• Just Rez 3 weeks ago

    Another hot swap video neat

  • ProVinerBoyz 3 weeks ago


  • Cloudelek 3 weeks ago


  • Gapingcorn6 3 weeks ago

    Sad cave entrance leads to bad cave luck :p

  • seth Adams 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching for like 4 years

  • mike mckenzie 3 weeks ago

    That hurt to watch.
    I loved it

  • Avaneesh Samsi 3 weeks ago


  • Avaneesh Samsi 3 weeks ago

    100th 💯

  • SGT C 3 weeks ago

    Very frustrating too watch…..

  • Joshua Evans 3 weeks ago

    Listening to beef getting frustrated was awesome. Me and my wife play and I try to stay positive why trying to not get frustrated.

  • Lucas Van Wichelen 3 weeks ago

    Why watching Beef is great:
    ‘We’ll stay in the same call, 15 min. of chaos will be fine’
    – 10 mins and one death later –

  • CC Rascal 3 weeks ago


  • prbaker38 3 weeks ago


  • Sam Cro 3 weeks ago

    I love ya Tilted, but damn girl!

  • Fuya Hanabi 3 weeks ago

    Xtreme Dummy’s voice is super soothing for some reason. This guy will make good money reading fairy tales for kids to sleep.

  • No Sir, Not I 3 weeks ago

    Tilted has a cute laugh. 😂

  • imVanitys 3 weeks ago

    what did i just witness

  • Luis Raul Garcia Mendoza 3 weeks ago

    Beef is so bad at this game 😂😂😂😂

  • Melsie 3 weeks ago

    This was hilarious! Loving these collabs!

  • Fly Sk 3 weeks ago

    I’m trying to see some more team Canada action…..its been a while…..

  • TheAlooMan 3 weeks ago

    I used to love this channel sad it’s dying

  • Peter Pancraft 3 weeks ago

    What a disaster

  • Brian Giordano 3 weeks ago

    Trill and Tilted have such lovely, beautiful voices.

  • OmniShade~ 3 weeks ago

    Undefeated champion of hot swap

  • sowhyus 3 weeks ago

    … there was an emerald near the diamonds, too … 😉

  • Jaynee Burks 3 weeks ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs.

  • Sheiching kyk. 3 weeks ago

    Ahh hate this episode!!!!

  • Ughh do I seriously have to wait til July until I can join your server? rip

  • matthew shirley 3 weeks ago

    I think it may be beefs fault. He rushed ahead to much

  • Ben Ball 3 weeks ago

    Who thinks that beef should bring back abba caving?

  • DasVERMiT 3 weeks ago

    That is literally the worst mineshaft I have ever seen.

  • Sampath Rajapakse 3 weeks ago

    Tiltedwings is a noob.

  • M.A.D Dragon 3 weeks ago

    So much salty beef

  • The DreadRoberts 3 weeks ago

    That was fun. Thanks

  • Fnassau 3 weeks ago

    Hilarious 😀

  • Wagzal 3 weeks ago

    Nobody buts baby in the Cornor errr i mean tilted! Not even Lava

  • Wagzal 3 weeks ago

    With this many deaths he will catch up to wagzal in no time!

  • Wagzal 3 weeks ago

    so much for 54 levels

  • Forgottenotaku 3 weeks ago

    Y’all should have a rematch, but in a better cave.

  • DigitalMonk 3 weeks ago

    ABBA Hot swap

  • Kevin Weil 2 weeks ago

    lel this was so funny to watch :).

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