodes because on the release date of your head #724 you said to your Viewers if they buy your head and have the holynugget title on they will get an invite to your faction.
    I am wondering why you would say that and from every factions episode after that you have backtracked and changed your mind knowing that most of your viewers were or did buy your head to get an invite to your faction.


    Its unfair to your the people/players/fans who bought your head based on you saying they will receive an invite to your faction.

  • Enchanted Squid 2 weeks ago

    Can I join the fac without buying thing I am YT and amazing at pvp. Respond if I can. Plush I got a good mic.

  • SANDER R 2 weeks ago

    I liked. On witch

  • DaBananaBoi 2 weeks ago

    They should have invited donald trump to their faction, hes good at building stronger and better walls

  • tlgenzer 2 weeks ago


  • nobodychao- NoLife 2 weeks ago

    happy no longer 400k ;-; not good

  • Nicholas Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Ryan ur cape

  • Luke Playz 2 weeks ago

    I’d love to do that lol XDDD

  • Callum Prout 2 weeks ago

    How do u get the title?

  • XDhunterXD 2 weeks ago

    you have a koth in your chest KING OF THE HILL CAP IT!!!!

  • XxLegendXx 10021 2 weeks ago

    Ign agent_Cactus Server Wither

  • MilezyGamez _ 2 weeks ago

    Tell ur faction to stop f home trapping please

  • Osama Mohammad 2 weeks ago

    The cape….

  • Hugo Sneesby 2 weeks ago

    I stopped whatching when u added face cam like I don’t really wanna see ur recation bruh

  • Hunter McNulty-Hochberg 2 weeks ago

    Don’t kick jtom he did not do anything wrong

  • Starr Fex 2 weeks ago

    I luv your channel IGN Itz_Samz Your realm and btw your head is mine xd i got it:P

  • #Kobeking Conrad 2 weeks ago

    When you jump Down Wait dont hold the chicken mask before your close til the floor it makes you bug.

  • Lol Loll 2 weeks ago

    Rip 400,000 sub’s?

  • Jacob Grost 2 weeks ago

    90 subs = 400 k subs !!!

  • Jack Unoversil 2 weeks ago

    U lostsubd

  • Nelson Schoenmaker 2 weeks ago

    Lol i saw they said our cannon has F***t up xD

  • Roni - Minecraft & More 2 weeks ago

    bring back minewars

  • GalaxyLogic 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ryan I don’t know if you remember me, I am an old faction member from skeleton and I would like to join if that would be possible. I just miss base building and PVP on saico. You guys are just a fun group and you play for fun,anyways if you see this think about it cya and keep up the amazing work on Youtube.

  • ion1300 2 weeks ago

    Can someone give me his prem acc if he has stopped playing 😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓🙏?

  • LegendaryTheoGuy 2 weeks ago

    Who rememberd this?

  • Arthur_2000 - minecraft and more 2 weeks ago

    why only 399k subs?!?! come on make it 400k

  • Callum Prout 2 weeks ago


  • Markus Ngo 2 weeks ago

    IGN: RaixSplitter
    Blaze Realm

  • HejaSwezo 2 weeks ago

    a sheep, a drum, a snake fell off a cliff


  • Buster Bros. 2 weeks ago


  • AssasyO 42 2 weeks ago

    IGN: lapint server witch i dont know why i do this cause i didnt see the giveaway but i did see the comments lol

  • Sheeppower ! 2 weeks ago

    Please subscribe to my channel, it would be great..,
    I just started with btd battles, and clash Royale, and when I got som subscribers I will upload Minecraft videos.

  • ORoby Playz 2 weeks ago

    how can we be members

  • ItsVerb 2 weeks ago

    Hope you get better real soon ryan!

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