How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • matti borgli 8 months ago

    make pokemon go vids again!!

  • HaseebGamer7890 Gamer 8 months ago

    Woofless is making a weapon or something in the cobble block he making regens on it and is making it so that no one can mine into it and the description says Operation end vikk

  • Ramon Ponce 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for Doni to build traps in Vik’s house as a part of their “war”.

  • Element Code 7 months ago

    “You don’t think my training has allowed me to escape death traps like that”-Vikk. hahahahaha

  • Serakoth 7 months ago

    No episode today? 🙁

  • Reflection Reflection 7 months ago

    Doni sounds like Casper Lee

  • Edgar Mnatsakanyan 7 months ago

    Why didn’t vik upload

  • Edgar Mnatsakanyan 7 months ago

    Ep 52

  • Levi Arnold 7 months ago

    How did Doni not set off his own traps

  • RichChigga GangArmy 7 months ago

    Wait so no videos from him until Tuesday?

  • RichChigga GangArmy 7 months ago


  • AJGIZZLE43 7 months ago

    @29:26 Best Minecraft Play Ever!

  • AJGIZZLE43 7 months ago

    @27:42 The start of the best pvp on H4M yet!

  • Rokeya Sikdar 7 months ago

    Vikk sounds like a badassssssss

  • 456 Dan 7 months ago

    U need to block hit when trading even hits

  • Carson Shoemaker 7 months ago

    vikk you guys should have a space at spawn where you can buy land and build a shop like h2m and u should build a private investor building where people could hire u as a private investor like side and speedy did

  • Ryder Macdonald 7 months ago


  • MattMM _ 7 months ago

    doni’s voice is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ELiTe sWv 7 months ago

    make a password machine for your door so people dont break in

  • Miztec 7 months ago

    what ever happened to factions?

  • 8Trayer8 7 months ago

    falltrap underneath him when he comes back

  • omar zeineldin 7 months ago

    Where’s the prerecorded episode

  • Igor Djordjiev 7 months ago

    31:13 Vik’s face is so priceless hahahah

  • Shaked E-vgi 7 months ago

    who else miss pokemon go videos!

  • Alex de Figueiredo 7 months ago


  • Danny Banh 7 months ago

    ask Kenny to be on your team

  • TheDovanAmerican 7 months ago

    What episode was the doni trap kill on vikk?

  • Aj Cyrill Dy 7 months ago

    We are Team Doni
    We are Trollers
    We will never forgive
    We will never forget
    We will never give up

    May tnt blow your way.

  • ExtremelyExtinct 23 7 months ago

    chats filled with doni’s 7 year old fans

  • Noah Acker 7 months ago

    play prop hunt with the pack

  • Cody Fotalan 7 months ago

    Where is ep 52?!?!?!

  • Abdullah Ghafari 7 months ago

    My dream in life is to meet vikk

  • Abdullah Ghafari 7 months ago

    I really love him he is a really nice person

  • Abdullah Ghafari 7 months ago

    Unfortunately I live in UAE not England man I am so unlucky

  • IGIgaming 7 months ago

    Vee aa gg ii an aa VAAAGINAAA

  • Adria The Star 7 months ago

    Can you join a party with someone. Like rob?
    It would be good to have a solid alliance for the war. And lachy isn’t coming back.
    Rip coolkidsclub

  • Ron Miller 7 months ago

    the bird get talkin some spikes

  • LumiePlays383 ! 7 months ago

    Beware of traps from doni around your house for when you get back from LA Sick video today 😁🔥🤙👾🔪

  • you keep fighting but not using mcmmo abilities like serrated strikes – against a good pvper you would lose if you forget to use it. also u should use axes not swords, since they do more damage when fully trained and break armour WAY faster

  • Justin Court 7 months ago

    i sub you true donnie GG i like your videos greAT FLOW 🙂

  • RNG ThePugOne 7 months ago

    You do not simply PvP a Vik

  • epicman_ no1 7 months ago

    get that 64 stack of diamonds for peat. next 3 episodes boys. btw. one of those episodes is a stream btw xD 😂😂😂

  • epicman_ no1 7 months ago

    nah jks xD

  • Kane Strevens 7 months ago

    u should have kept all of his gear as you did kill him should keep it next time

  • Koby W 7 months ago

    I hate what discord does to people’s mics. It makes pete sounds like he has a $15 mic that cuts out every ten seconds. If you watch his stream, he sounds way better and doesn’t cut. It’s just stupid disc ruining people’s content

  • xBen Benjamin 7 months ago

    Vikkstar didn’t even escape the didnt even

  • Sam Ianieri 7 months ago

    Vikk I have watched that fight 3 times over and it’s just as epic ever time

  • Sean Tee 7 months ago

    29:32 is the face of devastation.

  • Chris Snyder 7 months ago


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