• charlie bear 3 weeks ago

    bo fnaf 4

  • charlie bear 3 weeks ago

    BO FNAF 4 OK

  • Tracey Morehouse 3 weeks ago

    Plz scoop 3vry single Freddy that igests plz Freddy is so anying so plz scoop him

  • Unknown Oreos 3 weeks ago


  • The cow told scraptrap that your dumb and love chicken!

  • Blue Scar 3 weeks ago

    no it’s f f b fun time Freddy bear
    Btw this is for his new floor

  • natalie boden 3 weeks ago

    yay scrap trap!

  • natalie boden 3 weeks ago

    Freddie I told you to stop stealing channels you know I have notifications so when I watch something I might find out it’s you I commented this

  • commandeered4 3 weeks ago

    Freddy I built your room and Foxy’s room

  • Albert Iliescu 3 weeks ago

    scrap baby

  • peri lolbit#2 3 weeks ago


  • Cathy Christie 3 weeks ago

    U need to get rid of that squirrel bra

  • Elijah Glass 3 weeks ago

    Hey Freddy who is your best friend

  • Elijah Glass 3 weeks ago

    Also love the floor

  • Alexis Beedy 3 weeks ago

    The voice that said he’s not worth it was Freakshow Baby

  • Ginny Weasley 3 weeks ago


  • Olivia Langevin 3 weeks ago

    Do more videos with scraptrap it was really funny

  • Evan Pegg 3 weeks ago

    so wait if this is foxys channel why is it freddy now cause like minecraft five nights at freddys is foxys channel right comment if you agree

  • Carmine Mitchell 3 weeks ago

    Can you make a new one we’re looking baby eat Friday

  • Lawrence Jordan 3 weeks ago

    freedy sent me

  • Sprinkle The fox 3 weeks ago

    Scrap trap: you can’t hide
    Me: I thought it was Funtime Freddy who sings that song!!! XD

  • GalaxyNerds101 3 weeks ago

    14:2 scarptrap holding back calling freddy an idoit

  • Nancy Davis 3 weeks ago


  • Tiger Mack 3 weeks ago

    Freddy you look like a rat your not a bear your a rat😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol

  • Seng Sovannarith 3 weeks ago

    This is supposed to be foxy channel

  • firewolf337 3 weeks ago

    Nice floor

  • THE DiamondFox 3 weeks ago

    i know it was the the….the evil baby

  • when is your old old freddy clone that use to live in your room going to come back?

  • llord leo dela vega 3 weeks ago

    joke on you babi

  • Foxy The Fox 3 weeks ago

    I love 💕 you funtimefreedy

  • Jamaica Greenlee 3 weeks ago


  • little Katie gonzales 3 weeks ago


  • Jimmy Monty 3 weeks ago

    scrap chap and scrap baby

  • Jimmy Monty 3 weeks ago

    I think

  • darkfreadbeargaming18 3 weeks ago

    wow i think scraptrap is way better than springtrap no offense i like scaptraps voice by the way you should do a video on fredbear or nightmare fredbear love your videos freddy

  • darkfreadbeargaming18 3 weeks ago

    i also have a theroy that scaptrap and freakshow baby were trying to make freddy into salvaged freddy

  • Mikael Baharlouei 3 weeks ago

    Evrytime freddy gets new importen information he never tells Anyone

  • Mikael Baharlouei 3 weeks ago

    Freddy is more evil than golden freddy

  • Derrick Durett 3 weeks ago

    I hope Freddy stays safe from scraptrap! Great video👍

  • Ally Angel 3 weeks ago

    (Bangs head on table) His name is SpringScrap.

  • Elp Jurez 3 weeks ago

    It was Freak Show C.B known a Elisabeth

  • Elp Jurez 3 weeks ago

    Is scrap trap baby since freakshow is there

  • Elp Jurez 3 weeks ago

    Wait are baby and freddy really boyfriend and girlfriend

  • The fox Channel 3 weeks ago

    Scrap baby molten freddy scrap trap and lefty

  • Darkgamer 3 weeks ago

    Its called a SAL-AD!–Funtime Freddy, 2018

  • twisted freddy and friends 3 weeks ago


  • KITTYKITTYKITCAT 209457 3 weeks ago

    Can lobit and Ballara have a channel

  • Wolfy and Catlyn 3 weeks ago

    It was freakshow baby that said that

  • Anna Lopez 3 weeks ago


  • Red Yoshi Plushvids 3 weeks ago

    Y are stealing videos from your friends foxy?!

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