• Carter Linton 2 weeks ago

    Play more fortnite like if you agree

  • Malcom King 2 weeks ago

    Scars and bruises heal

  • Abel Sams 2 weeks ago


  • Abel Sams 2 weeks ago


  • poop ninja poops 2 weeks ago

    if only he didn’t look up the solutions 😲

  • DarkTigerNinja 2 weeks ago

    I know that you Thake hours to record a video but if you edit it it’s only 15 minutes long but that makes my day

  • E.I Styles 2 weeks ago

    Who ever subs me I’ll sub them bacK

  • shirley tan 2 weeks ago

    1st thing 1st

  • SamPlayz 2 weeks ago

    Can u play cosmic PvP again please Preston ? I really enjoyed you playing it

  • Emma Goddard 2 weeks ago


  • Yusuf Abasoomar 2 weeks ago

    Yo Preston we want more tnt wars like if u agree

  • Rafeh Asaf 2 weeks ago


  • Warriorlord Yt 2.0 2 weeks ago

    He has done that map before!!! Cheater.

  • Mohammad Hatta 2 weeks ago


  • HellYeah 2 weeks ago

    He might have watched unspeakable……

  • Silas Barton 2 weeks ago


  • Kevin Deng 2 weeks ago

    Do more murder mystery!!! And do more hide and seek!!!!

  • Findafish Fordham 2 weeks ago

    anyone else notice he played the map with different accounts TBNRFrags and TBNRfrags

  • Cosima Davies 2 weeks ago

    Well, now 148,333 peaple know about this secret room

  • Nathen Baires 1 week ago

    On lvl 4 u called a clock a compass

  • KyleYT 1 week ago

    Mine-ception but it’s a PrestonPlayz video

  • Jack Mccloud 1 week ago

    When I paused it i saw äir in the scrambled letters on the secret level

  • Faith Lee 1 week ago

    Cool man

  • Brady Conard 1 week ago

    Please do more fortnite

  • Galib Saidov 1 week ago

    Preston your channel is NOT dead I love you. No homo

  • John Laurens 1 week ago

    Hah 15 minutes? Probobly took preston 10 minutes 😛

    -Preston after 1 hour (forgot the rest) since i started recording

  • Molers xD 1 week ago

    Hey Preston! I hear that you might be playing on the new server coming out soon! TFNations! I will be staff on the server, so look forward seeing you there 🙂

  • 27jvazquez 1 week ago

    I love this preston its awesome your a legend and i love your skin its my favorite mob :3

  • PrestonPlayzRoblox 117 1 week ago

    *zelda sound*

  • Landon Playz 1 week ago

    Preston’s child hood home

  • Damian Shepherd 1 week ago

    if you go back on his channel then yuo wi,ll see this same vid unless I just had major dejavoo

  • Damian Shepherd 1 week ago

    I am positive that I saw this vid before

  • Damian Shepherd 1 week ago

    am I’m not lie ING i swear

  • You Center 1 week ago

    1.Sub to me
    2.comment on vid saying I subbed
    3.I SWIFTLY go sub to you

  • Blazewind 25 ` 1 week ago

    Clickbait lvl 9000

    More like 10,000,000 :/

  • Jhentayu 1 week ago

    You are a god preston you find all the secret spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ni Cho Las 1 week ago

    u should play minecraft murder mystery with barney nick & teacher philip

  • Hamza ikhtasham 1 week ago

    make more fornite video because new maps came and new guns and a bow arrow is coming to fortnite please make more fortnite video

  • Stikbot knight 1 week ago

    you can’t rap

  • Shadow lion 1 week ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Watch preston playz,
    Your dreams will come true

  • Gideon! Playz! 1 week ago

    You sweared how dare you?

  • Tobie DePauw 1 week ago

    yo do you now the way?

  • Charles Clayton 1 week ago

    Haven’t watched one of your videos in probably 1.5 years… stopped by to check on your channel and thought I would watch a video for old times.. subs growing, content consistent, personality is likeable, great editing, competent individual and good MC player… solid video.

  • Chris menghini 1 week ago

    Play lucky blocks again

  • SweetScones 292 1 week ago

    I pkayed the map and went inside the cmmnd blocks and i played the clickbait level

  • Jesse Flowers 1 week ago

    It would have to be that he knows your IP address

  • Alexis Cashman 1 week ago

    love you

  • Lynley Pene 1 week ago

    Where the golden apple was all aluminati

  • hiddensniper007 1 week ago

    Can you have a video like this but showing us how frustrated you get when you can’t find the door??????

  • Renee K 1 week ago

    Preston is the king of yt to me lol

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