• VortexTGM 2 weeks ago

    Lol I am kenny and i cheat cheat cheat

    But good job Preston

  • Eagle Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    Kenny K Y JK

  • Clover Flop 2 weeks ago

    I unsub from Preston

    Joke! I will never unsub to him

  • Cole Geange 2 weeks ago

    Happy Halloween =3

  • Clover Flop 2 weeks ago


  • Jayce Hodgkinson 2 weeks ago

    guys lets all play some minecrap

  • Clover Flop 2 weeks ago


  • Clover Flop 2 weeks ago

    *_-dislike_*-Only like button is available here

  • Sam Lee 2 weeks ago

    1 like =that Preston does not have chin things

  • Ricky Qiu 2 weeks ago


  • TheLegendaryDragon Playz 2 weeks ago

    Lol 4:32

  • Edgestango - Gaming 2 weeks ago

    9:29 Kenny: “I wanna be sucked” xD

  • Emily Shaver 2 weeks ago

    6:04 what song was that by the Rascal Flatts??

  • karen martinez 2 weeks ago


  • Justin Lee Colgate 2008-2020 2 weeks ago


  • Gupper is my dog 2 weeks ago

    Are the people shrinking or are the blocks getting bigger hmmmmm

  • SPOOKAY GAMER_YT 2 weeks ago


  • MegaPugsforlife 2 weeks ago

    Kenny: I want to be sucked!
    Me: 😏That’s what he said!!!😏😂😂😂😂

  • Tanner Sly 2 weeks ago

    When you cheated u should of got big and pressed the block it was a button

  • OrangeKnight Studios 2 weeks ago

    If I had PC Minecraft I would be such a noob. Because I’m all about the Xbox

  • Mizuki Toyama 2 weeks ago


  • GAMER YT 2 weeks ago

    Preston pat and Jen played this

  • GAMER YT 2 weeks ago


  • GAMER YT 2 weeks ago

    Not them

  • GAMER YT 2 weeks ago

    Preston and shot played part 1

  • Jaybee Bucao 2 weeks ago

    Kenny doesn’t really care that you Preston is playing with someone else like ShotGunRaids because Kenny is also playing with another youtuber which is AcidicBlitzz.


  • Mythical Madness M.M Core 2 weeks ago

    Lol where’s prestons Halloween skin

  • Nedas Vainikonis 2 weeks ago

    preston pleaze do more Qan i whana see the your big roster rosting sombody plz

  • Nedas Vainikonis 2 weeks ago

    the singer

  • papa tito 2 weeks ago

    Can you play roblox pls

  • EndPlayz - Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Can Help Me? I need subscribe

  • go and kiss her Soliman 2 weeks ago


  • Preston haz chin things

  • Madly Shadow 2 weeks ago

    what is the music used in 3:53

  • itzzz_marie 2 weeks ago

    0:38 “I’m cheating on you” but kenny didn’t care xD

  • Alyssa Billington 2 weeks ago

    For the grey block u can float under it lol 😉😂😁😙

  • Harvan Bahia 2 weeks ago

    I remember Logdotzip streamed this map

  • Tammy Mason 2 weeks ago

    Hellooo everyone im lolbit-Leigh mason and i have a youtube chanel called diamond 💎 lolbit playz plz sub to me and watch my vids

  • Grayson Ophoven 2 weeks ago

    He’s getting married?

  • Alex L 2 weeks ago

    You can climb on The grey block by sneaking on it

  • Ramadan Springer 2 weeks ago


  • Rosa Garcia 2 weeks ago

    A pdog there was a secret that i saw

  • Cooper J 2 weeks ago


  • Rebecca Hochhauser 2 weeks ago

    When are you going to do more prisons!? Plz do more

  • Susana Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Madors fuckos

  • Dr. Nachoo 2 weeks ago

    Slap dat like for p dawg!

  • kirito 6718 2 weeks ago

    Preston on tbnr frags: IM BACK

    Uploads for a week then doesn’t upload for three weeks. GOOD WORK PRESTON

  • Cool Girl 2 weeks ago

    Kenny is a cheater cheater lemon squiser

  • Willems Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Do dat BED WARS

  • le tran minh tue 2 weeks ago


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