• QUEEN CAMELOT X 2 weeks ago

    blue glass instead of ice !

  • Håkon K 2 weeks ago

    I like your quartz path best

  • Sobbing Frog 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know Beef, I still find Little Red’s path more pleasing. The colors just mesh together real well, incorporating the dirt and all.

  • Landen Suorsa 2 weeks ago

    The other path is better. It blends in a bit more, making it more natural.
    Love ya, Beef! Stay awesome!

  • Maple Syrup 2 weeks ago

    SILSKY, you could use packed ice as well I don’t think it melts by torches or any light level, yeah I just listen to you guys talk about the packed ice, sucks that most of it would be gone.

  • Jadyn Buker 2 weeks ago

    I still like the other path more but it is a good suggestion

  • CARL CLARKE 2 weeks ago

    You path still looks shot. Get rid of the white blocks

  • Ali0447 2 weeks ago

    Im so happy You still play minecraft!

  • Marie F. 2 weeks ago

    There is too much quarts in the houses, which makes all of the white overwhelming. It birch does lighten that, but the other design without the quarts is a lot simpler, neater, and makes more sense in my opinion. I would try to find a way to tie both of them into the bridge theme.

  • DankDoge 2 weeks ago

    someone pls build the sao tower XD

  • C0ry_PlayZ 2 weeks ago

    Lol i thought this was skyblock

  • Jeffxn 123 2 weeks ago

    Does mczeper have a channel?

  • Carl Tylar 2 weeks ago

    That ice island could use some cyan glass panes to make those tips extra pointy in places

  • Kam m 2 weeks ago

    sorry beef, I still like hers more than yours

  • Alex Finch 2 weeks ago

    Use a dark wood instead!

  • Dylan H 2 weeks ago

    The reason we didn’t like the path was because of the quartz

  • Miner Rogers III 2 weeks ago

    -it looks ok-

  • Sorless 76 2 weeks ago

    Birch is a little too much

  • kyle kaluzny 2 weeks ago

    Still prefer the other type

  • Neptitude 2 weeks ago

    That base looks absolutely amazing

  • Fuya Hanabi 2 weeks ago

    Wow wait is this on Beef’s server or is this creative? Just wonder how Silsky got so many packed ices. I personally love that ice mountain a lot. Only if there’s a little cozy ice house on that island, it’d be perfect.

  • Fuya Hanabi 2 weeks ago

    The birch makes it better for your path, but I’d suggest try to replace them grass with birch or quartz or even glasses. The green grass texture just doesn’t contrast well with clean white and it looks messy.

  • Nick Chanyi 2 weeks ago

    still like her path

  • Beefyboyz hlm1230 2 weeks ago

    I prefer the other path

  • Sebastien Maxwell 2 weeks ago

    I prefer the path without birch and quartz

  • iftahaj 2 weeks ago

    does motherofmermaids have a channel?

  • JSRuers66 1 week ago

    Why not add a few floating islands to your build? I mean… floating islands are kinda whimsical…

  • Taco Salesman 1 week ago

    I would like beef’s path better if not for the way he used the stairs.

  • Drew Laslo 1 week ago

    How did they even build the first island? Did they pillar up from the ocean floor?

  • Tootie Tooter 1 week ago

    I tryed to actcess the skins tab in on the minecraft launcher but it wants to know what my lucky number is, what my favorite movie is, and what my favorite author’s last name is, i have when making an acount for minecraft i never had to do this. Also the ‘Need assistance?’ link doesn’t work, does someone know what is going on or how to fix it?

  • João Mauricio 1 week ago

    Steve vs steve pls

  • Carlo Meglio 1 week ago

    The new path is better, but I much prefer the other more rustic path

  • Timothy Gray 1 week ago

    Maybe adding some gravel to the path might work

  • ThatGUYbad 1 week ago

    They talk like they’re at a Job interview lool

  • TheKawaiiBaby 1 week ago

    The other path isn’t too disruptive. Definitely like it more. Much more whimsical with the nature-y theme.

  • Ember 129 1 week ago

    I like it with the birch

  • Daniel Milosovic 1 week ago

    Dark wood

  • Daniel Milosovic 1 week ago

    Other path

  • Jason T 1 week ago

    Great Job everyone…
    Great video Mr Beef

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Add more flowers and bushes to ur path

  • Harris Brothers 1 week ago

    Beef, I usually like all your things. But your path….no I don’t like either of them. That one persons path I do like tho. So I think you should use hers.

  • Owl Boi 1 week ago

    The birch made it worse, go with the original

  • HybridSlinky 1 week ago

    I think the birch makes your path look worse tbh. But I still like the spruce path better… sorry beef lol

  • sam bogaert 1 week ago

    Place an iron golem in the cave and call him yeti

  • Forty Seven 1 week ago

    I know you wanted the quartz but the whole reason people chose the other one is because theres no quartz. You already have a lot of quartz in the buildings. A dirt and dark / a bit dirty roads is what you need

    unless, you want the whole island to look clean and bright, then I think you should go with the bone blocks/ quartz

  • Block hax 1 week ago

    Beef, how come every time I watch one of your videos I get an ad for a toilet bowl illuminating light

  • 2Arcticwolves 1 week ago

    The Island builds were really good. 🙂

  • Raz David 1 week ago

    4:30 SixEpicSauces you are a magnificent flyer… 😂

  • Mr_inkredible 1 week ago

    Other path still

  • Nina 1 week ago

    I prefer the original path without the quartz!

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