• -Nick - 1 month ago


  • KuteKoala Gaming 1 month ago


  • KuteKoala Gaming 1 month ago

    i love your videos and super work keep it up!

  • Krzesisław Korycki 1 month ago

    Notice me senpai

  • Carl Perocho 1 month ago

    What do you mean by delicious?LOL

  • xXx_robloxprogamergirl_xXx subscribe 1 month ago

    Woop woop its the sound of the mafia

  • Daniel 1 month ago

    Can you get texure packs for this version

  • George Townson 1 month ago

    There are diamonds in the museum donation place

  • #Cray_Cray_Z 1 month ago

    I think that the person who did it is English cus of the symbol used for the currency

  • nandos is amazing especially the peri peri sauce

  • Marc Magma 1 month ago

    And now it’s the not-so-secret-anymore base.

  • Christy Tina 1 month ago

    That cop car thing was the best prank so far on evo, imo.

  • Rodrigo Blastburn 1 month ago

    uh…. do McDonald even do the Mc o_O mc big mac doesnt sound right…. im guessing it was someone who just googled it did it xD

  • Chong Xiong 1 month ago

    Hi Mini. 😀. Young Timmy, sounds just as enthusiastic as you and almost as happy. Seriously the mafia saved you otherwise you’ll be as bad as Timmy. 😛.

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  • Aniol Marcet 1 month ago

    10th !!!yey

  • BlueMoonnight _mare 1 month ago

    Welp, not so secret anymore is it?

  • Mini is there diamonds in the communetty chests x

  • Logan Hill 1 month ago

    Taurtis is stuck in tomahawks one hour portal video

  • TheBuilder Koala 1 month ago


  • RJ The Nutella Guy 1 month ago

    There are diamonds in one of the chests at the ComuNETTY library 👍

  • Kidz of Random 1 month ago

    Make the door like a broken into vault👍😎😉 (if u can’t fix it)

  • Big Joe 1 month ago

    Chips? Really?

  • CODY AMMERMAN 1 month ago

    I bet the cop car was Salem and the McDonalds was Solidarity #crookedcop

  • Becki V 1 month ago

    Sell things for gold in your shops that way you could charge gold nuggets or gold ingots or gold blocks.

  • Rachel Butcher 1 month ago

    You have bear hands?!

  • Pablo Altamirano 1 month ago

    Still working on it i see. I’ve seen tutorials for 3×3 doors and the only in 1.8.1 has the pistons as part of the fence. The other i can think of works with sand or gravel as middle blocks.

  • Bear Trap101 1 month ago

    Mini you have to place a block on the side you want the door to face that is the easiest way I think
    But i like the way you have the door now its cool😁
    Love your vids have fun

  • Archie R 1 month ago

    Grian should make his own make a building buissnes too like if you agree

  • Cloudia Stargazer 1 month ago

    I think Grian did it…..

  • James Thomasson 1 month ago

    You totally won’t find the location of the base in Grian’s comment section😉😉

  • Dr. Zombine 1 month ago

    So, Nandos is just KFC for brits?

  • Melody Henderson 1 month ago


  • RMVlogs 1 month ago

    The door is now a minimuka meme

  • ArtMasterFrylock 1 month ago

    I don’t think the person is American. I don’t even know where the pound sign is on an American keyboard. It must be someone that really loves that McFallen video.
    I personally love the door. It seems like a meme of itself.

  • its sareX MC 1 month ago


  • darele1234567890 1 month ago

    I have a 3×3 door ready to send to mini. Like this comment so mini can make the door! Long live the Mafia!

  • Kbear 938 1 month ago

    Pretty sure Grian is responsible for McDonald’s, Nandos got defaced the same time that the PP car got crashed into the fountain, he’s quick to provide tnt to fuel the PP/Mafia war, I think grian is framing PP and Mafia to further fuel the war. He hasn’t uploaded in awhile but he’s always online when you and solidarity are streaming.

  • Darkiplier's Fan 12 1 month ago

    hi buddy (⌒-⌒)

  • LikeMyYoutubeChannel 1 month ago

    Im telling grian!

  • MineRubelian 1 month ago

    Wait, maybe someone did this to get you and Martin to blame each other because both of you got pranked

  • Joshua King 1 month ago

    This doesnt prove anything, but Jimmy saw the M for the McDonalds and told Martin. Martin sounded surprised but before they went to see it, Martin made a comment about the McDonalds “being under new management.” How would he know it was the Nandos unless he did it?

  • xaieshax_ 1 month ago

    Your base looks awesome mini!👌🏼

  • Kyra Is Crazy 1 month ago

    The person that did it is not american we dont have the pound sign on our keyboard.

  • katielovespie 1 month ago

    American keyboards don’t have the pound symbol… that’s a special character.

  • Miranda Christine 1 month ago

    american keyboards don’t have the pound sign so it can’t be an american evolutioner

  • Know one know me 1 month ago

    the iron Doors need a red stone system

  • Ellie Robinson 1 month ago

    Fries are thin chips tho

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