• liria the cat qwp 3 weeks ago

    Cool * – *

  • Bee Movie 3 weeks ago


  • RoboSpider 2.0 3 weeks ago

    They are called sugar pearl’ s I think

  • lover gaming lol 3 weeks ago

    I think they just put small jawbrakers

  • shauna kincak 3 weeks ago

    When can we see bendy as ink demon form

  • MrDirt Gaming 3 weeks ago

    641 like!!! Love the videos!!!! Keep them up and have a great day!

  • Kawaii Cuteness 3 weeks ago

    Newscape love your vid’s! (also what is the name name of song that you use for your intro)

  • derp man 3 weeks ago

    Blob vs EPIC RAP BATTLE introducer

  • Rockaplier 1 3 weeks ago

    Love bendy rp!!

  • Mackinator3 3 weeks ago


  • Tyler Pulley 3 weeks ago

    Corey can you do a IT roleplay

  • happy potato 64 3 weeks ago

    If you follow me on Twitter I will subscribe to you
    Comment done when done

  • Sammy the artist 3 weeks ago

    Cory please do an Undertale AUs video on Underwrite it’s an AU where Gaster resets instead of Frisk after the 999th reset and the reset ability is given to new souls/humans there’s 6: http://aminoapps.com/page/undertale-aus/3282047/the-souls
    And one is named Inky, soul of creativity: http://aminoapps.com/page/undertale-aus/3540795/inky-creativity
    And one is named Sammy (haha irony), soul of dedication: http://aminoapps.com/page/undertale-aus/2598144/sammy-soul-of-dedication-co-creator-of-underwr
    Info: http://aminoapps.com/page/undertale-aus/3539160/sammy-dedication
    And there’s Curious, soul of calmness: http://aminoapps.com/page/newscapepro/6938725/smol-curious
    Info: http://aminoapps.com/page/undertale-aus/3540383/curious-calmness
    And Niles, soul of fairness: http://aminoapps.com/page/newscapepro/4295516/smol-niles-aka-that-one-really-off-topic-person
    And Soul, soul of spite (but it’s glitched): http://aminoapps.com/page/newscapepro/5176578/smol-soul-error
    And Aurora (aka Rory), soul of depression: (I couldn’t find her profile)
    Please Cory do this AU these people are awesome! And follow them if you can, I’m a huge fan of them and you so it would be super cool to see them in your video!
    Also you have your own amino community. Just throwing that out there: http://aminoapps.com/c/newscapepro-amino/

  • LPS Shadowgirl 3 weeks ago

    When are you going to open up your server again

  • Minekana GamingAndMore 3 weeks ago

    R.i.t Tiny Town
    R.i.m Meme Hunters

    R.i.t : Rest In Town
    R.i.m : Rest In Memes

  • J Simmons 3 weeks ago

    Do a uppertale role play where all the monsters live above ground

  • Phantom Nimbus 3 weeks ago

    Yeah bandy

  • Mac Miller 3 weeks ago

    Pearl sprinkles is what they are called

  • Underbound Master 3 weeks ago

    I know what you mean Cory, about the pellet sprinkle things. I see them on donuts.

  • Underswap Chara 3 weeks ago

    NEW BENDY!?!?!?!?

    I like the old one better.

  • Justin Phung 3 weeks ago

    They are called nonpareil sprinkles.

  • nightmare foxy Productions 3 weeks ago

    Where is creepy pasta I love it

  • Whom you ask 3 weeks ago

    i love the incredibles

  • Amelia Bradley 3 weeks ago

    Blob x Projectionist

  • Jesterface and Kodicorn 3 weeks ago

    Alrighty, I expext alot of hate but who cares. I’m really happy you ship Bendy x Alice! It’s my favorite shipping. Keep up the great vids!

  • Jaeger Prime 3 weeks ago

    NewScapePro My idea from the last 4 or 5 vids ;>

  • iiKittyChan 3 weeks ago

    Dippin Dots!!

  • The 10 Xs 3 weeks ago

    CORY THE TINY BALL SPRINKLES ARE CALLED ‘hundreds and thousands’ THERE ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW!!! And I like those ones. :3

  • chara dreemur 3 weeks ago

    please do a reapertale rp

  • Keynines animation 3 weeks ago

    Progectionist chicken nuggets

  • Toy EnderGames 3 weeks ago

    where is the roleplay serie Bendy and the ink machine????

  • Emma Arhipov 3 weeks ago

    Hundreds and Thousands? those round, hard sprinkles?

  • Owl Warrior 3 weeks ago


  • qaramel 3 weeks ago

    What is Cory’s intro music?Please help ;-; Also love the video

  • glitch zero the king of gremlins 3 weeks ago

    you made her head blocky chance it!!!!!!

  • irfan azmi 3 weeks ago

    Make bendy a demon bendy skin to him

  • moon strikes 3 weeks ago

    There circle sprinkles

  • Fnaf,undertale and Tattletale 3 weeks ago

    Alice’s face looks like Jeff the killer after the fire from creepy pasta

    Like if u agree!

  • Lunannex101 3 weeks ago

    Instead of 666 we have 999 PERFECT

  • Skychrew 3 weeks ago

    But it’s in minecraft)

  • luigy sanchez 3 weeks ago

    you guys should make a crossover with bendy and the neighbor

  • Bendy brother Tub 3 weeks ago


  • Tony Lucas 3 weeks ago

    You are thinking of pearl sprinkle

  • Mlgfredlegg 3 weeks ago

    Corey the sprinkles u were talking about are called hundreds and thousands well that’s wat we call them in England

  • Onyx Crystalz the Lambling 3 weeks ago

    Bendy is like the carton cardboard so why isn’t Alice like that or Bendy be his Cannon “demon” self

  • Katie kawaii 3 weeks ago

    I know what he’s talking about with the sprinkles

  • the butcher gang member Stryker 3 weeks ago

    Where’s that rap battle you promised?

  • Scarlett Redfox 3 weeks ago

    I know I need to go to the doctor (i’ma sinner x100000000000)

  • Jessica Starcatcher 3 weeks ago

    my fav saying… hurt people, hurt people

  • crystalannecox 3 weeks ago

    At the start blob was like a Pokemon

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