• Funtime Foxy 1 week ago


  • JoeJoeMac 9 1 week ago

    36th comment again!!

  • Melon Shark 1 week ago


  • Melon Shark 1 week ago

    it is really weird that i had just played this map earlier today… wow

  • akorfa gomashie 1 week ago


  • The Dyed PaintAcid Gaming 1 week ago

    You forgot to decorate it 😂😂😂

  • Margarito Morin 1 week ago

    Play truth or dare

  • Charlene Watkins 1 week ago


  • Mighty Bathtub 1 week ago

    Here before the tumbnail

  • Techman 1 week ago


  • renee McKinley 1 week ago

    Yes dis so gooood

  • Funtime Channel 1 week ago


  • FancyPup 12 1 week ago

    Lolbit should make a channel

  • Lol Bit 1 week ago

    Lolbit should make a channel

  • Mysterious Shadow Productions 1 week ago

    How this fnaf?

  • Jairo Damian 1 week ago

    Can you tell foxy to make a vid of baby and the others of getting sick except foxy plz and cool vid actually

  • Ia420ent 1 week ago

    You dont sound like a robot

  • KOTA SAYS HI 1 week ago

    …….. no

  • fortnite !ñe! 12388 1 week ago


  • Caleb Gert 1 week ago

    Make sure

  • Caleb Gert 1 week ago

    Make a Jurassic world episode please

  • Galaxy Fnaf fan 1 week ago


  • Mark All 1 week ago

    Where is the other voice?

  • nightmare 1 week ago

    Funtime Foxy Get FNAF 4 characters to sing the FNAF 4 song

  • Javier Valle 1 week ago

    Can you do a face reveal

  • Girl Foxy Gaming 1 week ago

    Do a
    Cupcake can talk?
    Video in FNAF 1 roleplay where all the animatronics can hear cupcake except Chica can’t.

  • DANK MEMES 1 week ago

    Make a video were Puppet tells Foxy that Foxy is his son

  • Angelina Fox 1 week ago

    I miss watching this channel its been 1 year since i didnt watch this channel xD

  • Sarah Weedon 1 week ago


  • It’s Ruby 1 week ago

    Notivacation To This Channel But I Was Late Because I Was Asleep Liked So Many Videos Like This Subscribed💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️💜🖤❤️

  • Asjad Shahid 1 week ago

    This was so cool!

  • darkrai nightmare 1 week ago

    Hey i got i new fnaf roleplay i want you to try is a fnaf drawkill roleplay and if you dont know what drawkill animatronics are its probably worth the google

  • Ryan Balboa 1 week ago


  • sonic flash 089reacts 1 week ago

    Do baldi woke up in baldi

  • RD The Gamer 1 week ago

    What happened to Steve Mitch and Robin why are they not doing any videos anymore or live streams

  • Ender Eye Warriors 1 week ago

    Here’s another vid idea do funtime freddy runs out of chicken

  • Vivienne Morgan 1 week ago

    Hi robot gaming or Robbie what crime are you going to solve are you going to make a sleeping beauty episode on the fnaf channel where lolbit drank a sleeping potion from puppet or bon-bon that puts her to sleep in her room and one of them runs to foxy and ask him to save her from a deep sleep and kiss her on the lips.

  • ADISON TAYLOR 1 week ago


  • Aprille Griffith 1 week ago

    Robot gaming get off foxys channel

  • Lilly's Fun planet 1 week ago

    Robot Gaming you have your own channel. Why don’t you post there instead of the Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy’s channel? A.K.A Foxy’s channel…this wasn’t hate, just wanted to point that out. I like robot gaming but not EVERYONE likes robot gaming’s content. So please, if you make videos, robot gaming, put it on YOUR channel, okay? thanks a million.
    lots of love,

  • Adrian Kweek 1 week ago


  • masen Choina 1 week ago

    Plz stream FOXY

  • Chet Davis 1 week ago

    Liveing in a nightmare

  • Melissa Bird 1 week ago

    wait hes sounds like callum right now tho…………

  • Armando Cincire 1 week ago

    Make stream on bed wars ok

  • Roxy 48 1 week ago


  • Lol Bit 1 week ago

    Say it every vid of mc fnaf

  • Infinty fredbear 1 week ago


  • Ethan Burson 1 week ago

    Hay!can you ask freddy to be a phantom for a day?I was just asking

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