• john52028 2 weeks ago

    I want pizza…

  • Vanquese 2 weeks ago

    Why wouldnt you sue them for unreal working conditions

  • Matthew Boxall 2 weeks ago

    When is Burt going to find out his sons girlfriend mom is his ex girlfriend am I the only one thinking that Liz didn’t find out cuz she is a teacher she should know all of the first and last name of any student in her class or anyone her sons knows maybe next episode she finds out her last name matches Maggie

  • Night Hawk 2 weeks ago

    It’s going to get a new job at the school

  • Tecton 12 2 weeks ago

    Um anyone else had audio errors at the end of the video?

  • StraticFoxArt 2 weeks ago

    That end edit tho

  • GavinTGM 2 weeks ago

    A teacher

  • Henley mcmahon 2007 2 weeks ago

    * wth *

  • Nathanator 2000 2 weeks ago

    14:27 Edit fail. Try using Windows Movie Maker (If you’re not using it)

  • epicshark 02 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thinks butt is going to stop Edward from seeing Amanda when he finds out she’s Maggies daughter

  • Razor_Gaming Pro 2 weeks ago

    Editing glitches in the end…

  • ShockWave 2 weeks ago

    Lol he messed up the voice acting at the end

  • Henley mcmahon 2007 2 weeks ago


  • Dysyn Daily 2 weeks ago

    Audio hello u there?

  • Tre B 2 weeks ago

    Aw shit Maggie

  • Ryan's Music 2 weeks ago

    Yo lizs voice got fucked up at the end

  • Robinator 101 2 weeks ago

    Watch the next boss of the theater make the numbers go BELOW the average then they’ll ask burt to come back

  • Jaylen Ruff 2 weeks ago

    What is the new channel called

  • Savage_dorito977 2 weeks ago

    On no is he going to be teacher

  • Mr Orange 2 weeks ago

    Where’s Austin??

  • spydermunkee was here 2 weeks ago

    Butt gets a butt tattoo OMG

  • warzonegamer GAME ON 2 weeks ago

    There was something wrong at the end with the voice and stuff

  • John the Dude 2 weeks ago

    She found out by the email

  • CoopsCards 2 weeks ago

    Maybe she knows because Burt Talks him self

  • Abdulkerim Arnauti 2 weeks ago

    I cried

  • khari Goldclaw 2 weeks ago

    wait till they make a mistake and ask him to come back

  • Tmc Turtule mario Calvin 2 weeks ago

    You missing the last parts

  • xBlackShadow 2 weeks ago

    just watch, they will be begging Josh to come back and then he will decline because he found another job

  • MrChoo 2 weeks ago

    They are opening up a restraunt!!!!!

  • Ethan Edwards 2 weeks ago

    Man those lines were off at the end

  • Commando Chief Studios 2 weeks ago

    Aaaaaaawwww😢that was beautiful

  • Dagger Games 2 weeks ago

    I think Joshua should’ve told Elizabeth the truth before all this. I think she would’ve understand why he got fired. I mean the bosses that fired Joshua should be sued there the ones who should’ve been fired from the cinema.

  • Artimis Tracer 2 weeks ago

    First season of this series and it’s already better than Minecraft: Highschool was

  • ObeyGaming _ 2 weeks ago

    Guys when burt wanted to talk to liz lindsey was whit amanda name

  • KevinplayzMC 2 weeks ago

    Would we ever see gary again???

  • Mega Rex Gaming 2 weeks ago

    She know since Tuesday

  • KevinplayzMC 2 weeks ago

    Who is sara I dont remenber that i have seen or heard sara before on his videos

  • Rarnis Edward 2 weeks ago

    BurtDude I love your series mate. Do an episode were you visit crimson valley

  • OneTeenArmy 2 weeks ago

    burt: how did you know?!
    liz: honey we use the same email

  • TheVikas 2 weeks ago

    Gary is going to get fired by the new boss.

  • Sewingarc 147 2 weeks ago

    Liz knew because Maggie hit herself and tried to get josh/Burt expelled but it backfired and got Maggie expelled

  • Zachary Buchanan 2 weeks ago

    Omg the audio messed up at the end;

  • Deon Brown 2 weeks ago


  • Boss OF THE bosses 2 weeks ago

    What hapend last in THE video

  • Tmo7 Plays Roblox and Others 2 weeks ago

    He’s name is Josh not burt.

  • Nikos52 2 weeks ago

    i think my favourite character in this season is gary :C

  • Rebel Gamer Jonathan' S 2 weeks ago

    Hey Evevryone

  • GamingBoy55 Bailey 2 weeks ago

    at the end we could not hear liz talking

  • Overkill1492 2 weeks ago

    Lindsey’s name tag is Amanda at 11:59

  • Jaylen Ruff 2 weeks ago

    I want to see Burt’s real brother

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