• sarah landers 4 weeks ago

    I still think Spency should be a villain

  • Dilla Banks Gaming 4 weeks ago


  • Erick Martinez 4 weeks ago


  • Bonniethebunny Gamer 4 weeks ago


  • white and black jr 4 weeks ago

    Nice vid

  • Claudia Garza 4 weeks ago

    Glider And Spency:-Walks Through Door-
    Flub:You Gonna Let me go yet?

  • RanpanYT 4 weeks ago

    guys its the eseries but its the same ting over again

  • Gaming Wolf 4 weeks ago

    Easter egg: Spency the monkey am i the only one who knows that character from another series

  • Zabizzyboy 4 weeks ago

    What mods do you use

  • Ana Laura Arredondo 4 weeks ago

    Hi I love this series

  • LW_ AnimeDragon 4 weeks ago

    Awesome!!!!!!! Love the outfit btw!

  • the nature Channel jdog 4 weeks ago

    I don’t know if Sea-Monkeys your superhero name or not but I think it should be tsunami

  • Pomeranians are Adorable 4 weeks ago

    Who could dislike this series???

  • Bloody__ Horizon109 4 weeks ago

    You should become a villain

  • TripleGGaming Mc 4 weeks ago

    Cool suit

  • Lordwebbyman Minecraft 4 weeks ago

    Make your name water winder or title wave

  • Joe Regnante 4 weeks ago

    best series

  • Joe Regnante 4 weeks ago

    his name should be hydro

  • Marcus Hendren 4 weeks ago

    When do you upload your videos I need to know

  • TheGalaxyRuby 4 weeks ago

    While u guys are walking up the stairs what is the music called

  • Ioan House's House 4 weeks ago

    24 mins? YES

  • caleb kelly 4 weeks ago

    me too

  • ItzShadowCraft 4 weeks ago

    Pls tell me what mods are you using

  • Reuben Matthias 4 weeks ago

    super hero names
    hydrox or hydrolic

  • Nzland King 4 weeks ago


  • Roblox Pro 4 weeks ago


  • Kendrick Tang 4 weeks ago

    This series is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #bestvideosever

  • Yiğit Alp Dikici 4 weeks ago


  • EnderDemon EnderDemon 4 weeks ago

    do more i like this series.

  • Jake Smith 4 weeks ago

    what mods are you using

  • REDMAN18 Bleau 4 weeks ago

    This rules

  • Marcus Hendren 4 weeks ago

    Thx you I really enjoy your videos and can’t wait for more 😄

  • rolie jereza 4 weeks ago

    I want spence to be called Hydra or Hydro

  • Dana Moallem 4 weeks ago


  • Story Family 4 weeks ago

    Call yourself hydro

  • Red Pool 04 4 weeks ago


  • Red Pool 04 4 weeks ago

    is the water power a mod or a command

  • Gwenyth Bolles 4 weeks ago

    I love this series to, but the intros are too long

  • LegendaryPenguinPlays2307 ! 3 weeks ago

    Love it!!!

  • LegendaryPenguinPlays2307 ! 3 weeks ago

    If you see any cheese you should know it’s sabre 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Areal Babauta 3 weeks ago

    Saber do water boy and pick that suit from the picture in the title

  • Wong Kwok Yung 3 weeks ago

    do more please

  • Ghoulsenpai 3 weeks ago

    please make more faster

  • Alex Hartzell 3 weeks ago

    Name of super hero watero

  • GalaxyWolf 3 weeks ago

    Your name should be tidal wave

  • Velocity Raptor 3 weeks ago


  • InfernoAssassin 3 weeks ago

    What mod do you use to use your water powers

  • HD Gamer 3 weeks ago

    keep uploading this and ill tell my 1.2 millions followers to view your channel please and make it daily

  • TheGalaxyRuby 3 weeks ago

    What’s the music called

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